Pokemon Go After The Hype: Still A Great Experience

Pokemon Go After The Hype: Still A Great Experience

Niantic has almost broken the gaming grounds after dropping the Pokemon GO game for the iOS and Android platforms. First few weeks this Pokemon GO augmented reality based game had literally broken all the previous records of smartphone gaming history; and probably even the console histories to some extent. However, it’s been quite a long time since the Pokemon GO game was launched and things have change quite a lot. People’s hype has started fading out in some extent because the game only offered the option to catch Pokemons and hatch the eggs; which would turn out boring after a while for most people. However, if you haven’t played Pokemon GO yet you might try installing through Pokemon GO APK from some provider, or directly download the game from Google Play Store on an Android device.

Pokemon GO: What’s the Hype All About


Pokemon games used to be highly popular among the 90s kids; in fact those are the ones who love the Pokemon GO app most because it’s a good way to reminiscent the past. However, in the previous iterations of the console games, there was only limited features due to the obvious reason – technology wasn’t very advanced. But right now, this Pokemon GO app is based on augmented reality. It requires having a great smartphone and a faster internet connection.

The user has to explore the Pokemon world by actually walking around in a neighborhood, so there’s no playing this game sitting at home. Once a Pokemon is found on the map, the phone would augment that Pokemon into the real life objects around a player and user can catch the Pokemon by throwing a Pokeball at it.

Also, to hatch eggs users would need to do some extensive workout like walking 10 kilometers; etc.


All these hype were related to the popularity of the Pokemon anime which has been a kids’ favorite since very long ago.


Above all the notes, remember that Pokemon GO would drain the phone’s battery to a great extent as well. But indeed, it’s a great experience to catch ‘em all in an augmented reality!

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