Natural Holiday Cheer: Herbal Energy Boosters For The Season

Shopping for gifts, decorating the tree (and the house) and working longer hours to pay for it all can definitely take a toll on your health and well-being. Here are some natural supplements you can take during the holiday season-and every season-to boost your mood and lower your stress level.

SAM-e. This supplement, whose official name is S-adenoslymethionine, is produced naturally in the body in order to create the mood boosting brain chemicals dopamine and seratonin. Low levels of SAM-e in the body have been linked to depression, so you may want to add this supplement to vitamin regime in order to help you feel uplifted and upbeat. And, a study in the 1970s confirmed that SAM-e is just as effective in treating depression as prescription drugs.


You can take this supplement along with depression medication that you may already be using, or you can use it by itself without having to worry about side effects like sexual dysfunction or weight gain. SAM-e can also help to relieve the pain associated with arthritis, so if you notice that your joints are swelling, and you’re experiencing more pain than usual from lifting heavy items, taking SAM-e once a day with meals could help. Taking vitamin B12 in conjunction with SAM-e can help to prevent toxicity, since too much of the supplement could cause anxiety.

When it comes to energy supplements, it is hard to leave out opti greens 50, which is one of the best that you can find in the market due to the medicinal properties present in them which makes your insides strong and happening where there is no room for laziness and lethargy. They are no less than green veggies or supergreen tablets that you consume everyday during workout sessions and have the same positive effects if taken on a regular basis with equal share of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains high levels of chlorophyll, which is a natural detoxifier for the body. When you drink wheatgrass juice, you are increasing the oxygen supply in the body, and helping your body to eliminate toxins from your liver and digestive track. This, of course will give you more energy-you’ll wonder how you got the strength to bake all those cupcakes for your child’s Christmas party, find the perfect gift for your boss, and transform your house into a winter wonderland.

It is best to drink wheatgrass juice in the morning, or before 2 p.m., in order to avoid feeling a slump in energy during the day. When you wake up, adrenal glands are working their best, which means all the benefits of the juice will be absorbed more readily. When more oxygen is being transferred to the brain, you won’t get sleepy as quickly.


CoQ10-Coenzyme Q10 is another great supplement to take if you’re trying to increase your energy over the holiday season. CoQ10 works to both improve circulation in the body, and to rid the body of free radical damage. This means your muscles will feel less fatigued, and you won’t feel tired or sluggish as quickly has you may have in the past.

Taking CoQ10 with fish oils can give you even more energy, reduce depression, and enhance brain function; the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oils can reduce inflammation you may experience in the joints from bringing that cumbersome Christmas tree in the house, or toting life-sized figurines of Santa and his reindeer to the front yard. Taking CoQ10 twice a day is recommended, and you can take fish oils up to three times a day to see significant results within a few days. Happy holidays!

Your Five Germiest Habits And How To Break Them

The connotation behind the word ‘habit’ is that it’s something bad for you. True in most cases and the five habits listed below are bad for you (and your family) in ways you may have not considered. These are our ‘germiest’ habits, the habits that spread germs and often keeping an illness circulating within a family. These are habits we’re all guilty of and fortunately they’re painless to break.

Not Closing The Toilet Lid Before Flushing

Flushing the toilet with the lid up is the equivalent of sneezing without covering your mouth. Particles from your business end are spewed out of the toilet with each flush. Those germy particles are air borne and land on every surface in the bathroom, including counter-tops and toothbrushes. This is the easiest habit you will ever break – just close the toilet lid before flushing.


Placing Your Purse On The Kitchen Counter Top

Think of all the places your purse has sat today and you will soon understand why the bottom of your purse is a prime breeding ground for illness causing germs and bacteria. We place our purses on the floor of the car, under our work desk, grocery carts and restaurant floors, then when we arrive home the purse bottom lands on the food prep surface of our kitchen counter top.

Stop this germy habit by purchasing an inexpensive purse hanger (most drug and discount stores carry them) and use them to hang your purse from a chair back or desk side so it won’t come into contact with germy surfaces like the floor. Wipe purse off with an anti-bacterial wipe before placing on any surface after you arrive home.

Placing Your Suitcase On Your Bed

The first thing most everyone does when they arrive home from traveling is toss their freshly traveled suitcase on their clean bed. Seriously, where has that suitcase been and what has it come into contact with? The innocent suitcase is one of the main travel vehicles bedbugs use to hitch a ride home with vacationers. If bedbugs, bacteria or germs have hitched a ride in or on your suitcase, stop them from entering your home with this instant habit breaker – Leave suitcase(s) at the door and unpack the clothes into a plastic garbage bag, then head straight for the laundry to wash them. Place suitcase(s) inside plastic garbage bags and tie the top shut until you get a chance to thoroughly clean them before using again.


Not Washing Your Bed Sheets Often

Time and effort make this an easy habit to develop – we don’t strip the bed and wash bed sheets as often as we should. This causes the spread of germs and infection between bedmates, and dust mites and their feces to accumulate. Wash bed sheets in hot water at least once per week to break this germy habit.

Sharing A Bath Towel With Your Spouse

We share everything else, why not share a bath towel? You also will be sharing whatever germy skin organisms and infections they may have too. Get your own bath towel (color coded for each family member) and wash after each use in hot water. The best mucosal supplement will restrict the person to share the same towel with other person after shower or bath. It will reduce the transfer of the bacteria and eliminates the fungal infection from the human body.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

How to prevent breast cancer. That’s the question. Is there such a thing? Can women prevent breast cancer or at the very least lower their risk of getting it. The answer to that question is yes and in keeping with my health nut approach to life I picked up one of the old issues of my favorite magazine Today’s Diet and Nutrition April 2007 issue that has the same perspective. There’s a whole health approach to preventing breast cancer because it’s not one thing that is the cure but rather good health in general. This article lists a few ways to prevent breast cancer and how this can be achieved.

Watch Your Weight

In this article, they make a point to mention the importance of watching your weight for the prevention of breast cancer. They make particular mention of avoiding weight gain around the middle section and keeping within the normal weight range for your height. Be mindful of your fat and caloric intake to help you reach this goal. This is applicable to men as well. With their hectic lifestyle obesity is a really common problem among men and they often search online on how to hide man boobs since they are ashamed of their body. This is why it is recommended that maintain a healthy diet to completely avoid such problems. 

More Veggies

Invest a lot of your food intake to veggies. The cruciferous type like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts. You may want to consider a juicer if you don’t have one for this purpose. By using a juicer, you’ll have the ability to get as many veggies as you’d like in one or two sitting quickly and easily, and the real benefit is the fact that the veggie juice gets into our cells in 15 minutes so it goes right to work on creating health.

Avoid Alcohol

You may enjoy a cocktail daily, but according to this article, studies have shown that even in smaller amounts, alcohol increases your breast cancer risk significantly. You can try alcohol alternatives like non-alcoholic beers and other beverages like wine varieties that are alcohol-free if you still want the taste without the effects of the alcohol.

Avoid Flame-Broiled Foods

This type of cooking has gotten a bad rap over the years because it’s known for contributing to many cancers, breast cancer being one. As a whole health advocate, I know from years of being in the health food business myself that preparing food in this way creates an abundance of oxidants. These substances permeate the cell walls and cause a disease state within them. If you have breast cancer in your family history I’d be very mindful of avoiding foods prepared this way.


Avoiding breast cancer is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle in general for great health across the board. Building a healthy body, in general, will include healthy breasts free of cancer and other benign masses.

Composite Decks- Quite Useful If Utilized Properly

There is nothing like an excellent get together with friends to spend quality time together to even things up a bit in order to get a much needed rest from office work. The house looks like nothing short of paradise after a day’s hardwork and one would like nothing more than to burst in, slump over on the bed and go to sleep.


The house, from the outside, looks good on the eyes with the color, size, texture and area. The lawns are lush green with grass and if regularly watered, look like an epitome of greenery.

But, still some important ingredients are missing, aren’t they? There is this one thing that can serve as an excellent alternative on the ground to make it look shiny and attractive.

Composite Decks For Better Looks

The deck will certainly act as a finishing touch by giving the house a royal look from the outside and encourage more and more guests to come over every now and then on some pretext or the other.

To put it simply, composite decks are basically recycled wood or plastic that are designed in such a manner that it makes the house worth seeing again and again. The wood also has a low maintenance cost in case of any damage.


Here are certain advantages of composite decks:

  • As they are recycled in nature, they make the environment less polluted and are termed by people as eco composite decking.
  • It saves us from time consuming things like painting, stains and dirt. They only require occasional cleaning with soap
  • They are able to sustain for a longer period of time without any negative impact and the scrap and plastic can be reclaimed from various items
  • The price may be higher initially, but the maintenance helps in making it survive for atleast 5 more years

How useful is CBD with anxiety and insomnia?

CBD with anxiety and insomnia 2

Cannabidiol oil has been tested in labs for quite some time. They are extracted from the hemp plant. The oil is helpful in calming a person suffering from anxiety and insomnia. It is also used for skin malfunctions like acne. It is said to have relieving symptoms in cancer patients. The CBD is sold online. The Fab CBD the oral drops are 100% full spectrum whereas the gummies are CBD isolates. The full spectrum CBD contains 0.3% of THC whereas the isolate is completely THC free. CBD oil is best for sleep. The best CBD for sleep is the ‘corners cannabis oral tincture.

How to choose the CBD oil for you?

CBD with anxiety and insomnia

A full-spectrum CBD is more useful and better than isolate. It is recommended by most. The extracts from the original hemp plant is found in full-spectrum CBD oil. This enables for the oil to better relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. FDA has only approved Epidiolex consumption as a form of CBD. Consumers need to be aware of the fake companies that sell non-original and non-authentic oil. It can lead to side effects and or provides no relief from the symptoms that they are experiencing. An alarming sign of a fake company is that they will promise drastic results in a short period of time. It is necessary to buy CBD oil from a reputable company.

Why does CBD help in anxiety and insomnia?

CBD has the extracts of a hemp plant. The plant has qualities that can alter and monitor brain stimulators. It feels like a person is ‘high,’ but in reality, he/she is not. The plant makes us feel calm and relaxed. This feeling helps our bodies to reach a stage where we feel sleepy and ultimately, we can beat our insomnia.

CBD with anxiety and insomnia 3

How to Increase Agility

Agility and lateral speed is important is almost every sport. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, you name it and agility factors into part of the game. Agility is quick, controlled movements in any direction. You have to be able to stop and change direction in a millisecond. You have to have a powerful movement in one direction to blow by a defender or to stop a ground ball. The trick to increasing agility is increasing leg strength. There are many exercises that can help improve quickness or agility, but here are a couple of the best.

Since you are going to be trying to make fast movements in any direction the best exercises do just that, quick leg movements that with repetition will build leg strength. Doing squats and other weight lifting is great for building leg strength, however, we also want to be strengthening the muscles in ways similar to how they will be used.


The first and most simple exercise is jump roping. Yes, I know it sounds girly, but most boxers use this extensively to increase agility and build endurance. Plus, what is manlier than bashing other people’s faces off? There is nothing really to explain about jump roping. Start out by doing 2-5 minutes a day at a decent pace. Try and stay on your toes the whole time. This will work the calves more, which is a key muscle used in lateral movements. Once 5 minutes becomes easy, move on to 10 minutes, 20 minutes. Just jump until you are tired and then jump a little more. You can do things such as spinning the rope underneath you twice in one jump, cross your arms and other “tricks” to spice up your jumping.

This is a great exercise if you want to increase lateral movements, that is, side to side movements. Setup 2 cones about 15 feet apart. You can also do this on a basketball court underneath the basket. Stand in between the cones or the lines on the basketball court so that one is on your left and one is on your right. What you are going to do is for 30 seconds slide to your right and touch the cone or line then slide to your left and touch the cone or line. You are going to do this as fast as you can and touch the cone or line as many times as you can in 30 seconds. If you do this twice a day, you will see noticeable improvements in speed. One cool thing about this exercise is you can track your improvements. The more times you can touch the cone in 30 seconds the quick you are getting!

Even by just doing these 2 simple exercises for 5-10 minutes a day you will see yourself becoming much quicker and starting to dominate your respective sport.

To sum up, agility is the most important quality that is a perquisite for all sportsmen, irrespective of the nature of their sport as it requires a tremendous amount of physical and mental exertion and it can only be done through regular exercise and training, not to mention a good deal of practice everyday to hit the moves to perfection. For players who are lacking in this department, can always visit the site referral code 2020 and get the football index sign up offer to know more about the energy drinks and protein supplements that they would need.


How To Burn Fat as a Woman? 5 Easy Steps

Women are more prone to gaining weight as compared to men and in case you have been suffering from weight issues and are struggling to get in shape then you need to follow the right methods in order to lose weight and look good. If you plan on exercising on a regular basis it is also a good idea for you to use a good fat burner for women as this will help speed up the process of weight loss. usp-labs-oxyelite-pro-fat-burner-for-men

  1. Avoid too much sugar

One of the most essential things that you need to remember when you are planning a weight loss process is that you should avoid too much sugar. Sugar not healthy for your heart either which is why the lesser the sugar you use the better it is.cellucor-super-hd-fat-burner-for-men

  1. Eat more protein

If you want to stay healthy and you want to lose weight in the right way it is essential that you start to include a lot of protein in your diet. Protein provides you with the right amount of energy that will keep you going. It also helps to curb your unwanted hunger pangs.


  1. Cut down on carbs

The more carbohydrates you restrict from your diet the faster you will lose weight. Try to Limit your carb intake to a minimum and try avoiding it especially during the night.

  1. Eat food rich in fiber

Fiber rich food helps to enhance the digestive system and ensures that it aids in weight loss. Here there are a number of fruits that contain high fiber so you should try to include these fruits in your diet.

  1. Exercise regularly

One of the most essential factors that you need to focus on during your weight loss process is to exercise on a regular basis. Combine your exercise routine with the right fat burner and you will see the improvement in no time.

Let The Other Pay For Their Negligence

You can’t foretell the injury and accident. But, you can actually decide, that whether you want to punish the people, with whom negligence you got injured. And, certainly you must do so as, the person cannot repeat the same. Nowadays, the most of the accidents and miss-happening occurs due to the carelessness and negligence. But, why you pay for that, if you didn’t. That is why, whenever you met with any mishap, just don’t let the culprit go. As, you have the rights to punish him and make realize the loss, he made to you. Hence, if you have ever been in such situations, where you got hurt and lost your resources just because of others, you are required to get yourself a Baltimore personal injury lawyer.car accident lawyer marylandThe lawyer will analyze your case, and if evidence is just in your favor, you are likely to get compensation because of others negligence. If you think from the injured prospective, then he has not only got physically injured, but financially also. To fill up the medical bills and settlement, they can lose their earnings and savings in that. Hence, to support them in their paybacks, the compensation can help in a huge way. So, if you ever got hurt and your resources got hurt due to others carelessness, just file for compensation with a personal injury lawyer. Because, it is your lawful right and duties as well. So, never neglect the other’s negligence.

Well, coming on the profile of a personal injury lawyer, then they must be highly experienced and have dealt a huge range of personal injury cases. They are required to have expertise in the cases, like car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, trucks accidents, etc. With all these expertise and rules knowledge, your attorney can easily win your case for you. To search a good personal injury lawyer, you can take help of the Internet.

Where to search for the injury Lawyer

You can search them on Google, and be sure you will get a top rated personal injury lawyer. While visiting the profile, do check on the clientele of the lawyer. As well as, do check on their consumer reviews to judge the services. The reviews can very superiorly say that, they are worth to avail the services. Well, you can find several of such law firms and attorney, governing the personal injuries. But, it is up to you to choose a best out them for you.car accident lawyer marylandHence, doing research is mandatory. And, in that only the world wide web can you help you the best. Well, the other way to reach the best personal injury lawyer is to contact through the yellow pages. The site only has the name of best service providers in their area. Hence, you can find some worthy contacts of personal injury lawyers. So, just call them and get your culprit punished. Though, the accidents and injuries are highly catastrophic to you, you may lose your life, resources, family or much more. And, to recover such devastating situation, it takes time as well as money. In such case, a personal injury lawyer will help you to get your expenses, paid off and the culprit be punished. So just don’t don’t worry, and get yourself compensated.

Easy Ways To Quit Smoking

There are a number of people who smoke and most of these people have been trying to quit for a long time but have never managed to. While it seems easy to quit smoking, the truth is once you are addicted to a cigarette, getting rid of the habit is not as easy as it sounds. While there are a number of ways you can try to quit smoking, one of the most efficient ways to kick the butt is to switch to e cigarettes. If you thought that these cigarettes were as harmful as an actual cigarette, you’re wrong. The e liquid contains no nicotine whatsoever and this is what makes it the best solution to help you stop smoking. Although you get e liquid flavors that taste like nicotine, none of these flavors are harmful to the body.ejuice-30mlAn e cigarette feels like an actual cigarette and it even lets out some smoke like a cigarette which is why your body adapts to it a lot better to these cigarettes in comparison to any other method that you might try to quit smoking. There are a number of flavors that are available in the market so you can try out a few before you pick one that you like.eliquidOnce you start smoking an e cigarette the key aspect is selecting the right power of e liquid. The power of the e liquid depends on the kind of cigarette you used to smoke and the amount you used to smoke. The more the number of cigarettes the more powerful the e liquid should be. However the problem with a high powered e liquid is the itchy feeling that you get in the throat. The higher the power the more you will cough while smoking the e cigarette. The best thing to do is start with the lowest power of e liquid that is available in the market. This will reduce the itchy sensation as well. Once you have smoked this power for a week you should assess if you still crave for an actual cigarette. If the craving exists you should switch to the next power of e liquid. Once you have switched to a higher power you should conduct the same test after a week. You should keep increasing the power till the craving stops and keep smoking the same power once the craving stops.

Pick A Good Vape Flavor Today

There are a number of benefits that you can get from vaping and if you are keen on quitting smoking then this is by far the best alternative to smoking that you can opt in for. There are a number of reasons why vaping is the best way to quit smoking, however if you are keen on trying out vaping then you need to visit the right vape store and pick out flavors that suit your palate. Although vaping is one of the leading ways to help people quit smoking, it is very essential that you choose the right flavors in order for you to control the urge to smoke an actual cigarette.nyvapeshopThere are a number of flavors available and it will take you a while before you settle in for a flavor, however once you find one that you like you will manage to control the urge to smoke a lot better and this will help you to quit. The best part about vaping is that you will not suffer from any withdrawals because it replicates smoking and this helps your mind to believe that you smoked an actual cigarette.nyvapeshopWhen you are looking to quit smoking the best option is through vaping. The key element with vaping is the e juice that replicates the role of nicotine. With the right power of the e juice your body will adjust quicker to vaping and you can also ensure that you are able to give up the craving for smoking as quickly as possible. The trick is to select the lowest power of e juice that is available in the market so that the body can adjust easily to vaping. Once you have smoked this low power of e juice you need to analyze and see if your body is still craving an actual cigarette. If the craving still exists then you need to increase the power of the e juice. You need to keep repeating these steps till your body stops craving an actual cigarette. Once the body stops craving a cigarette you can continue vaping with the same power of e juice or you can gradually reduce the power of the e juice depending on your comfort level with the different powers of e juices. Irrespective of which power you are vaping there will be no harmful effects on your body.

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