Real Love – How To Know Your Partner Loves You

Do my partner and I have what’s called “real love“?

Almost anyone who’s ever been in a romantic relationship has had the unsettling question of what real love is cross their mind at one time or another, even when they are really close with their partner and are using Viagra while getting intimate with them. And, the nagging doubts about your partner’s real love for you can be amplified even further, especially when they have a history of being flirty or unfaithful.

It’s tough when you can’t actually be sure if your partner’s love for you is real or fake!

If you’re in this unpleasant situation, I guess you wish there was some way of working out that your boyfriend or girlfriend is being honest about their feelings for you. Well, there are certain signals you can watch out for that could provide some answers about real love.

Of course, it’s easy enough for them to tell you that they love you, but that’s only lip service! Do they actually mean what they say, or is it a way to fob you off? It can be a ruse just to stop you from hassling them and questioning their true romantic feelings.

Does My Boyfriend or Girlfriend Really Love Me?

There are certain indicators that can show how a person really feels about someone. And, they are revealed in the way they treat you, your feelings, and the people around you. So, next time you get those pangs of doubt and ask yourself if your boyfriend or girlfriend really is in love with you, consider the following points that may help you gain a clearer picture.

How do they treat you when in the company of others?

Do you get the feeling that your partner wants people to think that you’re only “friends”, and there’s no real love or romance involved? You get the idea that they are advertising themselves as ‘still available’, and on the lookout for a better offer.

There’s a real problem if your partner has two sides to their love. One side all ‘lovey-dovey’ and caring when you’re together alone, then the opposite side, cold and “couldn’t care less if you were there or not” type behavior, when you’re out in public.

Someone who’s really in love with you should be able to show it regardless of where you are, or whomever you’re with!

How about showing you respect?

How does your partner talk to you? Does he or she use good manners, you know, do they say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’, etc.? If there’s a lack of common respect shown to you by your partner, then that’s a bad sign.

Anytime your girlfriend or boyfriend does something for you, does she or he expect, or insist, that it’s reciprocated tenfold? This kind of suggests that they see themselves as more important than you and that they need to be repaid for their efforts. This should definitely raise a big, red flag!

How do they treat your family and friends?

Do they try to create a good impression? A partner who genuinely cares about you will try hard to get along with people who are dear to you.

And, while any visions of matrimony may be a long way off, they know that getting off-side with your relatives and friends would be a totally unwise decision.

A boyfriend or girlfriend who shows your friends and family respect is more likely to feel real love for you than one who treats them badly or doesn’t appear to want to be involved with them in any way, shape, or form.

Are you taken for granted? Does your partner care about your feelings or opinions?

Do they think of themselves first, and, if you’re lucky, only consider you when you raise the matter? In other words, so long as they’re happy, that’s all that really counts!

Being taken for granted, or not being appreciated for who you are, and what you do, is not the basis of a healthy relationship. A ‘couple’ means two people, sharing love and respect on an equal footing. There’s no room for a person who is egotistical or selfish.

Summing Up – Does My Partner Really Love Me?

Do negative replies to some of the points mentioned above automatically mean that your partner doesn’t love you? No. However, if a majority of your answers are on the negative side, then you do need to look more closely at how your partner acts in your relationship.

Perhaps the old saying, “ “, could be something you could do well to keep in mind.

While your partner may proclaim their love for you every day, a number of times, in fact, nothing gives away someone’s underlying feelings quite like their actions. And, in all honesty, someone who repeats those three little words, ‘I love you‘, so often, might be doing it in an attempt to brainwash themselves, or you, into believing what they’re saying IS the truth.

When trying to work out if it’s real love, and whether or not your boyfriend or girlfriend truly does care for you, simply take note of what he or she does. By paying attention to their actions, it will give you a much better indication of their true feelings.

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