All About Card Games

All About Card Games

This site will give you a guide to playing all the card games. For poker, you will learn about how to play poker hands, five card draw,betting, and Texas holds ‘em.  Other card games that you will learn how to play include shithead, solitaire, snap, drinking card games, whist, pairs, and rummy. Whichever card game you have been yearning to play here is a chance to learn how to play it on this site.

Card games have become very popular with many people finding fun in playing them. You can play with family, friends or colleagues at work. It is a great way of having fun at no extra cost. In general, it is cheaper, fun and doesn’t leave anyone with a hangover.



This is one of the famous card game that has been around for decades. There are several variations of poker games which one can choose from. It is important to learn about the hands of poker and what they stand for in order to learn about the how the game is played.

  • Straight flush poker hands involve a sequence of five cards which are placed in sequence which have the same sequence like 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, JA
  • The four of a kind poker hands involves four cards of the same rank. Example: 7A, 7B, 7D, 7E, 7F
  • Full house poker hands involve three of a kind and two of a kind examples: 5D, 5E,5S,3H, 3N


  • Flush poker hand, involve five cards of the same suit which can be of any rank. Example AC, 2C, 3C, 8C, DC
  • A straight poker hand is where five cards are in a sequence and can be of any rank. Example 2D, 3H, 4E, 5S, 6C
  • Three of a kind poker hands, involves three cards of the same rank. Example KD, KS, KC, 2D, 7C.

On this site, you will learn the aforesaid plus much more

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