The Magic Of Instagram!

The Magic Of Instagram!

Social media rules the present generation and it is no coincidence that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have surpassed insane usage levels due to the humongous demand for the features provided by them. The sheer popularity of these apps is mind-numbing and since we live in the age of smartphones, everyone loves to share interesting pieces of their lives via photos, videos, captions and buy instant Instagram likes. The people who are extremely active on such social media tend to have a huge number of followers which in turn converts to likes, comments and shares on the posts uploaded by them. In short, it can be quite addictive when one decides to sign up for such apps, simply because of the wide coverage of entertainment it provides.


Instagram happens to be one such app which thrives on users posting photos and videos which can be shared and viewed by followers. It is integrated with other apps like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr and this exponentially increases its ability to connect people. Its primary motto is to connect people via photos and videos and this unique concept quickly gained immense popularity since its conception and release. Instagram made its debut in October 2010 as a free app and by December 2014, it had gained as many as 300 million active users and this number increases every day.


Special features:

Instagram incorporates a number of special features that make it stand out from other apps. Apart from being linked to a number of other apps, it allows geotagging which enables latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates to be included in the picture. A feature called Instagram Direct allows sharing photos with specific users, thus giving an option between public and private sharing. Images, previously restricted to square shapes are now allowed in any format. In fact, a recently launched feature allows posts to be directly converted into ads using the app itself, thus redefining the business angle of various posts. An ‘Explore’ tab allows easy viewing of popular public profiles, while the ‘Hashtag’ trend gained momentum solely due to Instagram. For those who wish to edit photos before posting them, Instagram provides a wide range of filters along with exposure and contrast settings. The limit for videos has recently been increased to an ample 60 second window and Instagram Stories allow sharing photos and videos for a mere 24 hours after which they cannot be viewed.


Apart from this, popular trends like Weekend Hashtag Project, Throwback Thursday, Selfies and Finstagram are prevalent. Designated themes are depicted through the Weekend Hashtag Project and just like the name indicates, it makes use of hashtags. Throwback Thursdays involve posting childhood photos, celebrating special occasions or monumental achievements. Selfies have become a rage and they involve taking a self-portrait using a front camera. Finstagram helps a user depict himself/herself privately without having to deal with the pressures of owning a main account. Well, aren’t you enticed already? So go ahead and give this app a try, if you want to explore the magic of social media through beautiful photos and videos.

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