It’s Time To Ditch Traditional Cigarettes And Shake Hands With E Cigarettes

It’s Time To Ditch Traditional Cigarettes And Shake Hands With E Cigarettes

Smoking is a passé, as now a day’s people are more health conscious and they are sentient of myriad dire consequences of kissing regular cigarettes. In addition, now people are turning towards e-cigs and vaporizers as it’s healthy and there is no adverse effect on the body. E cigarette is hand held electronic device that vaporizes the flavored juice and which is also referred as eliquid, which is integral part of vaping.


E liquid  aka e- juice generally consist of propylene glycol(PG) vegetable glycerin(VG)and these two ingredients  are the base which are used for making unique and exotic flavors.  Although e cig is healthy as it is tobacco and smoke free, but apart from that you can easily relish different flavors which is no less than bait for the ardent vaping aficionados. With so many flavors available in the market it is certainly difficult on the part of the greenhorn vaper to pick and choose the best flavor. And to assist in finding quality e liquid we bring you some of the points that will help you to drop the dough on the quality products.


How to choose the e liquid?

From cinnamon to vanilla one can easily find hundred of e juice flavors literally! With which you can give treat to your taste buds. So, without any deferment let us quickly take a deep dive and understand the nuance of picking up the right product.

  • Product Quality: the surge in vaping has led to sudden increase in the demand and to suffice the needs of the vapers there is increases in the e juice maker who intentionally compromise on the quality and sell them at low cost. Thus it is advisable to buy from the genuine brands product so that you are well aware of product quality.
  • Nicotine level: it is significant to know about the nicotine content, if you are new to vaping  then  it is best to  buy the products that are nicotine free, as it is not good for health and at the same time it addictive as well. If you are heavy-smoker then you can go with nic!! Or else you will face withdrawal symptoms, the best way to cut down nicotine is to taper it gradually.


  • PG and VP content:  these are important component that helps in making the cloud therefore it is vital to check the content of PG and VG in the ejuice.  The ratio of 70: 30 or 50: 50 is used depending upon the flavor that is used so that you get the optimal taste of the particular flavor.

These are few points that will certainly prove to be accommodating when finding the ejuice that will sooth your taste buds and help you to make the clouds with your vape.  If you are not cognizant of different types of flavor then the best way to check online as you will get to know about different flavors like sweet, spicy, salty that will pamper your tongue and senses as well.

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