Customizing Your Fishing Kayak

There are many pre-outfitted fishing kayaks in the market and most people prefer these types because they are readily available. However, if you are looking for more adventure, you want to consider personally outfitting your own kayak. This will be a more useful reference especially if you are kayaking for the first time. Here are some of the things you will need to customize your fishing kayak.South Texas Kayak

  • Seats

If you are going for the sit-on-top kayak, what you are looking at is a slightly molded ergonomic depression for your posterior. However, there is no fundamental backrest, which makes it easy to get what you are looking for.

  • Paddle Park

This is the plastic clip that mounts to the gunwale or the deck of the kayak. With it you can easily clip your paddle into the paddle park to securely hold it out of your way while fishing. However, it is also readily available whenever you need it.

  • Rod Rack

This is what makes it possible for an angler to carry more than one rod at a time. You can get either a horizontal or vertical rod rack depending on your personal preferences.South Texas Kayak

  • Rod holder

When changing your lures, your bait or handling a fish, the rod holder makes it possible for you to do so without a hassle. The rod holders are readily available in front of the paddler at arm’s length.

  • Anchor

Kayaks don’t need heavy anchors thus manufacturers design kayak specific anchors that are collapsible.

  • Anchor Trolley

This is a long rope on the kayak that is run through the bottom ends of the kayaks small pulleys or the pad eyes. It extends to the kayak’s full length on both sides and it has a small loop that is tied in the center on both sides of the kayak.South Texas Kayak

  • GPS

This Global Positioning Satellite receiver helps you to keep track of your current position. It also helps you to mark and record fishing hot spots that you can easily find whenever you go back fishing.

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