Residential and Commercial Painting at Chilliwack

Residential and Commercial Painting at Chilliwack

Interior and exterior paintings are what buildings require to get that glossy finish. Commercial work and residential work require a lot of care and dedication as the external look speaks for the quality of the building. With years of experience behind us, we are happy to provide our services at Chilliwack to help you acquire that magical finishing touch.services_painting

Residential Painting

Houses require a lot of rework when it loses its newness. It requires a fresh coat of paint when the existing paint becomes old and frayed. Touching it up with fresh paint and a wee bit of repair here and there restores it to its old glory and makes it ready to face yet another era of life. There are a few customers who would like to repaint their house so that it is fit for resale as it would raise the value of the house. There are yet others who are ready to move into their new homes which require decorative painting with either traditional colors or with a modern and trendy outlook. We offer our services for all these works. We also offer color consultation to give that extra vibe to your house. Look no further than Weiler painting Chilliwack for we are a trusted and reliable residential painting company who are apt at providing the right services within the stipulated time. 

Commercial Painting

Commercial buildings face a lot of damage after a few years of building it. You can trust Weiler painting Chilliwack to help you regain that lost sheen to your commercial building. We specialize in repairing damaged ceilings which is an art by itself as it has to give a good finish which only experienced hands can achieve. We also help to protect building against water damage, smoke damage and yellow ceiling which are common problems faced by commercial properties. Our rates are economical and flexibility to client’s requirement is our specially.

Wooden Cabinets

Wooden cabinets like kitchen cabinets, furniture and shelves deteriorate over time. We offer refinishing options that make these wooden cabinets look new with a good finish. Bathroom cabinets may also require minor rework. We offer to do all these works when we help to paint your house.services_paintingOur in-depth knowledge about our work and our experience speaks for us. You can also refer to our client feedback to know more about our quality of work. We provide the best quality of work at the most affordable rates.

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