Windows 7 Loader For Activating Windows 7

Windows 7 Loader For Activating Windows 7

We all have been here, haven’t we? Reaching for the ways to fully activate our windows and unlock the gem of features laden within it. But have your efforts gone to vain all these while?Guess, that’s where we come in with Windows 7loader.

And we’re not just about words as we present a proper fully working windows 7 activator in the form of 7loader. Well, that’s a short acronym for it. It’s basically the Windows 7 Loader that fully unlocks and activates the window.

What’s Windows 7 Loader?

A generic activator for Windows 7 that helps gain you prowess over the locked and hidden features in the Windows. An extremely helpful tool that takes just a while to load and perform its task, Windows 7loader has been used along by many computer geeks.

The tool has been released by multiple teams and can be easily accessed on the web. Just download it and let the magic unveil.



Windows 7 Loader works for all the versions of windows 7 on the market. It easily integrates itself with any of Basic Edition, Home Edition, Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition and Ultimate Edition and fully activates it.

How It Works

It basically functions as a bi-passer for the Windows Activation Technologies (WAT). The tool injects System Licensed Internal Code (SLIC) into Windows 7 which enables the windows to work as genuine and activated. The SLIC sets up a code that starts every time with Windows and acts as a decoy into hoarding windows as genuine and fully activated.


  • Windows 7 Loader fully activates both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows.
  • The tool supports different languages and is extended further.
  • Windows 7 loader supports hidden partitions and adds improved theintegrity and complex setups.
  • The software supports custom encryption and works fine with Virtual Box, Hyper-V and more.
  • The tool can be easily downloaded via the web and doesn’t add up much space and Ram usage allowing smoother experience.
  • Every user has the different key generated for their PC’s that negates the clash of keys on the global metrics.


Steps to Use Windows 7 Loader

  • Download the Windows 7 Loader for Activating Windows via web.
  • Proceed to turn off your antivirus for a brief period of time, until the activation is done away with.
  • Extract the downloaded file on the computer.
  • Run the Windows 7 Loader and follow the instructions.
  • Wait for the activation to complete.
  • Reboot the computer and enjoy the fully working activated Windows 7.

See, that easy-peasy, Japanesey! Easy as you like. Stay tuned in for more trivia on the same. Adios.

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