Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Hunting is a practice that has been practiced by human since their evolution. The difference in Hunting now is that earlier it was primarily done for food but today, it is one of the activities that people tend to even due for recreation.Snow goose hunting is one such type of hunting that has developed popularity over the last few years.

What is Snow Goose?

Snow goose or blue goose is specie of goose that belongs to North America.They are typically dark born,grey colour birds who were earlier thought to be birds of different species but now they are recognized as morphs of the same bird because of their colour difference.They are often considered the harbingers of changing season who fly down south during the winter season.Like any other birds they travel in a group in a ‘u’ shaped form giving an illusion of a snowstorm.This is the reason they are called as Snow Geese.


Physical Characteristics

Snow Goose are scientifically named as Chen caerulescens and have length of about 70 cm while weigh approximately 2.6 Kgs. Due to their ability of changing colour, they are often referred as the blue geese.

  • Goose hunting is typically practiced in areas of Missouri and South Dakota where they are found in abundance.
  • There are various organisations which specialise in Snow Goose conservation Hunts. A
  • A limitation with this hunting is that it can only be practiced during the spring season as snow gooses are typically spring birds.
  • Moreover, The Spring season allows unplugged guns and adequate extended shooting hours.

Tips to improve your Snow Hunting experience


  • The best to begin the chase is either early morning or during the time of the day for greater possibility of successful hunts
  • All hunting weapons should be removed from sight and the parking vehicle should also be parked at least 500 miles away.
  • The best approach is to target one bird at a time
  • In case there is abundance of snow cover in the ground,wearing a snow camouflaged cloth is a good option.
  • Strictly avoid over calls as they will reduce the possibility of successful hunts.

Hence, if you are a person who enjoys Hunting and wants to have a new experience indulge into Snow Goose Hunting this winter and have an enjoyable experience.

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