Real Love – How To Know Your Partner Loves You

Do my partner and I have what’s called “real love“?

Almost anyone who’s ever been in a romantic relationship has had the unsettling question of what real love is cross their mind at one time or another, even when they are really close with their partner and are using Viagra while getting intimate with them. And, the nagging doubts about your partner’s real love for you can be amplified even further, especially when they have a history of being flirty or unfaithful.

It’s tough when you can’t actually be sure if your partner’s love for you is real or fake!

If you’re in this unpleasant situation, I guess you wish there was some way of working out that your boyfriend or girlfriend is being honest about their feelings for you. Well, there are certain signals you can watch out for that could provide some answers about real love.

Of course, it’s easy enough for them to tell you that they love you, but that’s only lip service! Do they actually mean what they say, or is it a way to fob you off? It can be a ruse just to stop you from hassling them and questioning their true romantic feelings.

Does My Boyfriend or Girlfriend Really Love Me?

There are certain indicators that can show how a person really feels about someone. And, they are revealed in the way they treat you, your feelings, and the people around you. So, next time you get those pangs of doubt and ask yourself if your boyfriend or girlfriend really is in love with you, consider the following points that may help you gain a clearer picture.

How do they treat you when in the company of others?

Do you get the feeling that your partner wants people to think that you’re only “friends”, and there’s no real love or romance involved? You get the idea that they are advertising themselves as ‘still available’, and on the lookout for a better offer.

There’s a real problem if your partner has two sides to their love. One side all ‘lovey-dovey’ and caring when you’re together alone, then the opposite side, cold and “couldn’t care less if you were there or not” type behavior, when you’re out in public.

Someone who’s really in love with you should be able to show it regardless of where you are, or whomever you’re with!

How about showing you respect?

How does your partner talk to you? Does he or she use good manners, you know, do they say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’, etc.? If there’s a lack of common respect shown to you by your partner, then that’s a bad sign.

Anytime your girlfriend or boyfriend does something for you, does she or he expect, or insist, that it’s reciprocated tenfold? This kind of suggests that they see themselves as more important than you and that they need to be repaid for their efforts. This should definitely raise a big, red flag!

How do they treat your family and friends?

Do they try to create a good impression? A partner who genuinely cares about you will try hard to get along with people who are dear to you.

And, while any visions of matrimony may be a long way off, they know that getting off-side with your relatives and friends would be a totally unwise decision.

A boyfriend or girlfriend who shows your friends and family respect is more likely to feel real love for you than one who treats them badly or doesn’t appear to want to be involved with them in any way, shape, or form.

Are you taken for granted? Does your partner care about your feelings or opinions?

Do they think of themselves first, and, if you’re lucky, only consider you when you raise the matter? In other words, so long as they’re happy, that’s all that really counts!

Being taken for granted, or not being appreciated for who you are, and what you do, is not the basis of a healthy relationship. A ‘couple’ means two people, sharing love and respect on an equal footing. There’s no room for a person who is egotistical or selfish.

Summing Up – Does My Partner Really Love Me?

Do negative replies to some of the points mentioned above automatically mean that your partner doesn’t love you? No. However, if a majority of your answers are on the negative side, then you do need to look more closely at how your partner acts in your relationship.

Perhaps the old saying, “ “, could be something you could do well to keep in mind.

While your partner may proclaim their love for you every day, a number of times, in fact, nothing gives away someone’s underlying feelings quite like their actions. And, in all honesty, someone who repeats those three little words, ‘I love you‘, so often, might be doing it in an attempt to brainwash themselves, or you, into believing what they’re saying IS the truth.

When trying to work out if it’s real love, and whether or not your boyfriend or girlfriend truly does care for you, simply take note of what he or she does. By paying attention to their actions, it will give you a much better indication of their true feelings.

Top 10 Conversation Mistakes

Not all people are comfortable in social situations. There are some who are gifted with excellent social skills, while others struggle with being socially awkward at best. The good news is that it is not too late to improve your conversation skills. It will take hard work, practice and time, but it is possible.

Most people don’t realize that we commit the same social faux pas every day. To improve your conversation skills, here is a list of 10 things not to do.

Not Listen

Don’t eagerly await your turn to talk in a conversation, but actually listen to what the person is saying instead of just hearing it.

Start an Interrogation

While it is acceptable to ask an occasional question, don’t bombard the person you are talking to with an endless string of questions. Instead, try mixing it up between questions and statements.

Hog the Limelight

It is not pleasant to hear one person rant and conduct a one-sided conversation. You have to pass the mic sometimes and step aside to let others have their chance to shine.

Play the I am better than you game.

As tempting as it may be, don’t verbally compare your greatness to others, don’t. Keep in mind that you are in a conversation and not a competition. No one has to outdo the other.

Check your Phone

Technology has become part of our everyday lives, and some people feel as if they can not live without it. It is considered extremely rude to check your phone during a conversation, so unless it is a life or death situation, keep your phone in your pocket, purse, etc.

Young couple making a toast

Change the topic to suit your interest

Everyone has their topic of interest, but they are different for different people. The current topic may be boring, but allow the conversation to naturally progress to a different topic.

Be Boring

Be prepared at all times to change the topic if it is starting to become boring or run out of momentum. Don’t ramble on for 10 minutes straight about something no one cares about. Focus on positive topics that leave room for subject changes.

Not appeal to your audience

Not to say do not be yourself, but be the version that is appropriate for the current social situation. Things you talk to your friends about may not be appropriate discussion material for your boss or someone you just met. This also includes the use of profanity.

Not participating

Invest in the conversation. Do not just stand there and simply nod your head and answer with short and choppy statements. Ask questions and make relevant comments. Also, have good body language. Encourage the person with smiles, eye contact and appropriate facial expressions.


Let the person finish their statement or thought before you butt in. Don’t cut the other person off because that shows you have no interest in hearing what they have to say. Just listen. Then when the time is right, comment.

The aforementioned points will surely help you in not only creating new relations but also mending broken ones as well as they are tried and tested formulae and if applied and followed through correctly, it will surely give you success in your endeavors. For more information, you can always try out the okcupid dating app from your playstore for better information regarding relationship conversations and how to make things going.

Fabulous (and Inexpensive) Birthday Party Ideas for Tween Girls

Birthday parties can be a strain on the wallet and on the imagination. There’s more pressure than ever for parents to put on an original birthday party for their children. While a successful party for young kids can consist of traditional party games and some cake, tween-aged girls (ages 9 – 12) aren’t as easily impressed. Here are some creative and budget-conscious party ideas for this challenging age group.


Celebrity Party

Andrea Garavaglia’s daughter McKenna, 11, had a celebrity birthday party for 10 girls that cost only $100. A party of this scale and type can be organised by the people at Colorado’s finest and largest Casino Night Company at your request. Invitiations were stars cut out of construction paper, requesting that each guest wear their fanciest dress. When guests arrived, they walked down a red “carpet” – which was a red plastic table cloth cut in half and taped on the driveway. The “paparazzi” (a few kind neighbors) were there to take pictures of the celebrities on digital cameras which were printed out and given to the girls as parting gifts. The red carpet led to the garage which was decorated with white Christmas lights, balloons, and stars made of contruction paper. A food table was set with plastic champagne glasses filled with 7-up, and appetizers including pizza rolls, cheese and crackers, and chocolate-covered strawberries. The girls were able to make their handprints in cement and write their names on them, like movie stars have for years outside of Mann’s Chinese Theatre. They also sang karaoke and danced to some mixed cd’s McKenna had made for the party.

Eighties Party

The decade of big hair, leggings, and frosted pink lipstick has made a comeback. Since Carrie Smith, mom of Lindsay, 10, grew up in the eighties, this was an especially easy party to put together. Smith scanned a picture of her and some girlfriends circa 1984 into her computer and printed out some very eighties invitations that requested that her daughter’s five guests dress in eighties style. She got out her old record player and albums for mood music. “The girls got a kick out the record player and loved my “Wham!” and “B-52’s” albums,” says Smith. She also had saved some old issues of TigerBeat and Seventeen magazines from her youth that she layed out for the girls to peruse. For food, Smith made Kool-Aid and got 2 $7 pizzas from Costco that she heated up in the oven, as well as a $15 sheet cake. They watched “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for further entertainment and goodie bags consisted of a paper lunch bag filled with a tube of frosted pink Wet N’ Wild lipstick, a pair of dollar store hoop earrings, and a box of Nerds (Smith’s favorite candy when she was a tween). The total cost of the party was $60. “The price was right,” says Smith. “And, I got to relive my youth for a night. Totally awesome!”

Spa Party

Some clearance makeup, nailpolish, and teenaged girls helped make Brianna George’s ninth birthday a success. Her mom, Jennifer, bought a package of blank notecards from Michaels for $1 and had Brianna beautify them with a pink glitter pen, inviting six of her friends to “a night of indulgences.” George enlisted three teenaged girls from her neighborhood to help with the party. One of the girls did manicures and pedicures, while the other two did hair and makeup. George had gotten some cosmetics from the local drugstore on clearance. “They were reliable brands. I didn’t want anyone’s skin to break out,” George says. “But, two eyeshadow kits, a tube of mascara, a creme blush, and three tubes of lipstick only cost $20.” When the makeovers were completed, the younger girls dressed up in semi-formal dresses that the teenagers had brought. George took pictures of the guests on her digital camera and printed them out for keepsakes. Including a tray of cupcakes and three 2-liters of soda, the party cost about $70.


Baking Party

Tara Johnson’s daughter, Katie, 10, loves to bake. “A baking party was logical for us because it’s Katie’s favorite pasttime,” says Johnson. “And, who can resist cupcakes?” Katie made invitations out of 3X5 cards. She asked her four guests to write down their favorite simple dessert recipe on the back of the invitation and bring it with them to the party. In leiu of presents, Katie requested that each guest also bring the dry ingredients for their recipe to the party. Johnson bought aprons on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for the girls to decorate with fabric pens that she got on sale. When the girls arrived, they decorated their aprons. Then they got to work in the kitchen, making desserts that included brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and rice krispie treats. With the cost of baking ingredients, the aprons and fabric pens, as well as milk to wash it all down, the cost of the party came to $60.

A Handy Guide To Buy Online Bucephalandra Buce Aquarium Plants In Australia?

Addition of an aquarium to your home or office is a pretty good idea. You can always find ideas online about how you could set up an aquarium inside office. Also you can get all your supplies online, even plants which makes things convenient. Yes adding tiny plants to you aquarium will up your aquarium set up by a notch! Bucephalandra Buce is a lovely plant you may try out for your aquarium.


Are you settled in Australia and have no idea where to look for these plants? Well, here is a handy guide to buy online Bucephalandra Buce aquarium plants in Australia.

  • Buy A Fresh Plant:

There are so many different varieties available in the market offline and online that you might get confused. Keep one thing in mind that no matter what, always opt for fresh plants. A fresh plant will have a brighter color and also will keep your aquarium cleaner and moss free. Your local aquarium store may not have a variety but you can always find tones of variety being sold online. You may check out plants from top aquarium plant brand Aquarzon. The AquarzonBucephalandra aquarium plants are exclusively grown and sold in complete aquarium conditions. Variety of plants available at Bucephalandra Buce.

  • Christmas Moss

Christmas moss is a type of plant that is well known for its Shoots that are hanged down, and they overlap each other. It takes the shape of a fir-tree form. It is very bright in colour and lighter than java moos aquatic plant. This plant can be grown in the absence of carbon dioxide and fertilizers. It has almost the same qualities of Java moss.

  • Mini Bolbitis

It is a small version of Bolbitis heudelotii. It consists of very small leaves. It has slow growth, which can also be used for submerging. Mini Bolbitis is to be attached at the bottom of rock or wood. It is preferred for places that experience high floating. The plants which have been grown long can be divided and replanted.

  • Bucephalandra Black pearl

 It is termed best plant for the beginner. It can quickly be submerged. It is a very slow-growing plant and Takes time to get sprouted from leaves. The black pearl should be attached to the surface using glue or thread. It is an epiphytic plant which can be attached to any surface of the aquarium. The size of its leaves ranges from 1cm-2cm. The growth mainly depends upon the types primarily depends upon the condition acquired.


  • Prices:

Given their massive popularity and excellent features, Bucephalandra plants usually carry a higher price tag. But, if take time out for research, you may also find some relatively affordable versions of these plants. Wavy Green is one such variety of these plants which comes in relatively cheaper rate. You can also look for ongoing sales online.

Secure The Plant:

These plants anchor themselves with their strong roots to any surface they are put on. So, once you have bought the plant, you will need to attach the root to a surface, say a lava rock and super glue. Tie it up together with rubber bands and balance it with small rocks or drift wood. This will make sure that the plant doesn’t fall off before attaching itself to the surface.

10 Attention Seeking Places Of Dubai Where Everyone Should Visit!

Having fun with family is really important. No doubt, people are busy these days due to office work, but it doesn’t mean you should not give proper time to the family. Therefore, you should simply choose the option of Dubai to enjoy the vacations. There are lots of fun things to do in Dubai like camel riding and visiting at Dubai Mall. Even a plethora of skyscrapers you will find in this amazing city that will really make you happy. Therefore, make some planning for these upcoming holidays and make your decision.


Top 10 places to visit at the Dubai

  1. Jumeirah Beach which was built in 1955 and visitors love to visit this place at the summers.
  2. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, where you find different kinds of skyscrapers to sock up the natural area.
  3. Museum-like Crossroad of Civilizations where you can easily find historical things like old time oil trading.
  4. Mall of the Emirates which is really superb that will make you really happy and blessed.
  5. IMG worlds of adventure which is a kind of theme park and just located near to the Global village
  6. If you want to live the nightlife of Dubai then visit the Dubai Opera because it opens at midnight.
  7. People those like to play on the beaches they should visit at the kite beach where they can run on the water waves by the help of kites.
  8. Alserkal Art District which is really mind-blowing and located in the heart of the Alserkal Avenue.
  9. Dubai parks and resorts will valuable for your kids.
  10. You should definitely try the Aquaventure water park.


Therefore, you can make your vacations best by visiting all these places with the family.


Watch Movies At Will Anywhere With Online Movie Streaming


Movies still remain one of the most sought after mode of entertainment. A few years ago, watching movies were only possible through television, by going to movie theatres. Now in this millennial era, everything is time efficient and fast, no one wants to wait for several days for their movie to be aired on television or wait through long advertisement intervals.

Now everyone can watch their favorite movies anytime and anywhere on their mobile phones or computers and a working internet connection. This has become possible because of several online streaming sites like papy streaming where one can watch the latest movies uninterrupted.

On these websites, one can find several movies old or new, TV shows, and with variable settings to make movie watching smooth.

Why stream movies online?

Some of the benefits of online movie streaming are:


  • Economic

it helps in saving money as going to theatres or buying a cable connection can be expensive. One can stream an unlimited number of movies free of cost.

  • No downloading

downloading movies can be time-consuming and online streaming means there is no need to wait before one can start watching a movie.

  • Many options

this is the best part of online streaming as one can get access to a large number of options to choose from. Usually, these sites give access to all the new and old movies all compiled categorically.

  • Anytime/anywhere

with online streaming, there is no need to wait for a particular time or date to watch favorite movies, one can watch a movie whenever one wants.

Online movie streaming is the future of movie watching scenario, as one can choose from a plethora of websites and with definite ease.

How To Know The Feelings Of Partner?

If you are the one who is getting any problem to understand the feeling of your partner, then you should prefer the book “His Secret Obsession.” It is written by James Bauer who is most popular writer who mainly wrote on the topic of relationship, love, and devotion. There is the perfect solution to make fall in love with their partner.

Such a book helps to reveal the secret obsession of partner and one can understand that how a man thinks and what they want. No doubt, sex is a better thing to make close and live a better life together. If you want to learn the words to express and connect with the man’s heart or want to feel confident while proposing them, then His secret obsession is made for you. They exactly tell the meaning of dating a man and how to give them respect to act like as hero. That’s the main purpose of such a book.


How to impress?

If you are feeling thoughtless, then you just make sure that James Bauer book will enhance your knowledge and tells the mistakes that most of the women make

  • Respect each other: You should respect them in the way of talking and fulfill all such needs that they want from you. Men will come more closure if he feels you respect to show them always all the time in the form of caring nature. Such an attitude will play an important role in your relationship.
  • Long conversation: You can talk with them with regards to love the emotion and share feeling just to express what they want. Hence, such a book always pretends to make your love effective.

Hopefully, you had understood all such above points. You should pay attention to your partner needs and fulfill then so that you can come close in the form of a strong relationship.

Online Streaming Services

Waiting for our favourite movies to be aired on television could be very annoying at times. With television we do not have the option of selecting the movies we really want to watch. This problem can be eliminated by streaming movies online. Apps like Netflix, prime video and you tube has added an exciting and fun element to watch movies online. These apps charge a monthly subscription fee to stream movies online, but some websites like putlocker, watch32 entertain you without costing a penny.

Streaming movies online means an access to movies with unlimited supply and minimum or no cost. There are no restrictions on time and place when it comes to watching movies online, you can enjoy them at any time of the day and at any place. You can enjoy them on your smartphones, PC’s, laptops and iPads. When we rent a DVD of a newly released movie, the quality of the video and sound are not clear. But this is not true in the case of online streaming services, high definition quality and sound is guaranteed. Another benefit of watching movies online is the availability of movies. When renting a DVD, there might be some movies which are unavailable but with online streaming there is not such thing as unavailable movies. There is availability of abundant stock of movies online. Online services offer you a wide range of genre options which means you can choose the type of movies you want to watch. Most of the movies online are subtitled which is another benefit when you want to watch movies in foreign languages. You can even download unlimited movies, provided you have a good internet connection.

Before watching movies, always ensure that the site you are using is safe and free from viruses. It is always best to install an anti-virus in your devices before streaming movies online. Always be sure to check the authenticity of the site as there may be sites which may gather your personal information by hacking your system. Online streaming could be a good service provided all you take all the precautionary measures.

Your Wedding Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Wedding photography is to just something that you look through when you have to check when you want to think about your wedding, but rather it’s something that you can always look back at when you want to relive those moments and to take you back to a day that you will always cherish and feel good about. While there are various things that you need to keep in mind during the wedding, hiring the right wedding photographer is something that you need to pay a lot of attention to.


Different photographers choose different styles of photography and without the right kind of style it becomes difficult for you to have the pictures the way you want them. If you are not too sure about the different styles of photography for a wedding then you can check with the photographer and pick one you think will work best for you. Your wedding pictures should represent you and your partner for who you’ll are and it should reflect your character in a way that you can feel comfortable.

Capture Those Moments Perfectly

Your wedding day is filled with moments of love and happiness. There are a number of people that love to look back on their wedding day. While this is something that everyone dreams of, there are many people that do not get to look back on the memories because of a lack of a photographer or a bad photographer. This is the reason you need a professional photographer to capture the moments perfectly. Not only will the photographer know when to click pictures, he or she will ensure that none of the pictures are out of focus or blurry. This will give you the opportunity to cherish your precious wedding moments forever.

Top Three Benefits of Having a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding has become a trend over the past few years. According to the sources, 15% of weddings are a destination wedding, and most of the couples prefer to get married in the smoky mountains. It is really amazing and romantic concept of getting married. There are many more benefits of having a destination wedding that we will discuss later.

Due to the craze of a destination wedding, there are many professional service providers available out there. Selecting the right one is not easy because many aspects are involved within. If you don’t have any idea regarding the destination wedding, then you should go for a Gatlinburg cabin wedding packages and take the right services.


Top benefits of having a destination wedding

  • It is easier

A destination wedding is an easy and simple concept because destination wedding specialists are there. In simple words, there will be no worry of management about the meal, guests, etc. The destination wedding specialists will manage all the things easily themselves.

  • Enjoy the best time with family and friends

If you want to enjoy quality time with friends and family, then you should go for Gatlinburg cabin wedding packages. Due to this, you can enjoy the best time with your beloved ones. All the management will be under the destination wedding specialist so that the bride and groom can enjoy their time.

  • Professional management

You will get each and everything perfect as you want. You just need to discuss your requirements and budget with the destination wedding specialists. They are professional and help you manage all things within your budget. They also have time value, so they will manage wedding conventions on time.

No doubt, having a destination wedding is beneficial. If you want to enjoy and make your wedding day more special, then nothing is much better than a destination wedding.