Best Wholesale Incense Deals

Best Wholesale Incense Deals

Many people desire to leave the workplace and start a business of their own. Many times, a person will go a lifetime wanting this dream to come true but never acting on it because of the fear of the expense and other business-related issues. People are often frightened by change and of the “unknown”. My husband and I were much like this when we decided that we would like to go into business for ourselves. There were many pros and cons to weigh. Having two young children, a daughter that my husband supports from a previous marriage, and bills, we were very frightened to take that leap and start our own business.

Once contemplating our desires for approximately a year and finding other sources of income to supplement our standard income, we were able to start our own business. I discovered that I could write for many online venues, and sell various items on eBay in order to have the extra cash necessary to fund our supplies and stock for our business. We had a few different ideas as far as a business plan went, but we decided to start simple. We went down to a local flea market and made an inquiry regarding booth rental. Within the week, we were able to pay our first month’s rent on the booth and the shed attached to it.

We had a variety of products for sale, ranging from clothing to movies. We wanted to buy some stock for our booth but had a difficult time deciding what one product that we would go with. After a lot of research, we finally decided to go with incense and incense accessories. This product has resulted in our becoming a success and our financial status raising. In this article, I will share with you some of the secrets of our success – wholesale incense suppliers. If you wish to sell any type of product at a flea market, or through online auction sites, purchasing wholesale incense and supplies is a great way to start. It is relatively inexpensive, and there is a large market for it.

Some of the best wholesale incense deals can be found at Matt’s Incense. You can find the website for Matt’s Incense at They do have a minimum purchase amount that is required of just $50.00. However, you can purchase a lot of business stock through Matt’s Incense for $50.00 because their prices are so low. This company also requires you to have a Federal Taxpayer ID number. You learn more about acquiring this by visiting the Internal Revenue Service website at,,id=98350,00.html. Moreover, you can download their shopping vouchers and coupons from dealexpert that you can avail at every Incense store in the country and save money on your shopping. 

Once you have your Taxpayer ID number, you can simply visit the website of Matt’s Incense and place an online order. If you live in close proximity to Bunnell, Florida, you can go directly to the store to pick up your merchandise. My husband and I prefer to choose our merchandise and call in the order. Once the order is placed over the phone, we get in the car and pick it up. It usually takes us about an hour to get there, so, by the time we arrive, all we have to do is pay and pick up our order.


We also purchase from Wholesale Incense Galore. You can visit this company by clicking on the following link They, too, require a minimum purchase of $50.00, but if you do not wish to order that much, they will just plug in a $10.00 fee onto your order. This is a great place to purchase incense, incense supplies, oil diffusers, and the products necessary to make your own candles and incense. This company also has a drop-shipping program that can help your sales skyrocket without having to have stock on hand.

As you can see, you can start your own home-based business for $50.00 or less by knowing the best wholesale incense deals that are on the market today. While I only mentioned two companies in this article, numerous wholesale incense companies try to make their customers happy. Simply plug in the keyword “wholesale incense” in any search engine, and it will reveal thousands upon thousands of results. Good luck, and congrats on becoming your own boss!

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