Does Carrageenan Have Side Effects?

Does Carrageenan Have Side Effects?

If you are one who wants to be fit and healthy, then you may have already heard of the many additives and chemicals you must avoid! There are tons that have been said to be a hinder to health, which is what causes people to worry and boycott many of their favorite food products. One of the additives that people have been searching on would be carrageenan. Many have reported that there are carrageenan side effects that people experience. But is it truly something we should be worried about? Are there really carrageenan side effects in the first place? In this article, we show you information about carrageenan and if it truly does have those carrageenan side effects we read about online! carrageenan-fb_

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is a substance you would usually find in a lot of food products. They are mostly found in dairy such as cottage cheese or yogurt, or even in baby food! Why? Have you noticed that these products are in gel-like form and make it taste creamy and satisfying? That is the job of carrageenan. It helps thicken and make those food products into gel-like substances in order for it to be more appealing and to prevent it from spoiling. It actually comes from a seaweed, but it doesn’t hold any nutritional value whatsoever. But with that being said, it certainly isn’t dangerous!

Does Carrageenan Have Side Effects?is-carrageenan-safe-copy-1024x614

Just like mentioned above, carrageenan is definitely not dangerous. There have been people with rising health concerns on the additive, but it certainly does not call for any harm. So why do people see the substance as harmful, then?

This may be because they mistake carrageenan for its counterpart: poligeenan. This is the harmful substance found in non-edible food materials. Food grade carrageenan is not harmful, and there is no worry of its counterpart from going into any food product. It goes through a detailed process to ensure safety and that all food products are okay to eat. Basically, carrageenan holds no side effects whatsoever!

In Conclusion

Carrageenan is an additive that is a necessity for many food products out there. It won’t be the same without the additive, and there is no worry about it harming your health. You can continue on eating the food you love in moderation, so long as you aren’t allergic to any of its ingredients!

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