The Beauty of The Marina One

The Beauty of The Marina One

From the outside, you will view as if the exterior is unassuming with heavy machinery and surrounded by scaffolding. But when you get inside, things change. You will have to cross through a 3D, massive modeling of the Marina Bay area which is separated with strong glass which is transparent and will be beneath your feet. On display, you will get to see Marina One Residence and DUO residences. The Marina One flats are the main ones on the display with the main floor, and all the other four units on the second floor displaying them. Through the 3D model, you will be able to view the finished product which will comprise an office and a residential block and in between, a green garden which is referred to as “The Green Heart”. The garden is 65,000 square feet and it has a 13.2m high ribbon waterfalls.marina-one-residences-the-heart marina-one-residences

The Advantages of Staying at The Marina One Residence

People have different reasons why they choose to stay in high-end residential units despite the skyrocketing price. Most property owners of high-end buildings make sure that they come up with a friendly plan of repayment which will attract more people to their properties. And once you decide to stay in such a place, you will enjoy outstanding amenities and convenience that you will not get anywhere else. Luxury and fashion are offered in such places. And these are the benefits that Marina One Residence is going to enjoy once the project is completed. They will have unique services which are not provided anywhere else. Once you become a unit holder at Marina One, you will be able to access amenities such as pools, wellness facilities, salons, day spas just to name but a few. This will make you enjoy your stay in a pleasant and calming atmosphere.

The building being located in a financial and business center means you as a unit holder will enjoy easy access to important spots in town. And due to the exclusiveness of the place, you are assured of around the clock security and thus nothing to worry about when it comes to your privacy and security matters. Buildings like Marina One are built with tight security systems which are hard to break. Every unit owner has several policies and rules to adhere to in order to secure each individual’s privacy. So while at Marina One Residence, you don’t need to get worried about how your home will be taken care of while you are in or out of it.

There are normal checks on plumbing and heating systems on a regular basis. And in case you need a serviceman to fix anything in the unit, he can be sent right to your doorstep, making it very convenient for you. These units can be your second home where you stay with your family while on holiday. They will definitely be in a class of their own and you will enjoy it. Try out one.

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