Left 4 Dead: A Review

Left 4 Dead: A Review

Left 4 Dead is a new shooter from one of the pioneers of the first person shooter, Valve. Big name publishers and producers of games aren’t exactly known to go out on limbs and try out new concepts for games as this could turn out to be a real big financial faux pas. But, Valve took a chance with a very experimental set up and produced something truly fun and enjoyable, even if your not a fan of zombies.

The zombie apocalypse is this generations World War 2, when it comes to settings for games and movies. The story is simple you have four survivors and you need to survive. There isn’t much more to know, or much more that you need to know, as the action stays pretty thick and you wouldn’t want to be distracted by minor plot details while being mauled by one of the boss zombies the “Tank”.

Valve took a chance and made it a purely co-op game. Meaning that it is best experienced with 3 friends fleshing out the cast. If you don’t have any friends then it is possible to play the game by yourself but the AI controlled teammates are lack luster and lack the dynamic and cohesion that come from 4 human controlled players.

The weapons are standard fare for a zombie apocalypse. Automatic rifles to pump action shotguns and grenades are littered through the map and sometime available to you at a safe house. The weapon sounds are authentic to the ear and all are a joy to use on the encroaching undead.

The enemy AI is one of the other innovations that Valve has worked on and included in L4D. The new “director” increases and decreases the difficulty of the zombies depending on how well your band of survivors is doing in the current scenario. The zombies themselves are of the current generation archetype, the Olympic runner. These zombies are fast and can overpower you easily when they come in huge numbers, which they often come in.

The director also will include boss zombies in Slot Online Terpercaya to make the stages more tougher to pass through, these kinds of obstacles in gameplay stages brings more interest of an player. The tank which is a huge behemoth of a zombie will crush and toss you all around the map. There is the hunter which will sneak through the map and will leap on top of you and start shredding your entrails. There is the smoker which has a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous, which it uses to lash around you, incapacitating you and drawing you close to end your life. There is also the boomer which expels a large amount of bile at the survivors which when touched with will blind you, and explodes when it dies. And last but not least is the witch who is not exactly an aggressive zombie but when startled by a light or a gunshot will attack ferociously.

The director also makes the scenarios unique through each play through. Zombies and weapons never spawn in the same place twice, meaning that each play through is as dynamic as the last play through. Meaning that good players will be quick thinkers who can improvise and work with other players on the fly.All in all, Left 4 Dead is an enjoyable experience that won’t disappoint gamers who enjoy either zombie related media or co-op gameplay. Friendly fire is always on though so its easy for other players to ruin the game. That aside L4D is a home run that is deserving of your attention.

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