Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is supposedly the “holy grail” of RPGs and if you are someone who loved Baldur’s Gate  amp; Neverwinter Nights, then just go out and buy the game now otherwise read on.

DA: Origins allows you play 3 races (elf,human,dwarf) and 3 classes(warrior,rogue,mage) which you pick from the start of the game and the race/class you pick will determine one of the 6 introductions in the story. The introduction though will last you less than an hour then you go into the “real story” which is wiping out the darkspawn. The story is somewhat linear, although you get to choose the order of places that you visit it doesn’t really matter that much as the story will still progress in the same path which will mean you vs the darkspawn. There are other things you can do like get into a romance your characters and it affects the ending of the game but alas only the ending is affected. What is more important is how you respond to the people you talk to which can lead some people in your party to like you, some to hate you, some people to help you and so on. And you can’t be the guy who is liked by everyone, it just wont happen.


Dragon age is one game that will take you on a roller coaster ride of different races and is entertainment at its best where you get to learn new techniques everyday that is a must for becoming an expert, which may take a certain period of time. Its quite a better alternative compared to wasting time searching for Situs Judi Online and becoming a gambler, which is considered to be the first step in the path of destruction as gambling is something that makes you forget right and wrong as it is a weakness quite hard to forego easily.

Lets talk about side quests. There are so many side quests in the game that if you took the time to do all the side quests and compared it to the actual story the difference between the two won’t be that large. What’s great about the side quests is that the story will still progress even if you don’t do the any of them and you’ll only miss out on a few things (by few things i mean some armor and the dog) but they are rewarding in the sense that you earn exp from doing the quests, so there’s a pretty good incentive for doing side quests but the game doesn’t punish you from not doing it either.

What about character customization? Well this part is where DA:Origins sort of lacks for me, while you have free reign as to how you can distribute your attributes, the game sort of “wants” you to place them at certain places for certain classes. The game goes as far as even telling you which class “benefits” the most from the attributes and even though you can choose the “abilities” that your character gets along with the “talents/spells” there are too little choices to choose from and you’ll most prolly end up having characters who have similar builds.


Fun factor? Well this is where it shines for me,you control a party of 4 which you control 1 at a time while the others move based on AI tactics that you assigned to them and you can switch between all the members of your party at any given time. Now this allows you to pull off some great and might i add fun combos in the game, imagine being able to freeze your enemies then switching to your melee character and doing a critical hit that shatters and kills your enemy, fun right? and there are alot of combos that you can do which really means you can dispose of your enemies in any way you wish.

Difficulty curve? The game starts of easy, stays easy until the midpoint of the game then, gets slightly harder towards the end. Being a role playing/strategy game I was slightly disturbed that towards the end of the game the enemies dont get harder to beat because they’re genuine hard to beat, its only because theres alot of them. Which somehow reduces most boss fights into “kill the little ones, then go for the big one” instead of figuring out how to kill the boss using tactics and spells. Nevertheless it was able to be fun and not too easy and the option to change the difficulty in the middle of the game might be useful for some people.


Overall its something I would recommend to the average gamer, one playthrough will be enough but its worth a second(even third,forth etc) playthrough not just to get different endings/introductions but also to play the game in a different way altogether (ie using brains instead of brawn). So yes its a great game, now go buy it 🙂

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