Modern Office Telephone System That Every Business Needs

If you are out there looking for a phone whether, for conference, wireless, or desk phone, you will be spoilt for choice when you visit Avaya. Avaya IP office desktop phones will give you an experience out of this world. merlin_phone

If you decide to buy an Avaya IP office a desk phone at Avaya, you will have the following phones to choose from:

  • 9600 series IP desk phone which offers customizable options, has a brilliant audio quality, high performance, and low power requirements. They have large color touch screens, are a context sensitive graphic interface. This enables them to deliver increased call control.
  • 1100 series IP office desk phone which is ergonomically designed and features message waiting, data messaging, and incoming call indicators. They also have an icon and text based key caps, Bluetooth for increased mobility.
  • 1600 series IP desk phones which are just super when it comes to business communications needs. They are affordable, making them be a favorite of many customers. You will find them at call centers, branch offices and primary locations of offices.

The above are just some of the many phones you will come across when you visit Avaya. They have all the qualities you are supposed to look for in a telephone system which include:avaya-ip-office-essential-edition-partner-version

  • Automatic call forwarding is a great feature in the modern telephone system which is a must have. With it, you will be able to redirect incoming calls to voice mail or extensions.
  • Auto attendant is the core of any business phone system as it automatically greets incoming callers and gives them options of what to do and which button to press to be redirected to the actual service they are looking for. It gives a great first impression of the client to the business.
  • Conference calling which is the ability of a phone to conduct video or voice meetings with other colleagues or customers who are in different locations. This is a modern feature that is a must-have for a business telephone system
  • Voicemail to email transcription enables the voicemails to be transcribed into text and sent as a text message to your email. This is a superb feature, especially for a busy office where thousands of messages are left on voice mail. It will save you the time spent listening to each and every voice message.

Excellent telephone systems are available at Avaya.