What To Expect As You Travel To Melaka

What To Expect As You Travel To Melaka

Melaka bus terminal has been receiving hordes of passengers lately and so it can be a frustrating experience if you want to bus from KL to Melaka and have little knowledge on where to start your journey. There are lots of new bus companies providing direct services to Melaka and these areBus to Melaka

  • 707 Express
  • Singapore Melaka Express
  • Delima Express
  • KKKL Express

If you are traveling from Singapore, you might need to stop at Melaka Central as most coaches terminate at this point. However, there are other bus operators which have alternative arrival points at the various hotels located at Melaka city. Therefore, this saves you the trouble of having to look for a taxi to take you to a hotel from the bus terminal. These hotels are in good condition and can accommodate single people and families as well.

En route to Melaka from Singapore, there are lots of interesting sites and attractions you can see on this world’s heritage site. These include Jonkey Walk, A Famosa and St Paul’s Hill.

Travel time

The journey usually lasts from 3-4 hours depending on the gravity of the traffic condition. You can check more information online in the bus fares and arrival and departure time. However, these are bound to fluctuate from time to time as the time schedules are provided at the discretion of coach operators. The time of departure will also depend on your choice of bus. Different operators have differing schedules.Bus to Melaka


Preparation of a journey may take a considerable amount of time for the best experience. This is also the case if you want to travel by bus to Melaka. Ensure you have enough rest the previous night. Get enough information on services provided by the coaches and know well in advance the fares and bus terminals.

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