Easy Ways To Quit Smoking

There are a number of people who smoke and most of these people have been trying to quit for a long time but have never managed to. While it seems easy to quit smoking, the truth is once you are addicted to a cigarette, getting rid of the habit is not as easy as it sounds. While there are a number of ways you can try to quit smoking, one of the most efficient ways to kick the butt is to switch to e cigarettes. If you thought that these cigarettes were as harmful as an actual cigarette, you’re wrong. The e liquid contains no nicotine whatsoever and this is what makes it the best solution to help you stop smoking. Although you get e liquid flavors that taste like nicotine, none of these flavors are harmful to the body.ejuice-30mlAn e cigarette feels like an actual cigarette and it even lets out some smoke like a cigarette which is why your body adapts to it a lot better to these cigarettes in comparison to any other method that you might try to quit smoking. There are a number of flavors that are available in the market so you can try out a few before you pick one that you like.eliquidOnce you start smoking an e cigarette the key aspect is selecting the right power of e liquid. The power of the e liquid depends on the kind of cigarette you used to smoke and the amount you used to smoke. The more the number of cigarettes the more powerful the e liquid should be. However the problem with a high powered e liquid is the itchy feeling that you get in the throat. The higher the power the more you will cough while smoking the e cigarette. The best thing to do is start with the lowest power of e liquid that is available in the market. This will reduce the itchy sensation as well. Once you have smoked this power for a week you should assess if you still crave for an actual cigarette. If the craving exists you should switch to the next power of e liquid. Once you have switched to a higher power you should conduct the same test after a week. You should keep increasing the power till the craving stops and keep smoking the same power once the craving stops.

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