Seven New Ways to Promote Your Band

Promote Your Band

You’re a musician, and practice hard. But you may be fouling your chances with bad press relations. As a writer for a music newsletter, I’ve seen it all – here are seven ways to do it right, and do it cheaper.

First – don’t spam me with weekly email press releases. Don’t send me glossy 8×10 photographs. Don’t send me press kits in the mail. That used to be the way things were done, but not anymore. At best, I’ll put your packet in the pile of stuff to look at “someday”. At worst, I’ll remember you as someone that plugs up my email with unwelcome releases.

Second – Instead of mailing your press kit, put it on a well-organized and attractive website. Make sure Google and Yahoo know where to find it. When I’m ready to write an article about you, that’s where I’ll look first. Reverbnation or Facebook are good alternatives. Make sure your website includes UP-TO-DATE calendars, bios, photos, recordings and a way to contact the band representative by phone and email.

Here’s a bonus tip – with all of your promotional material, make sure you look professional. Just because you’re a good musician, doesn’t mean you’re a good photographer, webmaster, or writer. Work with someone who’s as serious about their skills as you are about your music.

Third – shoot a new set of photos every year. A good photo is 2000 pixels wide or high, but is recognizable at 80 pixels. Three of them should be horizontal, three should be vertical, and in two different settings. Make sure they are freely available on your website, and in jpeg or png format. PDF’s or Flash slideshows don’t work. Oh ‘” and don’t make the mistake of shooting in front of a brick wall (it’s a clich©!) or other hall-of-shame mistakes (search for “bad band photos” for a laugh).

Promote Your Band 3

Fourth – Have a writer create a bio for your band, as well as for each of the members. Don’t do it yourself. (Did I mention that just because you’re a good musician doesn’t mean you’re a good writer?) Misspellings or obvious grammatical errors are an instant deal-killer.

Fifth – craft an elevator pitch, and make sure everyone in the band knows it by heart. Imagine me, notebook in hand – “Excuse me, I know you’re going on stage in five minutes, but can you give me a really quick overview of what I’ll hear during your performance?” This would be your cue to burp out your pitch. The internet has lots of tips on how to make a good one.

Sixth – A good recording is essential. Three are better. Five is more than I’ll listen to, unless I’m reviewing a CD. I don’t need or want highly polished and dubbed ‘” but don’t give me something recorded on a cell phone in a noisy room. Make sure it’s posted on your website, and that I can download it, and post it with my article. Don’t embed your song in a flash-based player, linking to these are problematic, or forbidden depending on my Managing Editor and their restrictions.

Promote Your Band 2

Lastly – There’s good, and bad, ways to contact writers. A rule of thumb is: keep it sparse, make it count. Writers are flooded with emails, so you’d think it’s important to send them more than your competitors. Wrong ‘” it’s important to keep your conversation dense with information, and correspond only when you have something to say. If you can find writers on Facebook or other social media, go ahead and “friend” them. If they accept, make sure that you’re gigs are listed on your wall so they will see them. Make sure to twitter – but keep it sparse and informative. If a publication has an official email address for band notifications, go ahead and use it – never directly email a writer without being invited to do so. And only contact writers that are familiar with your genre.

There is a saying that publicity is publicity, be it good or bad, and people are willing to go to any extent to bring themselves into the spotlight these days and always on the lookout for queries like where to buy cheap instagram likes only because it gives them their 2 minutes of fame, but they resort to inappropriate tactics and uncivilized behavior to achieve this goal and fail to recognize that becoming famous through infamous means is quite harmful to their lives.

Top Ways to Invest Into Bitcoin for Attaining Higher Returns!!!

Investment is an essential practice to practice in the modern world. It is a wise choice for people with higher plans and those who are willing to earn smartly along with working hard. Digital investments are the convenient sources of investments and trading for refraining yourself the hassle of investments. 

In addition, if you are a newbie to digital trading and investing, then check here details regarded how to get started with bitcoin for attaining higher returns smartly. We are helping you to perceive the concept in the convenient and easy to learn a guide to getting started with bitcoin.

Get started with a smart investment with bitcoin

In financial technology, bitcoin is leading the market right now and has created a buzz all around the clock. Additionally, most individuals find it hard to perceive the concept of bitcoin. well, it is a cryptocurrency that is back in trend all over again. It would be a decent choice for new investors and traders to have investment plans into bitcoin and get started with coins.

With the engagement of traders into bitcoin, they can find a convenient marketplace for the exchange to trade for traditional currencies. To boot, it provides investors and traders a digital wallet that can get connected with a bank account, credit, or debit card easily. 

In this way, you can invest in bitcoin without any struggle and earn higher returns. 


The bottom line

From the details mentioned above, we can easily draft a conclusion that one should be considerate about investment and financial planning in their life for making their life extra-ordinary.it would be great for you those who are getting started with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency trading and investing in having a glance at details mentioned above. We hope you find the details stated above informative, and you end up getting the higher returns smartly with fine options of investment. 

Learn How To Prepare And Enjoy Fresh Pineapple

If there was just one fruit I could eat for the rest of my life, I would choose pineapples. No doubt about it! Pineapples are healthy, filling and delicious, making it a dieter’s dream food. There is a ton of fiber in pineapple to help you feel full and ease digestion. Fresh pineapple is also packed with digestive enzymes to speed up your system. Best of all eating fresh pineapple once a day will make you feel fantastic!

I must emphasize here that the health benefits I’m talking about relate to fresh pineapple. Frozen or canned chunks just won’t cut it. Luckily, we have access to pineapples year round, even in northern New England. However the key to enjoying these tropical fruits in a northern home is to know when to eat them.

If, like me, you do not live in a tropical place where you could pluck these golden fruits right off the tree, you have to purchase them green and unripe from the local grocery store. This is one reason people avoid them, they never really look ripe on the store shelves. The trick is to purchase pineapples, despite their hard, green appearance and allow them to ripen at home. Keeping them at room temperature seems to work best for me.




Keep the pineapples in a place where you will see them often, on the kitchen counter for example. You can watch them ripen as they turn from green to yellowish brown. While the color of the fruit will help you see when it is ripe, the best way to know for sure is a “sniff” test. Put your nose next to the fruit and sniff. If it smells sweet and tropical it is ready to be sliced open. The taste of the megaspore biotic may not be good but they have additional benefits for the body of the person. The person will lose their weight and stay healthy with a nutritious diet.

The other reason many people avoid fresh pineapples is they do not know how to deal with them. Unlike an apple, that you can grab out of the fruit bowl and bite into, pineapples require a little bit of work. Let me emphasize little. Cutting up pineapple is very easy and takes less than five minutes. You could open and serve a pineapple before getting the kids off to school, as easily as you can toast and butter some bread.

So when your pineapple is ripe and ready to eat here is how to attack it. You will need a plate, a serrated knife and a bag or bowl to put the peels in. First Slice in half. If you will only be eating half now, put the upper half cut side down in a bowl and store in the refrigerator (I use the lower half first because it will over-ripen first).




First cut across the bottom, removing the pit and most of the scaly skin. Then, place the bottom that you just cut down on the cutting board and slice the skin of in strips around the side. Remove any scaly bits of skin. Then cut around the center core. Discard the center and slice the pineapple into bite sized chunks.

And there you have it. A sweet, delicious, vitamin filled breakfast that you can feel good to feed yourself and your family. I have never known a kid who has turned down fresh, sweet pineapple.

Bitcoins- Is Bitcoin Really Helped In Securing Of Future?

If you want to make lots of profits and money in coming future, then you should pay attention to the bitcoin. It is a digital currency that can only be accessed via online services. You can go here and have full control over your coin. The best thing about the currency is its price fluctuates daily. You need to be active socially so that you can come to know about the prices daily. You can buy the coins when the price is lower and keep it with yourself as an investment. The prices will definitely be going to rise in the coming future at that time you should sell the coin. You should purchase at least 3-4 coins so that you can get to make lots of profits. 


Why is it essential to take care of the prices?

The price is the thing that will make you lots of profits or lots of losses. It is up to you as if you want to make profits, and then you should need to know the prices of the coin daily. Benefits can be made if the coin is sold at a higher price. Some people won’t take care of the prices, and thus they are responsible for making others rich. You can get to secure your future quickly by collecting lots of coins. 

Is it easy to buy the coin?

Yes, the process is easy as al you have to take care of is the seller. There should be trusted sellers so that you can easily get to buy the coin from him. There is a private network on which trading of bitcoin takes place all the time. You can find various people buying and selling the coin for the trading purposes. You can go here and get to know everything about the trading easily. Thus in this way, you can get the coin for your future.


Left 4 Dead: A Review

Left 4 Dead is a new shooter from one of the pioneers of the first person shooter, Valve. Big name publishers and producers of games aren’t exactly known to go out on limbs and try out new concepts for games as this could turn out to be a real big financial faux pas. But, Valve took a chance with a very experimental set up and produced something truly fun and enjoyable, even if your not a fan of zombies.

The zombie apocalypse is this generations World War 2, when it comes to settings for games and movies. The story is simple you have four survivors and you need to survive. There isn’t much more to know, or much more that you need to know, as the action stays pretty thick and you wouldn’t want to be distracted by minor plot details while being mauled by one of the boss zombies the “Tank”.

Valve took a chance and made it a purely co-op game. Meaning that it is best experienced with 3 friends fleshing out the cast. If you don’t have any friends then it is possible to play the game by yourself but the AI controlled teammates are lack luster and lack the dynamic and cohesion that come from 4 human controlled players.

The weapons are standard fare for a zombie apocalypse. Automatic rifles to pump action shotguns and grenades are littered through the map and sometime available to you at a safe house. The weapon sounds are authentic to the ear and all are a joy to use on the encroaching undead.

The enemy AI is one of the other innovations that Valve has worked on and included in L4D. The new “director” increases and decreases the difficulty of the zombies depending on how well your band of survivors is doing in the current scenario. The zombies themselves are of the current generation archetype, the Olympic runner. These zombies are fast and can overpower you easily when they come in huge numbers, which they often come in.

The director also will include boss zombies in Slot Online Terpercaya to make the stages more tougher to pass through, these kinds of obstacles in gameplay stages brings more interest of an player. The tank which is a huge behemoth of a zombie will crush and toss you all around the map. There is the hunter which will sneak through the map and will leap on top of you and start shredding your entrails. There is the smoker which has a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous, which it uses to lash around you, incapacitating you and drawing you close to end your life. There is also the boomer which expels a large amount of bile at the survivors which when touched with will blind you, and explodes when it dies. And last but not least is the witch who is not exactly an aggressive zombie but when startled by a light or a gunshot will attack ferociously.

The director also makes the scenarios unique through each play through. Zombies and weapons never spawn in the same place twice, meaning that each play through is as dynamic as the last play through. Meaning that good players will be quick thinkers who can improvise and work with other players on the fly.All in all, Left 4 Dead is an enjoyable experience that won’t disappoint gamers who enjoy either zombie related media or co-op gameplay. Friendly fire is always on though so its easy for other players to ruin the game. That aside L4D is a home run that is deserving of your attention.

Ghana International Airlines

Important facts you should know while planning your trip to Ghana.

Reservations for flights to and from Ghana are made on average four times weekly from Accra Kotoka International Airport to London Gatwick Airport. For United States travel to Ghana, Continental Airlines will connect you to London, where you will then be flown to Ghana.


Buying Tickets: Some of the best deals for purchasing tickets to Ghana will be found on line. However you can purchase tickets through travel agencies that fly to Ghana and at Ghana International Airport if traveling out of Ghana. Payments can be made via Pay@Bank, Western Union, ATM or by Pay by Phone options. Flights departing from London, the check in is located at the South Terminal in Zone J and in Accra at the Main Terminal counters numbered 1 to 6.

Cash is accepted for payment at all Ghana International Airline ticket counter locations, however checks are not accepted. MasterCard, Visa and debit cards containing the MasterCard and Visa logos are accepted if purchasing tickets through the Ghana website

GIA only offers E-ticket, which is a paperless air ticket. This is the easiest and quickest way to fly. The ticket will only be used for the said passenger and are not transferable. The Call Center will book your reservation and answer any questions or concerns you may have. The GIA number is +233 (21) 213 555.

Seat selection: May be done starting ninety days prior to your flight’s scheduled departure date and up to one hour prior to each flight but you can only get your boarding pass on the day of your departure at the Ghana ticket counter as previously stated. All fare offers are only guaranteed once you purchase your ticket. These offers are not always available due to seating limitations and other restrictions. You can also purchase a ticket on line for same day travel if a seat is available. Business class offers a wide seat with 59 inches of seat pitch, meals and snacks with complimentary wines and liquors, higher pound per bag restrictions regarding your luggage, in flight service, and special priority check in counters. Select airports offer lounge services which include snacks, drinks and shower whether you are arriving or department from their location. Main Cabin/Coach services include seating with 34 inches of seat pitch, a choice of meal selections, lower pound per bag restrictions regarding your luggage and in flight service.

Ghana International Airlines allows you to purchase tickets for up to nine passengers on any one reservation. If you are traveling with a group of ten or more, contact their Group Reservations Department for assistance at +233 21 213 555 or + 44 871 990 3555

Airport Check In: Begin your check-in about four hours prior to your departure time at the Ghana International Airlines ticket counter, where you will pick up your boarding pass. You cannot print out your boarding pass on line ahead of time. Baggage check-in should be done at least an hour and thirty minutes before departure time. Be sure to have your passport with photo ID and a passport for each person traveling with you and a valid visa if applicable.

If for some reason you cannot make your scheduled flight you must contact either the Accra GIA Reservation Center at +233 21 213 555 or the United Kingdom Reservation Center at +44 871 990 3555. The type of ticket you purchased will determine which changes you are eligible for. In many cases if advanced notice to cancel is not given, you may have to forfeit the value of your ticket and reservation.

Baggage: If you are traveling Business Class, each passenger is allowed two pieces of luggage, each not to exceed 25 kilos, or 60 lbs. each in addition to one carry-on bag not to exceed 12 kilos, or 25 lbs. If you are traveling Economy Class, you are allowed two pieces of luggage, each not to exceed (20) kilos, or 42 lbs. and one carry-on bag not to exceed (8) kilos, or 19 lbs. These bags must fit under the seat in Economy Class.

You are allowed one stroller or carriage in the cargo hold if traveling with an infant, along with a small infant care bag with necessary items for the infant during the flight. You are not allowed to carry on board plastic or metal replica guns, bats, darts, household cutlery, tools, knives or replicas of any kind, razor blades, scissors, needles, syringes, and billiard sticks. Please note that there is an additional $15. USD or 8 GBP fee charged for each additional Kilo of luggage carried.

Reporting missing baggage: All claims for missing, damaged, or pilferage of checked baggage must be made within four hours of your arrival at the GIA airport. GIA’s liability is limited and you must make a claim. Ghana International Airport is not responsible for certain items in checked or unchecked baggage such as, but not limited to, money, jewelry, medication, or electronic equipment, nor are they responsible for normal wear and tear.

Refunds: You can request a refund if the reservation is deemed refundable. The refund will be processed back to the original form of payment you made, with no exceptions. You can contact the Ghana International Airlines Reservation Center at +233 21 213 555 or +44 871 990 3555 for your refund. If you purchased your ticket via a travel agent, you must return your ticket coupon to that agency for the refund to be processed.

If your return flight needs to be changed even after you have arrived, you have up to 24 hours to make any changes before the flight’s scheduled departure time. There is also a penalty fee of $100 USD, as well as any differences in fare amounts. All non-refundable on-line reservations cannot be canceled if you just want to cancel a return flight. Only refundable reservations can be changed or canceled. A cancellation of a non-refundable on-line reservation is subject to a travel voucher refund only. The voucher can be redeemed on a flight that is booked and completed one year from the original reservation date. These vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.


Important notes: If you do not cancel your flight ahead of time, or do not show up for your flight or do not board for any reason, your reservation will automatically be canceled. Any other flights you have booked on the same itinerary that you are traveling with also automatically be canceled and you will forfeit the value of your entire reservation.

The airlines is one of the most reputed in the world and is always in the top 50 list of cleanest airports and for good reason as apart from being quite eye catchy, it has some of the friendliest custom staff, whose nature makes travelers comfortable but, at the same time, have zero tolerance for any inappropriate activity, as there was a thief who was caught with drugs in a reisikohvrid tallinnas and severely punished.

Are You Looking for a Good Waterproof Tent?

Waterproof Tent

Camping under the open sky is no doubt exciting. But it also carries the risk of getting drenched in heavy downpour. Showers aren’t limited to monsoons. In fact, you might encounter drizzles to long downpour even on a perfect summer day. Thus, it’s better to invest in a good waterproof tent. The post below offers a brief on finding the right waterproof tent.

Be careful of the fabric

When it comes to waterproof tents, fabric is the most important part. Your chosen tent should be made of a strong fabric that would not only repel rain but would also assure easy ventilation and lasting durability. A lot of people opt for canvas tents. They are waterproof options but become extremely heavy when soaked in water. It’s better to find tents made from polyester coated with polyurethane, nylon or poly cotton. Don’t attempt for cheaper options as they can’t promise great quality.

Mind the rating

You should also be careful to check the rating of tent fabric before you invest in a waterproof tent. Your chose fabric should promise a minimum rating of 1500mm.

Size of the tent

This is another vital point to consider when you are looking to buy a waterproof tent. You have to be mindful of the size of your tent to ensure every person who has joined the trip can be accommodated adequately. But, make sure to buy a bigger tent than number of people with you. For example, if there are 4 people buy a tent bigger than tents for 4 persons.

Don’t just settle with the first waterproof tent you come across online. You must carry a thorough comparative study on best waterproof tents and check their reviews and ratings. The one you choose should be backed by positive expert reviews and also a long line of happy customers

How to Increase Agility

Agility and lateral speed is important is almost every sport. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, you name it and agility factors into part of the game. Agility is quick, controlled movements in any direction. You have to be able to stop and change direction in a millisecond. You have to have a powerful movement in one direction to blow by a defender or to stop a ground ball. The trick to increasing agility is increasing leg strength. There are many exercises that can help improve quickness or agility, but here are a couple of the best.

Since you are going to be trying to make fast movements in any direction the best exercises do just that, quick leg movements that with repetition will build leg strength. Doing squats and other weight lifting is great for building leg strength, however, we also want to be strengthening the muscles in ways similar to how they will be used.


The first and most simple exercise is jump roping. Yes, I know it sounds girly, but most boxers use this extensively to increase agility and build endurance. Plus, what is manlier than bashing other people’s faces off? There is nothing really to explain about jump roping. Start out by doing 2-5 minutes a day at a decent pace. Try and stay on your toes the whole time. This will work the calves more, which is a key muscle used in lateral movements. Once 5 minutes becomes easy, move on to 10 minutes, 20 minutes. Just jump until you are tired and then jump a little more. You can do things such as spinning the rope underneath you twice in one jump, cross your arms and other “tricks” to spice up your jumping.

This is a great exercise if you want to increase lateral movements, that is, side to side movements. Setup 2 cones about 15 feet apart. You can also do this on a basketball court underneath the basket. Stand in between the cones or the lines on the basketball court so that one is on your left and one is on your right. What you are going to do is for 30 seconds slide to your right and touch the cone or line then slide to your left and touch the cone or line. You are going to do this as fast as you can and touch the cone or line as many times as you can in 30 seconds. If you do this twice a day, you will see noticeable improvements in speed. One cool thing about this exercise is you can track your improvements. The more times you can touch the cone in 30 seconds the quick you are getting!

Even by just doing these 2 simple exercises for 5-10 minutes a day you will see yourself becoming much quicker and starting to dominate your respective sport.

To sum up, agility is the most important quality that is a perquisite for all sportsmen, irrespective of the nature of their sport as it requires a tremendous amount of physical and mental exertion and it can only be done through regular exercise and training, not to mention a good deal of practice everyday to hit the moves to perfection. For players who are lacking in this department, can always visit the site referral code 2020 and get the football index sign up offer to know more about the energy drinks and protein supplements that they would need.


When to Invite the Boss to Your Wedding

Invite the Boss to Your Wedding

Should you ever not invite your boss to your wedding? To have some moves on lancaster wedding dj, well some of you would say yes for sure. Is there a rule somewhere that states you absolutely must invite your boss to your wedding; the most emotionally important day of your life? What if you hate your boss? What if she’s the biggest jerk in the world? The decision on whether to invite the boss to the wedding depends on a variety of factors.

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not you really want your boss to attend your blessed nuptials is the size of the company and your place in it relative to the big cheese. If you work in a massive company and you’ve never even met your boss personally, then you possess one big hoking get out of jail free card. Go ahead and have the wedding and don’t even think twice about it.

On the other hand, if there are only ten people in the office and one of them signs your paycheck, you’re going to have to give serious consideration to inviting the person behind the John Hancock. Even if you don’t have the best of relationships, it is probably in your own best interest to bite the bullet and invite the boss.

What if your situation is a mixture of these two extremes? If you work somewhere where you do have contact with your boss and you actually like him or her, that’s easy. The problem comes when you don’t exactly want the person to be there. What do you do? The best advice in this situation is to first ask what others have done who’ve been there and done that. In an ideal world, you’ll find a co-worker who was married recently and who has the same relationship with the boss as you have. Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world. The boss may be new, or maybe nobody has gotten married during the current boss’ tenure, or you may even find that you are the only one who doesn’t consider the lady in charge to be the second coming of Mother Theresa. At this point, the ball is really in your court. The absolute best response would be to invite nobody at alll from work and that way it doesn’t look like you snubbed the top banana. If that scenario isn’t plausible, then it’s highly likely that you are going to be inviting a boss you don’t like to your wedding.

Invite the Boss to Your Wedding 2

But let’s say that you don’t want to invite anyone from the office to the wedding, whether so you can escape the boss or not. You still run the risk of creating bad feelings unless you throw a special pre-wedding party just for the guys and gals from work so they can meet your intended. Going to this length is probably unnecessary if you are relatively new, but if you’ve been at a job long enough to develop relationships that could be strained if anyone finds out they weren’t invited to your wedding, a pre-wedding party is a great way to alleviate this awkwardness. Just one rule: you simply cannot mention enough how the wedding itself is a small ceremony for close friends and family only.

What about inviting everyone at work? Do you have to send individual invitations to each and every person? Again, a lot depends on the size, but let’s say that the total workforce you are dealing with is no more than twenty. If there is a common meeting place where notices are posted that can be viewed by everyone, you can certainly issue a mass invitation to everyone there. Alternatively, you can send a sign-up sheet-for lack of a better word-around on which everyone who will be attending can sign their name. Make sure to provide a place on the sheet where each person can indicate whether they plan to bring along a spouse or significant other. This works well, of course, only if you plan on inviting everybody who wants to attend. Just make sure to indicate whether or not the invitation extends to both the ceremony and the reception, and make sure you’ve got the requisite amount of room for a sellout in both cases.

What if you only want to invite certain co-workers and not others? Obviously, if you’re talking about only five people and you plan to invite just four, you’re setting yourself up for some unnecessary awkwardness. Unless co-worker number five is Hitler in disguise, it’s probably not a good idea to freeze someone out. If you’re talking about fifteen people and you only plan on inviting five, that’s completely within the rules of etiquette. Of course, this is a situation that calls for individual invitations. You can’t just send out a sign-up sheet for a selected few.

Inviting the boss and co-workers to your wedding ceremony can be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. More likely, however, certain problems will arise. Just take a few minutes to consider things and common sense will probably be enough to dictate your decision.

Colorado Wedding Photography in the Fall

Understand the Reasons why Bitcoin is getting the Hype?

Did you know Bitcoin is considered as king of the Cryptocurrency? There are thousands of cryptocurrencies are available and Bitcoin is largest one. If you want to invest money in the Bitcoin then it is your responsibility to make a contact with professional investor who will help you in buying the Bitcoin. It is popular currency because one will able to send money to any place. Millions of Bitcoin investors are out there that is continually investing money in the Bitcoin. It is considered as extreme volatility where you will surely able to make short term profits with ease. 

It is relatively legitimate form of method. A lot of companies are out there that is accepting the Bitcoin payment.  Bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies where you will surely able to invest the money. Here are some reasons Bitcoin is most popular currency.

  • Make transactions

It is highly recommended that one should make the use of Bitcoin that will enable you to make the transactions in the anonymous manner.  It is fairly one of the best peer-to-peer systems that are continually offering so many benefits to the investors. If you want to invest money in the Bitcoin then one will have to install a particular Bitcoin wallet. Every wallet comes with a particular address code. All you need to click site and access the information related to the Bitcoin.

  • Limitations

There are so many stores are out there that isn’t accepting the Bitcoins. In order to invest money in the Bitcoin the Bitcoin then it requires significant amount of technical knowledge. 


Moving Further, Bitcoin is completely different from the conventional currencies like dollars and others.  If you don’t want to face any issue while investing the money in Bitcoin then you should take the assistance of professional investor. 

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