Free Starbucks Coffee: What Does This Mean for Other Shops?

So Starbucks one of the quality coffee supplier has decided to actually give away free coffee in 7,100 of its nationally known stores. What does this mean? Starbucks says it is to introduce one of their newest brew, Pike Place Roast. A lovely new blend of smooth, with no bitter or sweet after taste. It will also have a taste of roasted nut. Wow, how exciting.

According to Starbucks, they are bringing the consumer what they want. A nice down-home coffee. They want to get back in touch with the “coffee” drinkers. Not the espresso and latte crowd. The reason for this may be Starbuck’s big decline in its stock price. Or the reason for this may be that Starbucks just wants to bring some old-time coffee drinkers back into its places. Either way, it is obvious that Starbucks needs some sort of special boost, sales-wise. This may be because of all the other coffee places, and not the average places you would think to get coffee, sprouting up all around them.

Some such places would be Dunkin Donuts, for instance. This is a place you may think of to find coffee. It happens to be GREAT coffee. Dunkin Donuts provides a coffee drinker with a normal cup of coffee. You can get different flavors, but they are all simple and good. Another great place to get a coffee or a cappuccino would be your neighborhood 7-11. Yes, that is right. Every neighborhood 7-11 serves up a great cup of coffee, and for a fraction of what you would have to pay at a Starbucks. Competition, yes I think so.

Of course, you have other places that seem to like to sprout up next to Starbucks nowadays. Places like Panera Company. There you can get all kinds of great breakfast and lunch and dinner eats as well. They also have a lot of different drinks available if coffee is not what you are in the mood for. In any event, they do serve a good cup of coffee. Just a plain old fashioned coffee.

Starbucks bought most of Barney’s. Except the independently owned. Some towns still have Barney’s around. While it is almost comparable in price, it is a competition for Starbucks. People who like Barney’s better still will. I do not think one new brand of coffee or a day of free giveaways will change that. You also have all the little mom and pop coffee houses around your neighborhood. Sometimes these places are a walk away. The convenience or the knowledge of the owner will keep these people going to them, instead of Starbucks.

Other breakfast places such as Denny’s or IHop, also offer just plain coffee. I believe that Starbucks is competing with all of these markets. Even though it seems to think it may be a bit better than most of these places mentioned, it still is competing with them. This has made it hard for them, in particular in a depressed market to thrive. Their specialty and price points make it more difficult to sell their coffees to the average joe. Let alone the more astute customer nowadays. The company needed to get back all the people who just like a regular cup of coffee, and the people who are willing to go to these, and other coffee places to get that cup of coffee.


Will this work? Only time will tell. I believe Starbucks has already garnered its reputation as being somewhat more expensive. In this regard, even if they come out with a more “regular” blend of coffee, I do not believe it will improve sales all that much. We will see, and best of luck to them. They will still have the other good old coffee houses to contend with.

The Start Of a Maddening Addiction

My pop was always a die-hard Packer fan. From birth, I was pushed into a culture of cheese heads, forced to wear a plethora of green and gold. Not that I cared, I was four. My dad wanted to expose me to football as soon as possible, despite my short attention span. So, one day, he brought me down to the rec room, put a copy of Madden into the PlayStation, and handed me the second controller. That was something I could pay attention to.


I was hooked the moment I started. The Pack needed my help, and I was going to provide it. Understandably, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I’d mash at the buttons like I was playing a fighting game without knowing the controls. But I learned. We would play together, and as time passed, I’d master each position. A few years and a console change or two later, it changed from an alliance to a competition. Every week we would play against each other; my dad would be the Packers, with me playing as their opponent for that week. I would always lose, and he would always it was for the best, because if the Packers won in Madden, they would win in real life for sure.

As I improved my game, I focused on one simple goal; I needed to beat my dad, just once. And every week, the same process repeated itself; I would lose, tears were shed (I was only eight or so), and I would look forward to the next game with eager anticipation. One of my best memories of my father is winning that first game, on a picture-perfect last second field goal. About half a decade after I first picked up a controller, the Bears had finally won. It was just a game, in the end, but it signified something more. I’d felt like I’d accomplished something drastic. I’d beaten my dad at his own game and in doing so, felt like I’d fully developed a relationship I had with nobody else, one where we were equals as football fans, gamers, and a family. Pokemon go accounts for sale will be provided at the smart mobile phone of the person. The friends and family can play the game along with the gamers. It will improve the interaction among the family members.


Now, years later, I have no problem beating my dad, and each year he finds Madden harder and harder to play, as they add more to what use to be such a simple game. But like the love of my family and video games, the Madden franchise continues to hold a very special place in my heart that no other game can replace. Madden helped me develop a love of video games in a way nothing else could, and in doing so, made me a better person.

Natural Holiday Cheer: Herbal Energy Boosters For The Season

Shopping for gifts, decorating the tree (and the house) and working longer hours to pay for it all can definitely take a toll on your health and well-being. Here are some natural supplements you can take during the holiday season-and every season-to boost your mood and lower your stress level.

SAM-e. This supplement, whose official name is S-adenoslymethionine, is produced naturally in the body in order to create the mood boosting brain chemicals dopamine and seratonin. Low levels of SAM-e in the body have been linked to depression, so you may want to add this supplement to vitamin regime in order to help you feel uplifted and upbeat. And, a study in the 1970s confirmed that SAM-e is just as effective in treating depression as prescription drugs.


You can take this supplement along with depression medication that you may already be using, or you can use it by itself without having to worry about side effects like sexual dysfunction or weight gain. SAM-e can also help to relieve the pain associated with arthritis, so if you notice that your joints are swelling, and you’re experiencing more pain than usual from lifting heavy items, taking SAM-e once a day with meals could help. Taking vitamin B12 in conjunction with SAM-e can help to prevent toxicity, since too much of the supplement could cause anxiety.

When it comes to energy supplements, it is hard to leave out opti greens 50, which is one of the best that you can find in the market due to the medicinal properties present in them which makes your insides strong and happening where there is no room for laziness and lethargy. They are no less than green veggies or supergreen tablets that you consume everyday during workout sessions and have the same positive effects if taken on a regular basis with equal share of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains high levels of chlorophyll, which is a natural detoxifier for the body. When you drink wheatgrass juice, you are increasing the oxygen supply in the body, and helping your body to eliminate toxins from your liver and digestive track. This, of course will give you more energy-you’ll wonder how you got the strength to bake all those cupcakes for your child’s Christmas party, find the perfect gift for your boss, and transform your house into a winter wonderland.

It is best to drink wheatgrass juice in the morning, or before 2 p.m., in order to avoid feeling a slump in energy during the day. When you wake up, adrenal glands are working their best, which means all the benefits of the juice will be absorbed more readily. When more oxygen is being transferred to the brain, you won’t get sleepy as quickly.


CoQ10-Coenzyme Q10 is another great supplement to take if you’re trying to increase your energy over the holiday season. CoQ10 works to both improve circulation in the body, and to rid the body of free radical damage. This means your muscles will feel less fatigued, and you won’t feel tired or sluggish as quickly has you may have in the past.

Taking CoQ10 with fish oils can give you even more energy, reduce depression, and enhance brain function; the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oils can reduce inflammation you may experience in the joints from bringing that cumbersome Christmas tree in the house, or toting life-sized figurines of Santa and his reindeer to the front yard. Taking CoQ10 twice a day is recommended, and you can take fish oils up to three times a day to see significant results within a few days. Happy holidays!

Hero Swimmer Saves the Life of Teen Girl

A Northern Ireland man has been hailed a hero after helping to save the life of a teenage girl who feel into a river in Coleraine, County Londonderry. What made Kieran Jeffery’s actions even more poignant was the fact that his cousin lost his life in the same river only a few weeks ago.

The 16-year-old girl was seen falling into the water from the bridge in the town on October 9 and Kieran was first in the water, initiating the impromptu rescue operation. Kieran from South Derry, had been shopping in Coleraine with his girlfriend Donna when they came across a flurry of activity on the bridge, believing it was a boat race. But he wasn’t prepared for what he would see next, and once alerted to the emergency, he automatically swung into action.


“Then I turned round and saw a woman running across the bridge panicking and shouting ‘a girl fell off the bridge.’ So I ran down the river bank which was really steep and jumped over the metal fence which was about 40ft high. I was first into the river. I didn’t feel the cold – I had on a heavy jumper, and swam 20ft to 25 ft out to try to reach her,” he told me.

Kieran said despite not being a great swimmer, rescuing the girl was first and foremost on his mind. Another man Robert Beveridge, the managing director of an engineering firm, who owns a boat on the River Bann, luckily had a lifejacket in the car. He attached the lifesaving device to a rope and threw it to Kieran who by this stage had made his way towards the teenager.

“I managed to wrap my arms around the girl and we pulled her ashore,” he said. “Then we carried her up the hill.”

Kieran, who has been modest about his role in the operation, also pointed out that there were no rescue dingies in the vicinity of the river. By this stage an ambulance had arrived and the girl was taken to hospital for treatment. The depth of the pool will be considerate at TriFactor / adult swimming lessons classes. Proper research should be done through the person before joining. The person should become a master in diving and swimming after the classes. 


Inspector Stephen McPeak from the Police Service of Northern Ireland paid tribute to those involved in the rescue operation, praising Kieran’s efforts. He said had it not been for quick thinking and selfless actions, there is no doubt that a tragedy would have occurred.

But it was all in a day’s work for Kieran who drove the whole way home in his wet clothes.

“I just want to say thanks to everyone who was there at the time. It was not a one-person act – everyone helped to save the girl’s life. My family say I’m a hero, but I’m not really. I just did what I would have done for anyone,” he added.

Your Five Germiest Habits And How To Break Them

The connotation behind the word ‘habit’ is that it’s something bad for you. True in most cases and the five habits listed below are bad for you (and your family) in ways you may have not considered. These are our ‘germiest’ habits, the habits that spread germs and often keeping an illness circulating within a family. These are habits we’re all guilty of and fortunately they’re painless to break.

Not Closing The Toilet Lid Before Flushing

Flushing the toilet with the lid up is the equivalent of sneezing without covering your mouth. Particles from your business end are spewed out of the toilet with each flush. Those germy particles are air borne and land on every surface in the bathroom, including counter-tops and toothbrushes. This is the easiest habit you will ever break – just close the toilet lid before flushing.


Placing Your Purse On The Kitchen Counter Top

Think of all the places your purse has sat today and you will soon understand why the bottom of your purse is a prime breeding ground for illness causing germs and bacteria. We place our purses on the floor of the car, under our work desk, grocery carts and restaurant floors, then when we arrive home the purse bottom lands on the food prep surface of our kitchen counter top.

Stop this germy habit by purchasing an inexpensive purse hanger (most drug and discount stores carry them) and use them to hang your purse from a chair back or desk side so it won’t come into contact with germy surfaces like the floor. Wipe purse off with an anti-bacterial wipe before placing on any surface after you arrive home.

Placing Your Suitcase On Your Bed

The first thing most everyone does when they arrive home from traveling is toss their freshly traveled suitcase on their clean bed. Seriously, where has that suitcase been and what has it come into contact with? The innocent suitcase is one of the main travel vehicles bedbugs use to hitch a ride home with vacationers. If bedbugs, bacteria or germs have hitched a ride in or on your suitcase, stop them from entering your home with this instant habit breaker – Leave suitcase(s) at the door and unpack the clothes into a plastic garbage bag, then head straight for the laundry to wash them. Place suitcase(s) inside plastic garbage bags and tie the top shut until you get a chance to thoroughly clean them before using again.


Not Washing Your Bed Sheets Often

Time and effort make this an easy habit to develop – we don’t strip the bed and wash bed sheets as often as we should. This causes the spread of germs and infection between bedmates, and dust mites and their feces to accumulate. Wash bed sheets in hot water at least once per week to break this germy habit.

Sharing A Bath Towel With Your Spouse

We share everything else, why not share a bath towel? You also will be sharing whatever germy skin organisms and infections they may have too. Get your own bath towel (color coded for each family member) and wash after each use in hot water. The best mucosal supplement will restrict the person to share the same towel with other person after shower or bath. It will reduce the transfer of the bacteria and eliminates the fungal infection from the human body.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

How to prevent breast cancer. That’s the question. Is there such a thing? Can women prevent breast cancer or at the very least lower their risk of getting it. The answer to that question is yes and in keeping with my health nut approach to life I picked up one of the old issues of my favorite magazine Today’s Diet and Nutrition April 2007 issue that has the same perspective. There’s a whole health approach to preventing breast cancer because it’s not one thing that is the cure but rather good health in general. This article lists a few ways to prevent breast cancer and how this can be achieved.

Watch Your Weight

In this article, they make a point to mention the importance of watching your weight for the prevention of breast cancer. They make particular mention of avoiding weight gain around the middle section and keeping within the normal weight range for your height. Be mindful of your fat and caloric intake to help you reach this goal. This is applicable to men as well. With their hectic lifestyle obesity is a really common problem among men and they often search online on how to hide man boobs since they are ashamed of their body. This is why it is recommended that maintain a healthy diet to completely avoid such problems. 

More Veggies

Invest a lot of your food intake to veggies. The cruciferous type like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts. You may want to consider a juicer if you don’t have one for this purpose. By using a juicer, you’ll have the ability to get as many veggies as you’d like in one or two sitting quickly and easily, and the real benefit is the fact that the veggie juice gets into our cells in 15 minutes so it goes right to work on creating health.

Avoid Alcohol

You may enjoy a cocktail daily, but according to this article, studies have shown that even in smaller amounts, alcohol increases your breast cancer risk significantly. You can try alcohol alternatives like non-alcoholic beers and other beverages like wine varieties that are alcohol-free if you still want the taste without the effects of the alcohol.

Avoid Flame-Broiled Foods

This type of cooking has gotten a bad rap over the years because it’s known for contributing to many cancers, breast cancer being one. As a whole health advocate, I know from years of being in the health food business myself that preparing food in this way creates an abundance of oxidants. These substances permeate the cell walls and cause a disease state within them. If you have breast cancer in your family history I’d be very mindful of avoiding foods prepared this way.


Avoiding breast cancer is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle in general for great health across the board. Building a healthy body, in general, will include healthy breasts free of cancer and other benign masses.

Building a Home Biodiesel Refinery

So you have decided to build your own biodiesel refinery at home. Congratulations. Building your own refinery at home can be fun, easy and relatively inexpensive. Junk yards and local farms may have some of the parts needed and can be picked up cheap. Tag sales are another great source for materials.

The idea behind the home biodiesel refinery is to save money and the environment. Gas prices are finally starting to come down but with the threat of running out of oil looming above us, some citizens have taken to making their own fuel to cut the cost of a gallon of fuel in half, and save the environment from damage from gas spills, fumes and damage to the ozone layer. The refinery can be small enough to fit in the corner of your garage, or large enough to take up the whole garage, providing fuel for family, friends and neighbors. You can start building one today and be up and running this weekend!

Finding the main ingredient in biodiesel is probably the easiest part of preparing a home refinery. Used vegetable oil can be found at many nearby family and fast food restaurants. The size of the operation you are assembling will determine the amount of used cooking oil needed and how it will be transported. For a larger operation having a truck with a vacuum tank will be the most efficient. For a smaller operation, 5 gallon pails may suffice to pick up the oil. The operation of the home builders in pa will be under the budget of the person. The preparing of the home refinery will be as per the requirement of the business. 

If you choose to use a vacuum tank, try to find one with a spigot at the bottom, or assemble one so that you can allow the cooking oil to settle right in the transport tank and then eliminate water and food particles out the bottom of the tank. If you use pails instead, you can just poor the cooking oil into the reaction tank after allowing the pail to settle. The water at the bottom can be tossed as you would any other water.

For the actual home refinery, there is no right or wrong way to assemble the processor. Set up can be in the corner of a garage, or an old yard shed. Wherever you chose to set up and store your materials should be away from children and pets; preferably in a place that locks.

Home Biodiesel Refinery 3

Two main tanks are needed for the process. The larger the operation the larger the tank, but for the average English, American, Canadian family, two 50 gallon drums will work just fine. Again, these can be found at a junkyard or auctions, etc. In addition to the tanks you will need a filter for the first tank as well as a mixer, but more on that in a minute. The second tank is your storage tank and is also easy to assemble. This is where you store the finished product so if you plan on mixing a lot at once and storing it, you may need a larger tank.

Start by placing the two drums within close proximity to each other. The first drum will be the reaction tank. This is where the used vegetable oil will be strained for large food pieces and the necessary chemicals methanol and lye will be added.

Using a filter (up to 50 micron is fine for this stage) over the opening will strain your vegetable oil as it enters the reaction tank. The filter should be easy to remove and clean to rid the screen of the food particles that separated out.

This tank must have a closed lid with a stirrer suspended into the tank. You can use an old paint mixer or even a hand mixer that you find cheap (for a smaller operation) and build a lid for the tank yourself. Make sure you can see inside through a piece of Plexiglas for example, and be able to lift the lid easily for adding chemicals. Always wear safety gear when adding the chemicals. The lid should also allow for a chemical pump that will pump the product into the next tank once the mix is finished.

Next to the storage tank; you will need your storage tank to store the diesel and dispense it when ready. Again, this can be an old drum or tank that you pickup at the junkyard or tag sale. The top of this tank should allow for the reaction tank to pump into it the final product, as well as have a dispenser to pump the product out, and into a vehicle. You can find an old pump online or at a junkyard.

To make sure there are no remaining small food particles, a 5 micron filter should be installed so that the oil from the reaction tank is filtered one last time for any small particles as it enters the storage tank.

If the tank does not have a spigot at the bottom, this is okay but the spigot would be helpful. Plumbing in a spigot is fairly easy and cheap and allows for any remaining water that snuck into the batch to be drained out again before pumping into your car.

The last part of the refinery is using the biodiesel in your car, truck, tractor, or boat. The cost of the actual refinery depends on where and how you come up with the parts, or if you buy everything new. Because the vegetable oil is free, the cost is only for the other two main ingredients methanol and lye. In the end, your cost per gallon will average $0.60 to $0.90! The future of biodiesel can start right in your own garage.

Home Biodiesel Refinery

Top 10 Conversation Mistakes

Not all people are comfortable in social situations. There are some who are gifted with excellent social skills, while others struggle with being socially awkward at best. The good news is that it is not too late to improve your conversation skills. It will take hard work, practice and time, but it is possible.

Most people don’t realize that we commit the same social faux pas every day. To improve your conversation skills, here is a list of 10 things not to do.

Not Listen

Don’t eagerly await your turn to talk in a conversation, but actually listen to what the person is saying instead of just hearing it.

Start an Interrogation

While it is acceptable to ask an occasional question, don’t bombard the person you are talking to with an endless string of questions. Instead, try mixing it up between questions and statements.

Hog the Limelight

It is not pleasant to hear one person rant and conduct a one-sided conversation. You have to pass the mic sometimes and step aside to let others have their chance to shine.

Play the I am better than you game.

As tempting as it may be, don’t verbally compare your greatness to others, don’t. Keep in mind that you are in a conversation and not a competition. No one has to outdo the other.

Check your Phone

Technology has become part of our everyday lives, and some people feel as if they can not live without it. It is considered extremely rude to check your phone during a conversation, so unless it is a life or death situation, keep your phone in your pocket, purse, etc.

Young couple making a toast

Change the topic to suit your interest

Everyone has their topic of interest, but they are different for different people. The current topic may be boring, but allow the conversation to naturally progress to a different topic.

Be Boring

Be prepared at all times to change the topic if it is starting to become boring or run out of momentum. Don’t ramble on for 10 minutes straight about something no one cares about. Focus on positive topics that leave room for subject changes.

Not appeal to your audience

Not to say do not be yourself, but be the version that is appropriate for the current social situation. Things you talk to your friends about may not be appropriate discussion material for your boss or someone you just met. This also includes the use of profanity.

Not participating

Invest in the conversation. Do not just stand there and simply nod your head and answer with short and choppy statements. Ask questions and make relevant comments. Also, have good body language. Encourage the person with smiles, eye contact and appropriate facial expressions.


Let the person finish their statement or thought before you butt in. Don’t cut the other person off because that shows you have no interest in hearing what they have to say. Just listen. Then when the time is right, comment.

The aforementioned points will surely help you in not only creating new relations but also mending broken ones as well as they are tried and tested formulae and if applied and followed through correctly, it will surely give you success in your endeavors. For more information, you can always try out the okcupid dating app from your playstore for better information regarding relationship conversations and how to make things going.

Top 5 Tech Gadgets For Your Road Trip

Well, it’s that time again, time to plan for the big road trip. You know that you have a bunch of tech gadgets for road trips in mind, things that you must have. Well, there are a few that were just released and you might want to consider taking them for a ride. The great thing about a road trip is making sure that you’ve got all the bases covered when you board the plane, get in the car or on the bus so that you can get down to business, or fun. Either way, this list of new toys is essential tech gadgets for road trips, and since you’re planning one you should read on.

These top 5 gadgets are loaded with amazing features and several customization options that will make it really easier for you to use them. Along with you also have https://www.dfydaily.com/

Where you get to see how you can use these amazing gadgets efficiently on your own.


Powermat: Charge it!

Wherever you go, whatever you do you will have at least two or three mobile devices with you and you are going to need to charge them. All of the adaptors and all of the cords. Oops… Forgot one? Well, the Powermat puts an end to all of that. Just plug it in and put your devices on the surface and they charge automatically. The unit can charge almost any device you own and can charge up to three at a time, with a forth that you can plug into the universal adaptor. It’s just too simple, but this by your hotel bedside table and put your phone, iPod, etc… down just like you always do. $99.00

Pocket Projector: + iPhone = Family Vacation Pics Forever!

We all remember with fondness the long hours in front of the projector watching the family vacation slides go by… Well, maybe not. Nevertheless, with the 3M Mpro 150, you have the power of a projector in your pocket. If you are on a road trip, you cannot afford to be without this. What if you happen on the CIO of Big Inc. and he is in the mood to listen to your idea? Imagine if you whip this little wonder out of your pocket and hook up your iPhone to fire up the big presentation, instant sale. Unless, of course, you left the family’s vacation pics running.

TiVit: Watch TV on Your Phone

Whether you are on your way to a conference in Boston or a Yankee’s game, you might just need to catch a TV show. Rather than finding a bar and fighting for the remote, you can just tune in your iPhone or netbook to the local DTV broadcast (not while you’re driving!). This amazing little unit is one of the ideal tech gadgets for road trips. Using the new mobile TV standard, you can tune in the local DTV stations on your phone or netbook, iPad, or whatever. Long bus ride anyone? Available for $120.00


Zomm: Where is Your Phone?

It never happens to you, but you do know “someone else” who has run back to the hotel in a panic looking for your, er ah… “Their” phone, right? Well, that is a thing of the past with the Zomm. This is a brilliant must-have road trip tech product. It is a Bluetooth leash for your mobile. Once attached you hook your keys on and drop it in your pocket. Then when you, oops… “They” forget to pick up the phone on the way out the door and the device alerts you-“them”-that the phone is getting farther away. The nice thing about this is that it could also be used as a speakerphone and, and… A 911 panic button! Just hit the panic button and your phone will call for help. Pre-order now for just $80.00


Que: Tough, Light and Still Funny to Read.

We all end up with stacks of printouts, documents and other reading material on road trips. So doesn’t it make sense to have a tech gadget for road trips that end that mountain of paper? Well, this does. With up to 8gigs of internal storage and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G you can settle back on the plane or the backseat and catch up on your business reading. Or maybe the funnies, yeah? Starting at $649.00

Drinking Cup Varieties

Cups serve different purposes in different countries. Certain types of cups are more popular in some countries because of the culture’s beverage of choice or drinking traditions. A cup can be made from different materials depending on its purpose. Cups also come in different shapes, sizes and designs to suit a person’s style, or drinking habits. There are several types of drinking cups to consider.

Coffee Cups

The coffee cup is found in most households. It comes in various styles, shapes and sizes. A coffee cup is generally made of ceramic to withstand cold to hot temperature changes. It features a sturdy handle to safely hold hot coffee; however, people also use coffee cups to drink other beverages such as warm milk or hot chocolate. The coffee cup is also a popular item to give as a present. People give coffee cups to friends or co-workers, couples, parents and they can even be personalized with phrases or pictures. You can also compliment these cups with the best coffee maker in the market. You can see some 5 cup coffee maker reviews to help you find the best one for you.


Tea Cups

Tea cups from around the world vary in shape, size and decoration. A tea cup may seem like a small version of a coffee cup at first glance; however, the detailing and design of a tea cup is more delicate. Tea cups can be made of ceramic, clay, glass or porcelain and usually have painted designs with flowers, gold or silver accents and even poems. Tea-drinking customs vary depending on the country. For instance, in the western world tea is served in cups that have a handle, whereas in certain Chinese regions tea is served in handle-less cups.

Sake Cups

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made of rice, known in America as rice wine. Sake can be served cold or hot, depending on the sake brew and the person’s personal taste. It is served in vessels called choko or ochoko. Ochoko’s are typically ceramic and cylindrical; however, flatter shaped sake cups also exist. In Japan the type of cup used to drink sake depends on the occasion. In America, some Japanese restaurants may serve sake in shot glass-looking cups.

Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are for babies and young children. A sippy cup has a snap- or screw-on lid with a spout to allow children to drink without spilling. Sippy cups can come with or without handles depending on your preference, or on your child’s needs or age. This type of cup is ideal to help babies transition from bottle-feeding or nursing to drinking from regular cups. A sippy cup is generally made of hard plastic and can come in various colors, shapes and designs.


Disposable Cups

Disposable cups can be made of plastic, paper, or polystyrene (styrofoam). People usually use these cups when hosting parties, or gatherings for large groups of people. The upside of using disposable cups is that you can select from a wide variety of designs, sizes and themes depending on what you are using them for. The downside of using disposable cups is that they may end up polluting the environment if you don’t recycle them. The responsible approach when using disposable cups is to recycle them, or reuse them for crafts, gardening or other activities.

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