Organic Coffee Bean Selection

While making the right coffee requires skill and the right coffee making tools, you also want to make sure that the coffee beans used are of good quality. Otherwise, you will not experience the kind of taste and aroma you long for from your cup of coffee. With this in mind, here is how to go about selecting your coffee beans.

  • Acidity

This is the snappiness or the sharpness of the coffee that you can feel in your tongue’s edges. To get the best coffee beans, you need to taste and feel it’s brightness. What this means is that it needs to have some level of acidity so that it is not dull or flat, what most coffee lovers will call mellow.


  • Aroma

When choosing coffee, you want both the taste and the smell to be exquisite. In addition to the taste part of it, the aroma adds some flavors such as flowery, earthy, fruit-like and smoky. The smell takes your mind on an excursion of it’s own trying to comprehend where the coffee comes from.

  • Body

Nectar of Life Gourmet Coffee is either light or heavy even though they are all brewed with water. You can tell the difference between heavy and light by tasting. If you feel as if you have some whole milk in your mouth, you are looking at heavy coffee. However, if you feel like you have water or skim milk in your mouth, you have light coffee in your mouth.

  • Roast


This is mainly how the coffee beans are heated. The amount of time the coffee beans are exposed to heat determine their finished appearance and taste. Darker beans have been subjected to longer heating time while lighter ones have been heated for less time.


Selecting coffee beans is not as simple as it looks. To get the best coffee beans that will satisfy your crave for coffee, visit organic Fair Trade coffee at

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