15 Affordable and Healthy Luxuries

When you’re sitting in your office, tired and waiting for the weekend to arrive, you start thinking of things you could do to indulge yourself in relaxation and pleasure. Enjoying the weekend doesn’t always mean that you have to take up a tiresome long drive and spend your time in an expensive lodge on a hill station.

You can afford to treat yourself with luxuries that cost no more than fifteen dollars at most and you certainly don’t need to wait for the weekend for doing this.
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Dark Chocolate

Consuming an ounce of dark chocolate can help you lower your blood pressure and keep the blood flowing in your body along with a sense of satisfaction. Dark chocolate has been proven to fight stress and keep you in a good mood with its good cholesterol.

Scented Candles

Known for their indulging aromatherapy, scented candles are used many people. These are usually placed in rooms or pockets or even pillow cases to give out that positive aroma that relaxes you. Individual scents like a few drops of lavender essence placed near your head at night can also do wonders for your stress level.

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A Sweet Kiss

You may kiss your partner each and every day but those are mostly pecks just to be quick and get it over with. Take a minute and give your partner a sweet lasting kiss at least for a minute. A single kiss will not only reduce your tress levels but also increase your immunity along with burning a few calories.

Fresh Tuna

Slice yourself a steak from some fresh tuna to give your taste buds a delight. The omega-3 amino acids present in the tune greatly help reduce risks associated with heart diseases and leave you active and energetic.

A Manicure

Pamper yourself with a much needed manicure that will return the beauty and shine of your nails to the way they’re supposed to be. Working all day at the office or home can leave your hands looking dull. A manicure can cheer you up whilst you chat with the manicurist about your daily deeds.

Rent a Funny Film

Renting a movie that can make you laugh your heart out is a good idea for reducing stress and bonding with your spouse as you watch and laugh together. A good laugh can leave you with a stable blood pressure and a boosted immune system.

A Cup of Tea

Broiling up a cup of your favorite tea can put you into the ultimate relaxation mood. Teas have antioxidants and theanine that help your immune system fight against viruses and infections.Check Top 11 Health Benefits of Tea

Physical Intimacy

There have been many studies that have proven that physical intimacy decreases the stress level to quite a considerable extent. Along with self-esteem, it also boosts the immune system keeping you relaxed and happy.

Chair Massage

A chair massage costs nearly a dollar a minute and it’s an effective and affordable way to loosen those knots in your neck and shoulders. The massage will also help release endorphins in the body which are natural muscle relaxants lowering your hyped blood pressure.


As part of a warm-up routine, stretching can also be used to get your blood flowing to all areas of the body leaving you less tense. The increased blood flow will also help fight off immunity attacking enzymes in the body.

Take a Hike

Put your walking shoes on and step out in the wild. Have a close look at nature and breathe in the freshness. Be it a snow day or an autumn evening, doing activities that are closely associated with nature can direct a good amount of mental peace and serenity towards you.

Exotic Fruit

Buying exotic fruit like wild berries or star fruit or prickly lemons and horned cucumbers will provide a nice and unique change for your taste buds. Exotic fruits also provide health benefits like reduced risks of cancer and heart diseases. Its antioxidants and several other nutrients can also help you avoid diseases like diabetes.Why You Should Eat Mango Often. With the pills available at https://www.mypillapp.com/nugenix-review/ site, the mental strength of the person will be increased. The eating habits will turn into good and healthy body will be provided. 

Chat up with a Friend

Calling up a good friend and talking about your feelings can leave you light-hearted and happy. Friendship helps increase mental peace and builds up your self esteem as friends share each other’s good and bad thoughts confidently.


Plenty of Sleep

Make sure that you get plenty of beauty sleep as it helps you feel much relaxed and less stressed. Eight hours of sleep everyday can help you avoid being lethargic.

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Stroll around your Neighborhood

Taking ten minutes off your daily routine to take a walk in the neighborhood with your kid, spouse or even by yourself can do you wonders. Walking past familiar people and refreshing your good memories that include these faces can fill you with energy and delight.

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