Safeguarding Your Privacy

Perhaps you are one of the many people plagued by debt collectors who won’t let go. Maybe your ex is a maniac or you have obsessive fans or frenemies. A whole industry has sprung up to build a wall between you and pests.

With the growing rise of search engine technology, post office boxes become more useful than ever. Why publicize your home address to the growing club of weirdos when you can obtain a post office box for less than $100.00 a year? Post office boxes can be paid for six months at a time after your first year, and they can be a real life-saver if you like to E-bay or write controversial opinion pieces. Keep stalkers, “fans”, disgruntled buyers and assorted loons at bay.

Small businesses purchase prestige cheaply through services like mailboxes etc. These companies give you the shipping clerk you never had or even better, access to a prestigious address without the high rents. For many years an independent publicist of my acquaintance used a Fifth Avenue address for all of her business mail while actually working out of a comfortable Forest Hills apartment with help from a couple of part timers attending a nearby college.


Disposable phone numbers. Tired of an endless array of manic bill collectors who insist that the Pakistani terrorists who bilked them out of millions are actually in hiding under your couch along with the dust bunnies? Why waste your time when you can waste theirs? Dump your telephone number with its oh so reachable convenience for kooks, cranks and assorted malcontents. Welcome to the world of tossable digits et. al. For a convenient fee you can create multiple numbers that ring at your office, cell, or home. The numbers can be screened, the hours at which your phone will ring can be controlled and you can live your life in piece. If the number starts becoming annoying, get a new one.

Plagued by would-be Lotharios who won’t take no for an answer? In the city that never sleeps, you can blow off anyone you would prefer not to sleep with. Meet the official New York rejection line. That’s right, the number one number for cowards everywhere.

Security Shield Protection Privacy Network Concept

Are you sick of data-gathering websites that demand you register before your single, one-time use? Baffle them with bugmenot.com. Users share torguard vpn coupon to help foil the ubiquitous cookie monsters websites.

Are you aware that marketers can now tailor advertisements and offers to you based on your internet connection’s IP address combined with census information? That’s right children, if you come from a downscale census tract, Big Brother knows and he won’t waste his best deals on street urchins like you. Proxy servers to the rescue. The big-daddy of them all is anonymizer.com. For just a few shekels you can keep your downscale dive a mystery.

Fantastic Reasons For You To Download And Install PC Games Today

You probably wonder why people can’t stop raving about PC games. GTA 5, for example, have been released many years ago, and people are still talking about GTA 5 mods PS4 among other GTA info. That is actually because of the big perks games give to people. And people are enjoying such perks today. 




What Benefits do PC Games Offer to People? 

When you download and install PC games, you’d enjoy these perks right away: 

  1. Relieve Stress  gaming is a great stress reliever especially for employees and students. Whether it’s action-packed RPG or simple solitaire, games can make you feel happy and relax. That’s primarily because it acts as a reward item for your body. Much like what you feel when eating your favorite food. 
  2. Improve Mental Condition  studies show that games boost mental condition in many ways. That includes memory retention, cognition, strategy formulation, critical thinking, as well as hand-eye coordination among many other mind points. And you can use such boosts in real life situation, whether at home, school or office. 
  3. Millions of Options available – there are millions of games for PC available for download, and the list is continuously getting longer by the moment. Surely, you’d spot one or few which match your preferences perfectly. For example, you can choose by genre, gaming type and even console among other factors. And if you want games for PC, you can use them in your laptop or desktop computer. 
  4. Enjoy with Friends – of course, you can play PC games together with your family and friends as well. Two player or multiple player modes are available, so you won’t have a hard time doing it. Moreover, the internet is here for you to play with people online. This means you don’t have to play alone, and you can certainly expect to have a lot of fun. 




Games are fascinating form of beneficial entertainment. Find the best one for your PC now, and enjoy the perks it can give you. 

Review of Call of Duty World At War

Call of Duty World at War is a return to the World War two setting. The game covers the pacific while the player plays as the United States, and the game also covers the European war while the player plays as the Soviet Union against the Nazi’s. It is quite strategic in nature when compared to judi online baccarat and other similar games.

The first category I rated was the graphics and the audio. I rated this a 22 out of 25 because unlike the other Call of Duty games, this offers a brighter and nicer map set along with great level brightness on the story mode. The image quality is nothing to complain about and same is so for the audio.

I gave the gameplay a 22 out of 25 also because the story mode is great considering the fact that they cannot change what happens very much because this is set in the past during World War two. There are no problems with the controller and the controls that are located on the controller are the same as on the previous Call of Duty games.


Another section that I graded was the creativity. I gave the creativity a 20 out of 25 because the game setting in World War two does not offer the creators much flexibility. I liked the realism of it but that does not show creativity. The only thing that does show creativity is the Nazi Zombie mode which you unlock when you finish the game. This is actually incredible creativity but nothing else does. Nazi Zombies is game mode that goes through stages that get harder and harder. Nazi Zombies attempt to attack you and break into your safe house in a foggy scene. This game is playable in 1-4 players mode. It is also available online.

The last section that I graded was the fun factor. I gave it a 22 out of 25. I graded it this way because of its online play and long lasting fun. I played this game all the way up until the release of the next game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. In the game you can rank up to higher levels and unlock weapons to use along with perks. If you do not have Xbox live this game may not be so fun because all there is is the campaign and the Nazi Zombies mode. Just like all the other Call of Duty games do not get this game unless you have Xbox live. You are lucky to have this game for the PS3, PC, or Wii because you will not have to pay for online gaming.


Call of Duty World at War proved to me to be a good game that is worth the money. But this is only if you have Xbox live or if you plan on buying this game for PS3, PC, or Wii. Although if you are planning to buy this game for anything other than the Xbox 360 you should know that online will be less of a challenge because I hear constantly that online for PS3 especially is incredibly easier. If you like World War two you should buy the game.

Understanding when will Hiring Processes Begin

Before you start looking for a job, it’s wise to know if there’s something to expect first.Yes, you can find local recruitment agencies or บริษัทนำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว. But if there’s no significant job listing available, you can’t have a good chance landing on a job. 

Statistically speaking, nobody is hiring. (If less than 2% of companies in your area have openings, then that is statistically insignificant, and is equal to “nobody is hiring” in the eyes of anyone actually needing a job.) A recent United Business Media story, “Finance Pros Don’t See U.S. Companies Hiring Until 2011″, 25% of companies say they won’t even return to their pre-recession staffing levels until 2011. Thirty percent of U.S. companies said they do not expect that they will ever return to the levels they had before the recession. 

The entire country is hurting, companies are still laying off, unemployment is still going up (no matter what lies you hear from our representatives in D.C.), and unemployment insurance (in many states) is running out of money. 

Creation of government jobs doesn’t count. Period. Using tax money to create government jobs isn’t even robbing Peter to pay Paul; it’s robbing Peter to pay Peter. When it is optimistically reported we should be happy that unemployment grew by the smallest amount in a long time, they’re deliberately obfuscating the point that unemployment still grew. 


Slowly, people around the country are beginning to realize something. Oh, not the major news outlets, of course. To them, anything done to further the cause of statism is noble and good, no matter who gets hurt. But the people who work, who make things, and who matter in this country are starting to realize that spending tax money for wealth is like screwing for virginity, or perhaps eating more bacon to promote heart health. 

The stock market crash on October 29, 1929 caused a severe recession. The “Great Depression”, however, didn’t start until 1931 — two years later. Recession was driven into depression by spending the country into record debt, by FDR. This isn’t just my opinion; this is from hundreds of published professional economists like Paul Davidson, Gregg Lewis, Milton Friedman, Edward Elgar, Julian Simon, and many more. Yes, I know that we were all taught in school that FDR was a great man who saved the world. Ask yourself who taught you that, and what they have to gain by it. 

All throughout history, in every instance where a government has tried to artificially influence the status and flow of a national economy, that economy has been damaged — often destroyed. The Caesars of Rome tried it; the Roman Empire is no more. Stalin tried it; the U.S.S.R. is no more. The Weimar Republic tried it; ditto. Even Jimmy Carter tried to just nudge it a little, and the U.S. ended up with home loan interest rates of 15%, and dragging the entire planet into a recession. 

The U.S. is not the only major influence on the global economy that it once was, but it is still certainly one of the top few. 


It is not within the power of any government to artificially improve any economy. Notice, I didn’t say it’s not within their authority; I said within their power. It is simply not possible. Let me say it another way, just in case it wasn’t clear. It is not within the scope of ability of any government, of any kind, anywhere, to artificially improve any national economy, ever. Fiddling with an economy can only harm it, while the only thing that can improve any economy is a well-regulated (but loosely-regulated) free market. 

Sweden, the most successfully socialized country in modern times, with socialized medicine, socialized education through PhD, socialized paid maternity leave, and the possibility of paid retirement at age 45, has socialized everything but sex, and that may be next. But Sweden is smart enough not to mess with their economy. 

This isn’t a right vs left issue, and it isn’t a Republican versus Democrat issue. It’s a Statist vs. freedom issue. Republicans want to take away your social freedoms. Democrats want to take away your financial freedoms. 

Shame on anyone who still believes that those are the only two choices available. 

Composite Decks- Quite Useful If Utilized Properly

There is nothing like an excellent get together with friends to spend quality time together to even things up a bit in order to get a much needed rest from office work. The house looks like nothing short of paradise after a day’s hardwork and one would like nothing more than to burst in, slump over on the bed and go to sleep.


The house, from the outside, looks good on the eyes with the color, size, texture and area. The lawns are lush green with grass and if regularly watered, look like an epitome of greenery.

But, still some important ingredients are missing, aren’t they? There is this one thing that can serve as an excellent alternative on the ground to make it look shiny and attractive.

Composite Decks For Better Looks

The deck will certainly act as a finishing touch by giving the house a royal look from the outside and encourage more and more guests to come over every now and then on some pretext or the other.

To put it simply, composite decks are basically recycled wood or plastic that are designed in such a manner that it makes the house worth seeing again and again. The wood also has a low maintenance cost in case of any damage.


Here are certain advantages of composite decks:

  • As they are recycled in nature, they make the environment less polluted and are termed by people as eco composite decking.
  • It saves us from time consuming things like painting, stains and dirt. They only require occasional cleaning with soap
  • They are able to sustain for a longer period of time without any negative impact and the scrap and plastic can be reclaimed from various items
  • The price may be higher initially, but the maintenance helps in making it survive for atleast 5 more years

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Casino Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi

On the eastern edge of the mainland, on the inlet to the back bay of Biloxi, MS, is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant. Planning began in 2000 but ran into many roadblocks including recalcitrant planning officials and tropical storms. Obtaining final approval in 2011, the project began with an anticipated opening in 2012 under the supervision of pkv games that has created a massive potential resulted in vaster audience base around the globe. The casino resort opened in May of 2012. As with all new projects in Biloxi, it is high off the ground to protect against storm surge during future storms. Rather than building on stilts as many builders do, the building has a breakaway first floor that can be swept away in a storm surge and leave the superstructure undamaged. It has 68,000 square feet of gambling, eating, and entertainment.

A large parking area is on the landward side of the facility. Unlike earlier boat based casinos in Mississippi, this resort is built on land. The entrance on the western ground level leads directly to escalators that take you to the main floor. Tucked under the escalators are elevators.


When you arrive on the main floor you are directly in front of Margaritaville Restaurant. Just to the left and up a short flight of steps the patron is in front of a bar where a large clock is displayed and set so that at anytime it is “five o’clock right here.”

The restaurant spreads out into a large, airy space that seats 400. The menu is light and offers reasonably priced daily meal specials in addition to such specialties as “Spinach and Artichoke Dip”, “Volcano Chili”, and “Jimmy’s Jammin’ Jambalaya”.

On the north side of the restaurant is a stairway that leads up to a seating and viewing area that is open to the bay and to the Marina that will be open in the spring of 2013. When Landshark Landing amp; Marina opens, it will feature a variety of food and drink, floating docks that will accommodate vessels up to 130 feet, and a seating area for outdoor entertainment.

The view from both levels of the restaurant and the Marina is spectacular. It includes the Back Bay and the bridge that spans the bay inlet between Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

The exit/entrance of the restaurant area faces the casino. Gaming machines in denominations from $.01 up through $25 satisfy the needs of video aficionados. Table games are located in the center of this area. There are 12 blackjack tables, a roulette wheel, 2 craps table, and 2 tables with specialty game. Betting limits on the table games begin at $5.00.


Palm trees are scattered throughout the casino and provide a tropical atmosphere. The music on the speaker system is Jimmy Buffett Caribbean and lends to the festive atmosphere.

On the north side of the casino is the Cashier’s Cage and the Players’ Club. Registration at the Players’ Club has benefits that include some free money with which to play the games.

At the western end of the casino is the Feeding Frenzy Buffet and the Events Center. These two locations are separated by a bar with video poker in the bar top. The buffet is a rather small room that can easily be expanded into the Events Center when space is needed. Specialty items on the buffet line include grilled pineapple at the carving station, a variety of cheese quesadillas, and a dessert area that is being continuously replenished with new and delectable items.

Unlike most of the casino resorts in Biloxi, Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant does not have a hotel. However, there are luxurious hotels within a few blocks.

Best Kids’ Movies Of All The Time

Children love to go to the movies! You should make sure that if you do take your child to the movies, it is to a kid-friendly one. Many times you would think that because a movie was rated ‘G’ or even ‘PG’ that it is a kid-friendly movie. That is not always the case.

Why is that? That is because there are a lot of movies out these days that have very adult themes to them. These are not necessarily themes that include sex or drugs; however they are still adult in content other ways. Sometimes these themes are very clear. Other times they may be a lot more subtle, however the point is still fairly clear. Often times these themes may include things that you think that your child will not understand. However, in time they certainly will. That may not always be a good thing either.

Kids are so movie savvy that they no longer require the regular tom and jerry flicks or MGM cartoons on television, but have moved on to Charlie and the chocolate factory, baby’s day out and other flicks and to say that adult movies are fare for the day is true only to a certain extent and not yet become a norm. Child movies are still popular and have a loyal audience of their own that are not limited to kids. If you want a good children’s movie you can log onto cyberflix tv and enjoy such classics with a sense of nostalgia.


So, how can you tell whether a movie is kid-friendly or not? One way to tell is what movie company puts it out. For instance, Disney puts out a lot more movies that are great for kids than any other company! Other companies do make kids movies as well, you just may have to do more research on them. Where and how can you do research on a movie? You can actually do a lot of research online.

There are several web sites that will give you a guide as well as an insiders’ look on a lot of movies that come out. These can be very helpful! Where else can you look? You can also look at certain magazines. For example, World magazine is a really good place to get reviews on movies! Why is this? This is because World magazine puts out a full and very detailed review of what is in the movie. Also, they include an interview with the director where they discuss the underlying themes that are involved in the movies’ plot. This can be very helpful. There are a lot of other magazines that review movies as well. When you go to get the scoop on a movie, just make sure that your source tells the truth and is also unbiased. After all, everyone has different opinions.


Your children should be able to live in innocence. This does not mean however, that you should shelter them in any way. If you shelter your child too much that can be harmful as well. This is because when your child is too sheltered they may want to go the other direction. Finding a good and decent balance is very important for your children and their upbringing.

What is the bottom line here? The bottom line is to just use discretion when you show your child a movie. If you need opinions you can look at magazines. What if you are still having trouble deciding? You can go see it for yourself first. Sometimes that is the only way to get the real idea behind a movie.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is supposedly the “holy grail” of RPGs and if you are someone who loved Baldur’s Gate  amp; Neverwinter Nights, then just go out and buy the game now otherwise read on.

DA: Origins allows you play 3 races (elf,human,dwarf) and 3 classes(warrior,rogue,mage) which you pick from the start of the game and the race/class you pick will determine one of the 6 introductions in the story. The introduction though will last you less than an hour then you go into the “real story” which is wiping out the darkspawn. The story is somewhat linear, although you get to choose the order of places that you visit it doesn’t really matter that much as the story will still progress in the same path which will mean you vs the darkspawn. There are other things you can do like get into a romance your characters and it affects the ending of the game but alas only the ending is affected. What is more important is how you respond to the people you talk to which can lead some people in your party to like you, some to hate you, some people to help you and so on. And you can’t be the guy who is liked by everyone, it just wont happen.


Dragon age is one game that will take you on a roller coaster ride of different races and is entertainment at its best where you get to learn new techniques everyday that is a must for becoming an expert, which may take a certain period of time. Its quite a better alternative compared to wasting time searching for Situs Judi Online and becoming a gambler, which is considered to be the first step in the path of destruction as gambling is something that makes you forget right and wrong as it is a weakness quite hard to forego easily.

Lets talk about side quests. There are so many side quests in the game that if you took the time to do all the side quests and compared it to the actual story the difference between the two won’t be that large. What’s great about the side quests is that the story will still progress even if you don’t do the any of them and you’ll only miss out on a few things (by few things i mean some armor and the dog) but they are rewarding in the sense that you earn exp from doing the quests, so there’s a pretty good incentive for doing side quests but the game doesn’t punish you from not doing it either.

What about character customization? Well this part is where DA:Origins sort of lacks for me, while you have free reign as to how you can distribute your attributes, the game sort of “wants” you to place them at certain places for certain classes. The game goes as far as even telling you which class “benefits” the most from the attributes and even though you can choose the “abilities” that your character gets along with the “talents/spells” there are too little choices to choose from and you’ll most prolly end up having characters who have similar builds.


Fun factor? Well this is where it shines for me,you control a party of 4 which you control 1 at a time while the others move based on AI tactics that you assigned to them and you can switch between all the members of your party at any given time. Now this allows you to pull off some great and might i add fun combos in the game, imagine being able to freeze your enemies then switching to your melee character and doing a critical hit that shatters and kills your enemy, fun right? and there are alot of combos that you can do which really means you can dispose of your enemies in any way you wish.

Difficulty curve? The game starts of easy, stays easy until the midpoint of the game then, gets slightly harder towards the end. Being a role playing/strategy game I was slightly disturbed that towards the end of the game the enemies dont get harder to beat because they’re genuine hard to beat, its only because theres alot of them. Which somehow reduces most boss fights into “kill the little ones, then go for the big one” instead of figuring out how to kill the boss using tactics and spells. Nevertheless it was able to be fun and not too easy and the option to change the difficulty in the middle of the game might be useful for some people.


Overall its something I would recommend to the average gamer, one playthrough will be enough but its worth a second(even third,forth etc) playthrough not just to get different endings/introductions but also to play the game in a different way altogether (ie using brains instead of brawn). So yes its a great game, now go buy it 🙂

How To Make Money With Small Niche Websites Without Any Hassle

You will also learn how to generate good content for the site to optimize it for search engines along with setting up your ads.

  1. Design and Build your Site

Now that you have found, researched, and developed your monetization plan for your niche, it’s time to actually design and build your small niche website. You want to create a fairly basic, professional, and clean looking website. To start you want the site to have a good header. Just find the logo for your product and add something to the logo like the “Crazy Limo Fan Site.”

Even if you don’t know much about design yourself that is Ok. Small Niche Websites should be fairly basic and visitors want information more than an amazing looking website. For these small niche sites, I would suggest using WordPress to design the site. Search engines love WordPress and they are naturally SEO friendly. And of course, it takes a lot of the design work and time out of the equation.
work-731198_640 (1)

I would recommend finding a web host that has Cpanel as the control panel. It will usually come with a program called Fantastico that allows you to install WordPress in one-click. That will save you a lot of time. If you do a little research it won’t be hard to find some decent and cheap web hosting.

You also want to keep in mind while you are designing the site where you are going to place your ads. You don’t want to design the site and find out that there is no room for your ads.

In addition to all this, you can create a database of all your potential clients as you find email address and connect with them at regular intervals of time. This is how you get to improve the sales of your website along with building healthy relations with your consumers. 

  1. Generate Content and SEO

The next step once you have designed the layout of your site is creating the actual content. When creating your content you always need to have SEO in mind.

You are probably wondering where you are going to find all the content for your website. The best place to find content for your niche site is Wikipedia. When you go looking for information on Wikipedia, make sure not to copy and paste! Google hates it and your search engine ranking will crash. What you need to do is put all of the information you gather from Wikipedia into your own words. It’s actually quite easy and won’t take you long at all.


Again, when you are writing make sure to be thinking about SEO. Whatever your keywords are, such as Crazy Limo, use them as much as possible as you are writing the content. You also want to include them in your header tags. If you aren’t a writer and are worried about that aspect, don’t. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The visitors to your site just want information and hopefully, you can get them to click your ads.

The only other thing you will need to do that will help the SEO of your niche site is to create backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site from other websites. It won’t take long to create a good number of backlinks.

– Post on related forums. If your site is about a game, find forums about that game/game console and make some posts. Include a link to your site in your signature. Make sure not to spam sites with your link!

– Comment on related blogs. Find blogs about your subject and comment. Just make sure to include your link and remember, no spamming.

– Take advantage of social networking. Submit your site to social networking sites such as Digg and even Myspace.

  1. Setup your Ads

Setting up your ads is the last thing you need to do before getting ready to launch your small niche website.

The first step is to put up Google Adsense as it’s very quick and easy. Make sure that you edit the colors to your site so that they blend in. Once the Adsense is on your site, be sure to add a URL channel to your Adsense so that you can keep up with your ad impressions and click-through rates for the site.


Once you have an Adsense setup, it’s time to set up your affiliate links. You should add this to a separate page on the site so that it looks like a store. If you use Commission Junction, just set up the products you found that relate to your product on the page. Visitors to the site will click on the product and be sent to a secure site where they can make their purchase, and that is when you collect your commission. You don’t have to do anything after you set up the links as far as shipping, etc. Just sit back and wait for your commission.

  1. Setup DNS

The only thing left to do at this point is to point your domain to your new web host. Just login to your domain registrar and change the nameservers from the registrar to the web hosts. It will take up to a couple of days for the domain to resolve to your new host and for the site to be live.

There you have it, all you need to know to build and make some great money with small niche websites! As long as you follow the steps I have outlined, you’ll be well on your way to making money!

Modafinil – A perfect medication!!!

There are so many prescription drugs are available and Modafinil is one of them. Such fantastic drug comes with interesting history. This particular medicine developed in the France by 1980. Such medicine is approved by FDA in 1996. It is considered as one of the most popular sleep-disorder medication.  It is considered as profitable medication than adderall and Viagra. Provigil has become a one of the most popular agent.   Modafinil has a pro histamine mechanism which is creating the positive impact on the health. This particular fantastic medicine is already used by the soldiers of the US who had to awake for a lot of days.

th (3)

Modafinil is one of the great medicines because it is improving the brain power. There are some fictional brain boosters are available that completely depends on the Modafinil. Let’s discuss vital information related to the Modafinil.

  • Expensive prescription

As per researchers, Modafinil was one of the most popular expensive prescriptions. Such medicine is fairly five time expensive than cialis pills and Viagra. You will find a lot of people cannot afford the Modafinil that’s why they are investing money in the adrafinil.  These are two great drugs that come with same pharmacological effects. It is considered as one of the great smart drugs that will able to eradicate the sleep related issue from the life. It will surley able to improve the focus on the mental work.

  • Fatigue

Majority of the folks are making the use Modafinil that will surely improve the wakefulness. If you are one who is suffering from the chronic conditions and disease then you should invest money in the Modafinil.

Moving Further, Modafinil is one of the great medicines that is offering considerable amount of health benefits. It will surely able to eradicate the chronic disease from the life.


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