Common Errors When Using Fat Burners

September is the period of “great return”, the period in which the holiday madness comes time for it to make up for the lost form. Summer carelessness and playfulness often in two ways reflects its stigma not only on the body leading to loss of muscle tissue, but also to the increase in adipose tissue which complicates the issue a little bit of planning strategies in making remedial action. In addition to proper diet and the correct choice of the training of some importance in the return to form of supplements are also being particularly great interest are the so-called. “Fat burners”. Unfortunately, not all of the benefits they can use these funds, and many people in their application commits elementary errors. Here are the most common of them.

The first mistake: wrong choice of preparation

Fat burners, a popular “thermogenic” (measures to increase energy expenditure through increased thermogenesis process – heat production), differ from one another composition and potency. It should have this in mind and start with the milder version, adjusting for the possible progression of the dose. Of course, the point is not to reach for the products of the truncated composition containing symbolic doses of active substances, only – would not endow to start the preparations are considered the strongest, because there may be immediately side effects such as irritability and insomnia. Before buying it is worth discussing your choice of online sports during the consultation with a nutritionist or even ask your dealer.

Error two: mismatched dose

The way fat burners dosage is highly individual. Differ from one another susceptibility to set them even ingredients such as caffeine. Taking the measure should start from the smallest possible portion, which is one capsule adopted preferably 30 minutes before a workout. Only after checking the body’s response to the formulation can increase the dose reaching the condition in which stimulation and subjectively noticeable increase in body temperature are felt, but at the same time do not cause discomfort hyperactivity, irritability.

Error three: accepting meals

Many people take fat burners with meals or in a short interval of their consumption. This is due to the popular belief that any “pills” should not be taken on an empty stomach. Well, termogenikami however, is different. Fat burners should not be taken with meals, especially those that contain milk or dairy products. Proteins such as casein adversely affect the absorption and action of bioactive ingredients such as capsaicin or tea polyphenols. When we take this type of supplements with food may operate less efficiently.

Error Four: summation of stimulants

One of the main components is caffeine fat burners – the substance of the action not only thermogenic but stimulant as researched on testogen review. The problem with it is that the difference between the effective dose of motivation from the lifting action curls and metabolism, and the dose which causes discomfort and irritation is relatively small. Meanwhile, many people take thermogenics without giving up other sources of caffeine or even combining different portions of its source. An example would be to use burners in one portion przedtreningowymi drinks, or coffee energetykami. Of course, with a low sensitivity to stimulants may not be much of a problem, but in most cases entails undesirable consequences.

Error fifth: solid supplementation

Fat burners, but sometimes turn out to be very useful in helping to work on the figure, after some time exhausted its potential action. The body just gets used to their use and to achieve the intended effects of continuous progression is needed doses, which at some point it just becomes unreasonable solution. Simply put – thermogenics are not suitable for continuous use. It should be taken periodically, preferably for a period of 4 to 8 weeks for the ensuing period, a minimum two-week break.


“Fat burners” are a group of extremely useful supplements during their return to form after the summer, as in many other cases where the aim is to reduce the amount of body fat. However, you should pay special attention to their selection and the manner and time of admission. It is worth to think carefully about buying this type of product on startup aiming at the center of a proven, but do not necessarily have the reputation of “the strongest on the market.” The initial dose should also be chosen carefully, and then be modified accordingly. It should also remember not to be combined with other thermogenic agents containing caffeine and – would not take them with meals, especially such where there is milk or dairy products.

Fat burners, which is an extremely useful supplement, with the aim to reduce the amount of body fat. There must be special attention paid to the manner and time of admission of the body fat. Caffeine must be kept away from the body while working out on fat burners. It is important to stay healthy and safe. 

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