Why Is League of Legends So Popular?

Gaming is itself an addiction which many people across the world are addicted to. With specially configured system they like to spend most of their time in gaming. The online games from elo boosting website especially which allow the involvement of multiplayer attract the gamers mostly. If you are already an avid gamer, you must have heard of the epic game ‘league or legends’. In this blog, we will discuss why the popularity of LOL is increasing day by day. 


League of legends is a multiplayer online game which involves two teams of 5 people each to play the game. This is basically a supernatural war game which includes a lot of interesting features. The number of players for this game is increasing every day. Do you know the reason? Continue reading. 

It is free 

Generally, the online multiplayer games demand a flat fee from the players to start playing. Apart from the flat fee, there are many in-app purchases for the power up, characters and many other things which are mandatory for the gameplay. However, the League of Legends being one of the oldest multiplayer online games still comes for free of cost. There are in- app purchases, but to start the game, you don’t need to pay anything at all. 


Every now and then, the game launches new updates which make the game more interesting. Each of the updates upscales the game-play and makes it more addictive. Many updates introduce new characters and level-ups in the game. The useful upgrade is a reason behind its popularity. 



Each of the levels has something new and competitive. This game is not an easy game and the gradual increase of the difficulty level makes it more interesting. The competitive levels which throw challenges for each team makes the players high addictive to the game. Zeal of winning over the opponent team makes the players keep on playing it. 

What else can you think of?

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