A Guide To Beginners in CSGO

CSGO is a very popular video game which was released on 21st August 2012 on PC and console platforms. It is one of the most popular games on Steam. It is a successful entry to the counter strike series, which has had a lot of improvement in terms of gameplay, engine, graphics, and mechanics. According to the CSGO events, news, it is one game which has continued to attract a fan base. If you are a newcomer and have just stumbled on this game online, it is one game which you should try and play using our guide below. images_qtbn_and9gcsxpmqpqocvnz2rdzksstq5hg3w27ad29v3njnszk96el2lsvmt


To start this game, select Deathmatch under “find a game”, hit the desired map group and press GO and you are ready to play. When it comes to shooters, Deathmatch is one which is loved by most gamers. It comprises of two teams of 5 players each which are supposed to fight each other and battle it out in a match. Planting bombs doesn’t earn you points here. For you to earn points, you need to kill the enemy players in the match. All weapons in this match are free with points acting as currency when it comes to getting a bonus weapon. After every 30 seconds, a player is awarded the opportunity to purchase a bonus weapon for a certain amount of points and whenever you press G, the weapon is respawned and you earn points, but it won’t be counted as death because of the fact that, you have earned yourself points. Weapons which are purchased by both teams are done so using bonus and they include Desert eagle, AWP, P250, M249, Zeus x27, Negev, Dual Berettas, Nova, SSG08, XM104, P90, MP7, UMP-45, PP-Bizon.new-multiplay-esports-studio-870x580

If you want to purchase your own weapon of choice, you are normally given invulin time of 6 seconds from respawning; you need to press B in order to open your buy menu. When you shoot or move your weapon within these 6 seconds, you will cause you buy time to expire immediately and thus have to wait until the next spawn in order to make another try. Though you have infinite ammo, there are some weapons which you will not be able to purchase such as defuse kit and grenades in the Deathmatch.

The game goes on for 10 minutes, after which, it ends and the team with the most points is declared the winning  team.  Learn more about CSGO events by visiting their website.

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