Gain the valuable bux currency for your tuber simulator game

Day by day people are getting crazy for the PewDiePie’s tuber simulator and very much militant about the term bux.  So before you proceed, it is important for you to know what a bux is.  2016-10-07-02-19-30-pewdiepie-tuber-simulator-1

What is a bux?

Bux is a kind of a currency that you will find while playing the tuber game. There are four diverse types of currencies and out of those bux is the most significant one. Every day you will earn one bux after 24 hours, but that is not enough to play it on. To accelerate the game at its best, you need to earn a lot of bux and the only way to avail it is go through the cheats accessible online. However, the tuber simulator free bux is the only way out to keep running the fun at its pace.002_sc1024x768

How to get the free bux?

To attain tuber simulator free bux you need to do some small tricks with your phone settings. The excellent and quite effective one is described below-

  • Change the date– Yes, by changing the date of your phone for some seconds can give you the free bux. So by investing a little time in your phone settings you can get each day several free bux without purchasing them or doing lethargic hacking jobs online. After you change the date and time you are supposed to return back to the current game and there you will receive the prizes that are waiting for you. Getting a free bux is something more than receiving a prize for the PewDiePie’s tuber simulator player.

So go ahead and make the most of your phone settings and beat the long time interval for the order to achieve numerous free bux at a time and keep shooting videos to decorate the tuber room.

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