Fun with Sponge Print Painting

Sponge print painting is a fun activity that you can do with kids. Sponge print painting is fun and easy keeping the fact in mind that you have proper painting kits. Sponge print painting is also economical to do. Sponge print painting can be fun for just a little money. You can paint with sponges on paper or on a wall. Sponge print painting can be messy so you should take precautions to keep all things clean that are around the area you are sponge print painting.


When you sponge print paint you will need some sponges. You can use a sponge that is in the shape of a ball or if you are going to cut the sponge into a shape you should use a flat sponge. If you are going to make a design out of your sponge first draw your design on the sponge and then cut the design out. For instance, if you want your sponge to be a cat first draw a cat on your sponge and then cut the cat you drew out of the sponge.

You will also need some paint and a shallow container that you can put the paint in and dip the sponge into. Old clothes are good to wear when you sponge print paint. You may want some plastic sheeting to cover up areas that you want to remain clean.

If you are making a sponge print painting of a piece of paper you can spread the paper out on a table to do the sponge print painting. Then take your sponge and dip it into the paint and then put the sponge on the paper. You may have to rub the sponge on the side of your paint container to rub off some of the excess paint before you put the sponge to the paper.

When you sponge print paint on a wall you have to be more careful as you put the sponge on the wall. Use a color paint that is different than the color of the wall. A color that is a contrast to the color of the wall is best. Then dip your sponge into the paint and wipe off any excess paint that is on the sponge before you press the sponge up on the wall. You may want to practice with the paint-covered sponge on a piece of paper before you actually try it out on the wall so you can get a feel for what it is like.


When you sponge print paint a wall you can get as creative as you like. You can make your sponge into a fish, cat, turtle, car or whatever you like. You can use whatever color paint that you want to use. Sponge print painting can be a fun activity that can create a beautiful painting.

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