Some Of The Popular Sports In The World

Some Of The Popular Sports In The World

What does sport mean to you? Is it just a game or is it your passion? Well if it is your passion then this is definitely the right place to be. When I say passion then I am just not talking about playing the game but I am also talking about all those fans that follow the game passionately and are loyal supporters of their teams and players. Many fans are into betting too and bet on the odds of the results of the games. Well you can do that on the online betting website called motobola. You can go here to put your money on your favourite team and who knows that you might actually end up winning something.


Football is most played and watched game all over the world. It attracts millions of viewers and sports persons due to the popularity of the game. The game has grown to become a major sport in so many continents since it was started in the 1800’s in the colleges and streets of England. The great footballers are icons all over the world and are respected all over the world. Recently football has seen an even large growth with the advent of technology that the investors have grown a lot in the last 10 years. The costliest player is worth more than a mission to the moon! With such a large crowd and fans, people from all around the world are also interested in joining the sport more now due to the number of honours and the extravagant lifestyle that is enjoyed by the footballers.



This sport can be dubbed as the next big thing in the world of sports. Already a big part of the culture in many European countries and America, this highly entertaining sport has a very bright future with the amount of fans increasing all over the word. The yearly NBA is the most famous version of the sport. It is a basketball tournament held in America amongst teams that represent the various regions of the country. Their sport icons are role models for people in the States and all over with the basket ballers always expected to be in their best shape possible in the highly physical game.



Another sport that was developed by the English and is still played in the countries that were once colonized by them. Even though this sport is played in a limited amount of countries, it is growing slowly and has attracted a lot of new participants since the success of the IPL. The Indian Premier League is a league of Cricket where matches are played between clubs representing the prominent cities of India. You can see famous cricketers from all over the world play the most exciting format of cricket, for two months to the win the IPL trophy. Slowly slowly the awareness is increasing and we can see various countries like Canada, USA and Afghanistan trying to get into the sport.

We should encourage our children to get into sports and contrary to popular belief there is obviously huge opportunity in sports.

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