Do’s and Don’ts of paver installation which should be kept in mind

Do’s and Don’ts of paver installation which should be kept in mind

Installing pavers on your land is a very smart decision in today’s world. This is because pavers are very strong, and their maintenance is so less. Installing pavers have so many benefits for that land. The pavers also make your land attractive and furnished. Earlier, people were not aware of the pavers, and they just leave the land with concrete. 

Some people also do (äärekivi paigaldus) curb installation along with the pavers as it will look more attractive and natural. But, there are some of the do’s and don’ts which people should consider while installing pavers on their land. Let’s discuss them.

Don’t cut the corners

You should not cut the corners of the pavers, or we can say the area on which you are going to install your pavers. You should measure the area properly and get the pavers according to that as it will look better and will be more convenient to install. 

Measure the required base material properly

Before installing the pavers on any land, you should properly measure the base material on which you are going to install the pavers. Pavers are used for so many purposes; if you are using them for the pedestrian, then there are some guidelines like, on the pedestrian walkways, you can install the pavers of 4 to 6 inches. And on the driveways, you can install 8 to 12 inches of the pavers.

Take your time

For installing pavers, you need some time as you have to focus and concentrate on installing them. The installation process is not easy as you have to keep so many factors in your mind while installing it; if there is a little mistake happened, then all the other pavers will be affected by it, and all your hard work will be ruined. 


Installing pavers is not an easy task. You need so much concentration and have to use some tricks and techniques to install them. We have to take some of the precautions while installing it, which we have discussed above.