Top Garage Doors To Consider For Your Renovation

Top Garage Doors To Consider For Your Renovation

Because of the fact that garage doors take up a big part of a home’s exterior space, it’s actually the initial thing that people notice. So if you think about it, garage doors actually determine curb appeal and first impression. There are hundreds and thousands of garage doors to choose from, but which of them are good enough to be included in the top?

Lux Garage Doors Model 650 10Ft Garage Door

Designed for various kinds of garages, Lux 650 is a light duty rolling steel garage door. There are around 26 gauge folded door curtain made from durable galvanized grade 80 steel. Apart from that, it’s even coated with long lasting quality polyester paint with a 40-year integrity in film. The company guarantees to last as long as 25 years without any kind of fading. All these elements and factors come together to facilitate and create a durable garage door, thus it doesn’t seem like you’ll replace it any time soon due to damage. Here are the cons:


  • Simple to maintain
  • Long lasting
  • Quick to install and light duty
  • Comes with every installation tool required

American Garage Doors Dock Door

The American Dock Door is measured at 9 by 7.5 feet and it’s specifically designed for residential and commercial usage. The garage door is even thick enough to provide insulation and is installed with a U-shaped astragal. The door basically protects the garage door from all sorts of elements, thus it improves the useful life of the garage door. Every door comes with heavy duty rollers for a better operation. Apart from the mentioned features, the American Dock Door offers two-sided doors that effectively optimize the durability and energy efficiency. Some of the pros are listed below:

  • Offers insulation coating
  • Durability with rugged construction
  • Wood embossed panels to let natural light in

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