Movies & Technology!

People from around the world in one way or the other follow the movie culture. Even the people working in the movie industry come out as great celebrities whom people follow. Movies do not only work out as one of the best time pass leisure activities but also occupy a special place in the hearts of the viewers. Once was a time when people went to watch movies in open theaters on big black and white screens and now is the time when you can even watch free movies sitting anywhere on your laptop or even your cellular phone. Some movies even throw light on the lives of the greatest legends that existed in the world and also let the world know about the various persisting cultures in this huge of the people do not know how the modern film culture emerged and how technology helped the motion pictures to reach this vivid level.

The Role of Technology in Development of Motion Pictures:

  • The idea of creating movies was itself based on technology development. Shooting movies became possible only when cameras were developed that would capture pictures in one go for several seconds on a record. These records could be played over on projectors which viewed the black and white version of the shot scene.
  • Thereafter, the development in the sound recording technology gave the motion picture industry to record the sound effects and vocals to be played with the movies to relate with the motion pictures. Another technological advancement which acted as a boon was the development of colored cameras and screen developments and changes were not instant and took several years to exchange the pre-existing technology but for sure were a gift for the industry which attracted more and more of the audience.

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