The Phenomenon That Is Manga

The Phenomenon That Is Manga

Should you happen to be a wide reader, then one of the familiar genres to you would most definitely by Manga. These are comic strips of famous Japanese Anime series, as well as others that have not yet been released. Manga in itself is a very unique genre, one which can comprise of several other sub-genres. Though originally written in Japanese, Manga comics are available in the English Language for anyone else to read, and have gained to so much popularity for several reasons. If you’re wondering why this is so, then here are the characteristics of manga that make it the modern phenomenon that it is today:Manga

It Stimulates the Reader’s Thoughts

Unlike comics where the frames of actions are drawn in full detail, such as when a bullet is shot, manga makers tend to remove this part in order for the readers to “paint” a mental image of the shooting that just happened. 

It Brings Adults back to when they were Kids

Dragon Ball, Bleach, and Naruto are all popular anime series that young adults nowadays watched as kids. These three are just some of the most popular manga releases, with a Dragon Ball managing to sell a massive 6 million copies back then. Reading manga allows adults to reminisce their childhood memories all through a single book. Manga

Can Be Read Anytime, Anywhere

Given that these are books or strips, people do not have to do anything else but to open the material should they wish to enjoy. 

There is something for everyone

Manga, nevertheless are cartoons, and the stories of which revolve around cartoon characters. Despite this, several stories written on manga are not necessarily geared towards kids, but rather, are geared towards adults, given that there are topics such as politics, business, history, and in some cases, gambling.

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