Take The Click Speed Test And Know Which Clicking Rank You Belong To

How many times you click on the mouse each day cannot be counted. We need the computer for various reasons, and each time we use it, we need to click on the mouse. Sometimes we get curious about the speed of our fingers on the mouse. If you are one such person, then you can do the click speed test

What is the click speed test?

This test is nothing but a way to tell you about the speed your fingers work on the mouse. It is quite fun, and you can do it as many times as possible. The website cpstester.com will help you know your speed. This test has been on the internet for quite a long time.

How to do the click speed test?

  • Enter the website cpstester.com
  • Either you choose their automatic timer, or you can choose from the list available on the website. It can be from 1 second to 100 seconds
  • After choosing your timer, you can start clicking on the box available in the center of the page
  • Click with maximum speed until the timer stops
  • You will get your score immediately 

Four cute animals are used to convey your results, a fox, a rabbit, a cow, and a slug to make the game exciting. These beautiful animals will tell you your speed.

What is your rank?

  • If your click per second is lower than five, then you have got the rank of a slug
  • If it is more than five but lesser than eight, you have the rank of a cow
  • If your click per second is more than eight but lesser than 10, then your rank is a rabbit
  • If your score is greater than 10, then your rank is a fox

Get to the highest rank.

Now that you know what rank you belong to, and if you are not satisfied with your speed, start clicking as much as possible, and you will have an improved speed. Check your speed today and see what rank you are. If you are a fox, your fingers have excellent control over the mouse; otherwise, you need practice. So play as much as you can and improve your clicking skills.

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