Fantastic Reasons For You To Download And Install PC Games Today

You probably wonder why people can’t stop raving about PC games. GTA 5, for example, have been released many years ago, and people are still talking about GTA 5 mods PS4 among other GTA info. That is actually because of the big perks games give to people. And people are enjoying such perks today. 




What Benefits do PC Games Offer to People? 

When you download and install PC games, you’d enjoy these perks right away: 

  1. Relieve Stress  gaming is a great stress reliever especially for employees and students. Whether it’s action-packed RPG or simple solitaire, games can make you feel happy and relax. That’s primarily because it acts as a reward item for your body. Much like what you feel when eating your favorite food. 
  2. Improve Mental Condition  studies show that games boost mental condition in many ways. That includes memory retention, cognition, strategy formulation, critical thinking, as well as hand-eye coordination among many other mind points. And you can use such boosts in real life situation, whether at home, school or office. 
  3. Millions of Options available – there are millions of games for PC available for download, and the list is continuously getting longer by the moment. Surely, you’d spot one or few which match your preferences perfectly. For example, you can choose by genre, gaming type and even console among other factors. And if you want games for PC, you can use them in your laptop or desktop computer. 
  4. Enjoy with Friends – of course, you can play PC games together with your family and friends as well. Two player or multiple player modes are available, so you won’t have a hard time doing it. Moreover, the internet is here for you to play with people online. This means you don’t have to play alone, and you can certainly expect to have a lot of fun. 




Games are fascinating form of beneficial entertainment. Find the best one for your PC now, and enjoy the perks it can give you. 

Review of Call of Duty World At War

Call of Duty World at War is a return to the World War two setting. The game covers the pacific while the player plays as the United States, and the game also covers the European war while the player plays as the Soviet Union against the Nazi’s. It is quite strategic in nature when compared to judi online baccarat and other similar games.

The first category I rated was the graphics and the audio. I rated this a 22 out of 25 because unlike the other Call of Duty games, this offers a brighter and nicer map set along with great level brightness on the story mode. The image quality is nothing to complain about and same is so for the audio.

I gave the gameplay a 22 out of 25 also because the story mode is great considering the fact that they cannot change what happens very much because this is set in the past during World War two. There are no problems with the controller and the controls that are located on the controller are the same as on the previous Call of Duty games.


Another section that I graded was the creativity. I gave the creativity a 20 out of 25 because the game setting in World War two does not offer the creators much flexibility. I liked the realism of it but that does not show creativity. The only thing that does show creativity is the Nazi Zombie mode which you unlock when you finish the game. This is actually incredible creativity but nothing else does. Nazi Zombies is game mode that goes through stages that get harder and harder. Nazi Zombies attempt to attack you and break into your safe house in a foggy scene. This game is playable in 1-4 players mode. It is also available online.

The last section that I graded was the fun factor. I gave it a 22 out of 25. I graded it this way because of its online play and long lasting fun. I played this game all the way up until the release of the next game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. In the game you can rank up to higher levels and unlock weapons to use along with perks. If you do not have Xbox live this game may not be so fun because all there is is the campaign and the Nazi Zombies mode. Just like all the other Call of Duty games do not get this game unless you have Xbox live. You are lucky to have this game for the PS3, PC, or Wii because you will not have to pay for online gaming.


Call of Duty World at War proved to me to be a good game that is worth the money. But this is only if you have Xbox live or if you plan on buying this game for PS3, PC, or Wii. Although if you are planning to buy this game for anything other than the Xbox 360 you should know that online will be less of a challenge because I hear constantly that online for PS3 especially is incredibly easier. If you like World War two you should buy the game.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is supposedly the “holy grail” of RPGs and if you are someone who loved Baldur’s Gate  amp; Neverwinter Nights, then just go out and buy the game now otherwise read on.

DA: Origins allows you play 3 races (elf,human,dwarf) and 3 classes(warrior,rogue,mage) which you pick from the start of the game and the race/class you pick will determine one of the 6 introductions in the story. The introduction though will last you less than an hour then you go into the “real story” which is wiping out the darkspawn. The story is somewhat linear, although you get to choose the order of places that you visit it doesn’t really matter that much as the story will still progress in the same path which will mean you vs the darkspawn. There are other things you can do like get into a romance your characters and it affects the ending of the game but alas only the ending is affected. What is more important is how you respond to the people you talk to which can lead some people in your party to like you, some to hate you, some people to help you and so on. And you can’t be the guy who is liked by everyone, it just wont happen.


Dragon age is one game that will take you on a roller coaster ride of different races and is entertainment at its best where you get to learn new techniques everyday that is a must for becoming an expert, which may take a certain period of time. Its quite a better alternative compared to wasting time searching for Situs Judi Online and becoming a gambler, which is considered to be the first step in the path of destruction as gambling is something that makes you forget right and wrong as it is a weakness quite hard to forego easily.

Lets talk about side quests. There are so many side quests in the game that if you took the time to do all the side quests and compared it to the actual story the difference between the two won’t be that large. What’s great about the side quests is that the story will still progress even if you don’t do the any of them and you’ll only miss out on a few things (by few things i mean some armor and the dog) but they are rewarding in the sense that you earn exp from doing the quests, so there’s a pretty good incentive for doing side quests but the game doesn’t punish you from not doing it either.

What about character customization? Well this part is where DA:Origins sort of lacks for me, while you have free reign as to how you can distribute your attributes, the game sort of “wants” you to place them at certain places for certain classes. The game goes as far as even telling you which class “benefits” the most from the attributes and even though you can choose the “abilities” that your character gets along with the “talents/spells” there are too little choices to choose from and you’ll most prolly end up having characters who have similar builds.


Fun factor? Well this is where it shines for me,you control a party of 4 which you control 1 at a time while the others move based on AI tactics that you assigned to them and you can switch between all the members of your party at any given time. Now this allows you to pull off some great and might i add fun combos in the game, imagine being able to freeze your enemies then switching to your melee character and doing a critical hit that shatters and kills your enemy, fun right? and there are alot of combos that you can do which really means you can dispose of your enemies in any way you wish.

Difficulty curve? The game starts of easy, stays easy until the midpoint of the game then, gets slightly harder towards the end. Being a role playing/strategy game I was slightly disturbed that towards the end of the game the enemies dont get harder to beat because they’re genuine hard to beat, its only because theres alot of them. Which somehow reduces most boss fights into “kill the little ones, then go for the big one” instead of figuring out how to kill the boss using tactics and spells. Nevertheless it was able to be fun and not too easy and the option to change the difficulty in the middle of the game might be useful for some people.


Overall its something I would recommend to the average gamer, one playthrough will be enough but its worth a second(even third,forth etc) playthrough not just to get different endings/introductions but also to play the game in a different way altogether (ie using brains instead of brawn). So yes its a great game, now go buy it 🙂

How My Husband and I Met Because of Video Games

Since I was about five, I fell in love with gaming. My first memories are of playing Super Mario Brothers on the SNES console. Growing up I played versus my dad, my siblings, and dominated my cousins. I never would have guessed that the pass time I loved doing would lead me to the man I love.


Living in Alaska was the perfect excuse to be a gamer. Most of the year it is too cold to be doing something outside, so I would spend the majority of my free time indoors playing on my Xbox. Many nights I would get online on Xbox Live and play against thousands of other players across the world, but I would still feel lonely. The majority of my friends did not play and I was determined to find someone to join me in my “nerd time.” Desperate, I looked towards modern technology to help me in my quest, and posted an ad, “Looking for Fellow Nerds” on Craigslist under the platonic section of the community board for my local area.

It was amazing how quickly I went from one minute having only spam emails to having literally hundreds of replies. I wish I could say that all of the replies were wholesome, but sadly they weren’t. I found out quickly there were a lot of very lonely men in my town that apparently had a thing for “gamer chicks.” I was beginning to think that my search for someone to play Call of Duty with was a bust, until I came across a very simple email response.

The email was simply titled “What types of 먹튀플러스 games do you play?” I don’t know what about this particular email attracted my attention, but I was hooked. Once I opened it and read more, I realized this person was much like myself. We shared a lot of the same taste in games, opinions, and even the same sense of humor. We emailed back and forth many times over the day asking questions and giving our opinions.

What happened next is both the dumbest and the best thing I have ever done in my life. After checking out all of his information, I invited him over to my house that night to meet and play a game. Now I knew the dangers of having a stranger in my house, however please know I had other people in the house, and also remember, this is Alaska – my household alone has eight loaded guns throughout it. I felt sure that if something happened, we could handle it.

Thankfully nothing bad happened. Actually quite the opposite happened: as soon as he walked through the door we fell in love. I knew somehow right then and there I was going to marry this man. We have now been married since 2010 and have a wonderful son together and another child on the way. We play games together quite frequently, and it is something that keeps our bond strong. I know many marriages that have been torn apart by gaming, and I laugh because mine was started by it.


Left 4 Dead: A Review

Left 4 Dead is a new shooter from one of the pioneers of the first person shooter, Valve. Big name publishers and producers of games aren’t exactly known to go out on limbs and try out new concepts for games as this could turn out to be a real big financial faux pas. But, Valve took a chance with a very experimental set up and produced something truly fun and enjoyable, even if your not a fan of zombies.

The zombie apocalypse is this generations World War 2, when it comes to settings for games and movies. The story is simple you have four survivors and you need to survive. There isn’t much more to know, or much more that you need to know, as the action stays pretty thick and you wouldn’t want to be distracted by minor plot details while being mauled by one of the boss zombies the “Tank”.

Valve took a chance and made it a purely co-op game. Meaning that it is best experienced with 3 friends fleshing out the cast. If you don’t have any friends then it is possible to play the game by yourself but the AI controlled teammates are lack luster and lack the dynamic and cohesion that come from 4 human controlled players.

The weapons are standard fare for a zombie apocalypse. Automatic rifles to pump action shotguns and grenades are littered through the map and sometime available to you at a safe house. The weapon sounds are authentic to the ear and all are a joy to use on the encroaching undead.

The enemy AI is one of the other innovations that Valve has worked on and included in L4D. The new “director” increases and decreases the difficulty of the zombies depending on how well your band of survivors is doing in the current scenario. The zombies themselves are of the current generation archetype, the Olympic runner. These zombies are fast and can overpower you easily when they come in huge numbers, which they often come in.

The director also will include boss zombies in Slot Online Terpercaya to make the stages more tougher to pass through, these kinds of obstacles in gameplay stages brings more interest of an player. The tank which is a huge behemoth of a zombie will crush and toss you all around the map. There is the hunter which will sneak through the map and will leap on top of you and start shredding your entrails. There is the smoker which has a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous, which it uses to lash around you, incapacitating you and drawing you close to end your life. There is also the boomer which expels a large amount of bile at the survivors which when touched with will blind you, and explodes when it dies. And last but not least is the witch who is not exactly an aggressive zombie but when startled by a light or a gunshot will attack ferociously.

The director also makes the scenarios unique through each play through. Zombies and weapons never spawn in the same place twice, meaning that each play through is as dynamic as the last play through. Meaning that good players will be quick thinkers who can improvise and work with other players on the fly.All in all, Left 4 Dead is an enjoyable experience that won’t disappoint gamers who enjoy either zombie related media or co-op gameplay. Friendly fire is always on though so its easy for other players to ruin the game. That aside L4D is a home run that is deserving of your attention.

Bling for Baby: Child’s Name Rings for remembrance of their name



Are you looking for holiday BLING for your child? Your grandchild? Well, the following websites may be just what you are looking for to find that perfect gift. The extremely popular name rings are just a few of the items you can find at these various vendors. Likewise, rear tone is the store to get the attractive baby rings. With the name, the shape of different things will be embedded on the rings.


  1. Nelleandlizzy.com is a beautifully done website that takes you on a lovely walk through its sophisticated layout. There are photos of the silver rings along with descriptions. The prices vary depending on the style of ring. They start at $48 and up. There is tons of questions and answers and plenty of information on the jewelry, the pricing, the sizes, as well as anything else one would need to order from this vendor. This is a user friendly site.
  1. Jewelbasket.com is a simple website to use and navigate. This jewelry offered is simple and pretty, just wonderful for a child to wear. There is limited option on the engraving of some of the rings, but still there is plenty to choose from. The pricing is reasonable in the $50 to $150 range and up depending on how elaborate the ring. As of this writing there is a sale on this site. Nice option if you are looking for something a little one would love this holiday season.
  1. Become.com has prices comparable to the previously mentioned sites. The great feature this site offers is enlargement of the rings with details simply by placing the cursor over the chosen item. It is very helpful to get information quickly on the desired item. This site is user friendly and carries lots of options on jewelry in lots of colors and styles. Really, this site is a compilation of rings that can be ordered from various stores. But it is a great way to comparison shop.
  1. Mynamering.com is another great choice for children’s rings. The site is very easy to use. It is simple and straightforward. You can choose from white or yellow gold. The 10k type is about $80 while the 14k runs $110. The name is large and easy to read. They are a very simple design but still children would love to wear them to school. The ship time is pretty fast on this site as well.
  1. Adorablebabygifts.com carries wonderful baby rings that carry the name as well as the birth date and the birth stone of the child. The ring is called the Bundle of Joy. It is size 0 and comes in white or yellow gold. It is a 10k ring that runs for $69. The birth stone is centered and you can have up to 10 characters on either side of the stone. Each ring comes in a mahogany gift box. It is a great gift idea for a new mother and her baby. This site is pretty easy to use. Be sure to read the fine print too.


Collect More Diamond In The Game Of Sultans

This is a new RPG game developed by the Mechanist. Game of Sultans is widely popular. To be aware of the fact that the game of Sultans is hugely famous and there should not be any surprise that there are too many people out there looking for the cheats of this game. Almost all of us have been playing this game ever since it was released in the summer and since then there is no stopping. The game is full of fun, but like too many freemium games this too can get fancy anytime soon.


  • Imperial Currency

The main currency in this game are the diamonds. The diamonds are pretty hard to collect and you’ll get to know this as you continue to play the game. One can buy them via play store or app but just to tell you all they are not cheap at all. These diamonds are used to entertain feasts, expand viziers and heirs, and to learn numerous secrets, etc.

One can also earn a small sum of diamonds in the mode of rewards from various different achievements and events or you also have the option of purchasing it online with your real money.

  • Hacks

Nonetheless, if you are a player using the hack of Game of Sultans then you don’t really have to worry as the hack version will simply help you to obtain countless diamonds in less than a few seconds.


To cut things short, the hacks will keep you away from all the headache of making currencies in order to run the kingdom; hence, it will enable you to possess more time to enjoy and explore the actual gameplay of the Game of Sultans.

In case if you are not content with the amount of diamonds you possess, there are various web site available on the internet that will help you fetch more diamonds using cheats.

Online Gaming Safety: Protection Is Better Than Cure

Over the years, online games have become a tremendous platform of entertainment. Online gaming market has also continued to grow at a substantial rate and the increasing trend is likely to continue for the next decade and beyond. With all of these positive reflections about online gaming, it is also unavoidable that this platform created an opportunity for criminal activities like identity theft and hacking. So, to stay safe online and to protect your online gaming account are nowadays necessity and an imperative. This article offers some important information and tips for protecting yourself from hackers.


Use antivirus and anti-spyware programs.

Keeping malware off your computer through the use of good antivirus that includes anti-spyware software is the best security practice to protect your privacy.  Antivirus software are used to prevent, detect and remove viruses and other unwanted programs from your computer.

Use Strong Passwords

A strong password consists of at least six characters, a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords are case-sensitive, so a strong password also contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase. You should also change your password periodically, at least every 3 months. Hackers use different techniques to crack your password other than spyware and phishing attempts.


Don’t reveal any personal information to other players

When playing your favorite online games such as DOTA 2, mu origin for pc, Minecraft etc., never reveal any of your personal information to other players. You should set boundaries between your virtual world and the real world. Sending personal information virtually is a big opportunity for hackers to destroy not only your virtual assets but even your life.

Watch out for Scams

Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your passwords, account numbers, and even credit card numbers or bank accounts. Always be mindful of suspicious pop advertisements and cold emails.

Is It Possible To Grab Infinity Gems In Clash Of Clans?

Gamers are getting engage with different kinds of games, but they prefer the best once, Clash OF Clans is one of them. Basically, the game is all about battles, and you will get lots of troops those you can easily train and get ready them for playing battles. There are millions of people those are choosing this game option, and they made it great sources of time pass, so you should simply pay attention to it. If we talk about the most important thing in the game, then the name of gems comes on the apex. Even Coc free gems no survey no download is a great and genuine source of solving the problem of shortage of currency.

23885403479_2a8a5453cd_o A small shortcut to grab free gems

Thousands of online hacking tools or you can call them generators are available online. Basically, the use of the generator is totally free, so anybody can easily use them perfectly. No doubt, at the beginning of the Clash Of Clans game, beginners get lots of gems, but they are not enough. Therefore, players just use the online hacking tool in order to generate currency. In addition to this, the outcomes of the generator are totally genuine and safe. Even there is no any issue regarding getting ban once you turn on the security feature called Anti-ban.


Is it safe?

People always think about their privacy while choosing these kinds of methods in order to grab the currency like gems for the game. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything because you will get two different security features such as proxy and other is already mentioned. Nevertheless, users just need to fill information regarding the username and choose the number of gems. Once you complete the human verification process, then it will automatically generate the gems.

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