Steel Frame Double Bunk Beds

Double bunk beds with a durable steel framing and tubular steel construction have the distinct advantage of being among the cheapest double bunk beds on the market. These beds are lightweight which makes them both easy to assemble and to move around. The tubular powder coated steel gives them a modern and trendy look that will be suitable for any age group. They are available in either black or white finishes which is ideal as they will blend in with any bedroom color scheme.

  • Walker Edison Sunset Contemporary Twin over Futon Bunk Bed in Black
  • Walker Edison Sunset Contemporary Twin over Full Bunk Bed

If you are considering buying a steel frame double bunk bed it may be worth your while to look for one that provides sleeping space for three. Buying a double bunk bed with extra sleeping space makes provision for the odd sleepover or an unexpected guest.

There is a choice between twin over full or twin over futon double bunk beds should you opt for the beds that sleep three. Your choice will depend on whether you would prefer to have the use of additional seating in the room when the futon is not being used as a bed. If the bottom bunk is to be used for sleeping on a more permanent basis then a twin over full double bunk bed may be the more suitable option.

Integrated ladders are recommended on steel frame bunk beds as these are sturdier than movable ladders. When buying bunk beds make sure that they comply with the CPSA standards. A good measure of sturdiness is the weight capacity of top bunk beds. With metal or steel construction bunk beds it is recommended that this be at least 200 pounds. Make sure that the double bunk beds of your choice fit into the room and still have at least a two foot gap between the top bunk bed and the ceiling.

Choose bunk beds that come assembled or are easy to assemble. First prize is if there is online support should you experience difficulty in assembling the bunk beds when they arrive at your home.

Determine whether bunk bed mattresses are included in your purchase. If not, establish the maximum thickness mattress that the top bunk bed will accommodate without jeopardizing the safety of the top bunk.

The above two are very popular steel frame double bunk beds from The Walker Edison Furniture Company which specializes in the manufacturing of contemporary furniture for the North American marketplace. Their prices are very competitive due to the fact that they have factories strategically placed throughout the world allowing them to ensure that they have access to low-priced raw materials and skilled artisans providing quality at low prices.

You can always buy Odavad lastevoodid online from different websites that will make affordable for you. However, the prices of these are fixed according to the height and the size of the bed offered. Both for single as well as double bunk bed reviews are necessary to be read before making a purchase. The assembled height of both these double bunk beds is 80″. The clearance between the top and bottom bunks differ with 3″ as the gap is 41″ on the twin over futon option whereas the twin over full double bunk has a 44″ gap between the two bunks. Of the two options the twin over futon double bunk bed will use less floor space than the twin over full bunk bed but may prove to be less convenient if used for sleeping on a daily basis.

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