How About A Completely New Santa Stockings Tradition?

How About A Completely New Santa Stockings Tradition?

How does it feel to have presents during Christmas? Exciting, right? Well, what’s even more exciting is how cost effective the whole process can actually be with personalised Santa sacks. No more sleepless nights trying to meet the deadline of wrapping bulky gifts. Furthermore, these Santa sacks look cute and adorable under your Christmas tree.

How the Santa Sack Works


  • Every family member gets a personalized Santa sack with a printable of his or her favorite item.
  • They can choose to leave their Santa sacks either at the end of their beds or under the Christmas tree (depending on your holiday traditions).
  • At night when everyone is asleep, Santa fills the sacks with unwrapped gifts.
  • In the morning (Christmas day) everyone takes their turn in opening their Santa sack to pull out their gifts.
  • The gifts are then wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

How to Start a Santa Sack Tradition


  • This Christmas, buy or make personalized Santa Sacks and place the Santa sacks filled with gifts at the front door.
  • With it, leave a personalized message that says something to the tune of “This is a special gift from the North Pole to (mention your family’s name). From this Christmas forward, leave your Santa sacks for Santa to fill up.”
  • In the Christmas morning, have the kids open the door to find the sacks. Their faces will be full of surprise and excitement.
  • From here on, you won’t be the one struggling with Santa sacks. Your kids will look forward to Christmas for them to leave their Santa sacks for Santa to fill with gifts.


There are many ways to make Christmas enjoyable. Starting a Santa sack tradition is one creative way of adding some fun to the already fun-filled season. Once you start this pleasing practice, you will be amazed at how Christmas will take a completely new angle.

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