What should you buy: Multiple Panel or Single Panel Drug Test Kit?

five panel drug testsThe drug test kits that are used for institutional assessment of drug abuse on individuals, are available in single panel kits, and multiple panel kits. Depending on the requirement, someone could either buy a single panel drug test kit, or a multiple panel e.g. five panel drug tests kit. The single panel kits come useful when testing for a specific drug abuse in a short time span is necessary, and it costs lower. On the other hand, the multiple panel kits cost slightly higher, they can test 3 or more drugs at one sample collection and the result is more accurate. We have done a comparison between these two types of drug test kits.


  • Cost: The costing part is totally dependent on what purpose the kit is being bought for. For general assessment of employees where there’s no suspected drug abuse, a multi panel drug test kit is cost effective because one sample collection gets result for up to 12 drug abuse. On the other hand, buying 12 single test kit will certainly cost more than a single 12-panel drug test kit.
  • Convenience: The single panel drug test kits usually come in two parts – one sample collector and one analyzer. Users need to collect the samples using the collector first and then put the samples on the analyzer to get a result. Multi-panel drug test kits are usually a compact package where both of these happen simultaneously.
  • Tampering Check: Any tamper with the test kit, or adulteration of the test samples could be detected on the multi panel drug test kits. Single panel drug test kits are very simple and doesn’t come with any anti-adulteration features.
  • Temperature Display: If your sample is sensitive to temperature, then multi panel drug test kits are the best bet since there’s no such indicator on the single panel drug test kits. Every drug-test sample is supposed to have a specific temperature.



These are few reasons why you should get a five panel drug test kit instead of a single panel one. Visit a drug store for purchasing.

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