Keratin Hair Treatment How It Works – Learn about the working

Everyone loves that shiny and straight, celebrity hair. Your crowning glory says a lot about your grooming regimen and how well you take care of yourself. There are numerous hair treatments you can avail of at your local salon. You can go for hair rebonding, hot oil, digital perm and permanent blow dry, among tons of others on the list. One of the more popular and newest hair craze today is keratin hair treatment. What exactly is it?

How Keratin Hair Treatment Works

Keratin is a substance that occurs naturally in nails and hair. It is also used as a bonding material that has flexible properties that makes hair vibrant, shiny and straight. When keratin is added and sealed into hair strands, it can make them stronger and smoother. The effect can last 2 to 4 months.

The key to a good keratin treatment for hair is the quality of the hair product used. You can check out online sites for the most recommended brands for this treatment. The best keratin hair treatment is done by professional hair stylists who go through hands-on and product knowledge training to be able to deliver the best hair treatment for you. The judging with the inoar keratin treatment reviews is the correct one. The quality of the hairs is the best one with the therapy. The knowledge of the treatment is the best one to have the desired results. The treatment is the best one for the shinning hairs.

Duration Of A Keratin Hair Treatment

The amount spent on treating the hair depends on a person’s hair length. It usually takes two hours for someone with shoulder length hair. If your hair is longer, add an additional hour for every six inches of hair to be treated. After applying the hair product, the straightening formula will then be sealed using a high temperature hair iron. When the keratin compounds have been sealed in, you need to wait for three to four days before hair can be rinsed or shampooed. There are also keratin shampoo and conditioner that you can use after treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatment Home Kits

Alternatively, you can buy keratin hair treatment home products that you can buy on specialty beauty store. Make sure that you follow package instructions accordingly. Some DIY kits may just take one day waiting period to complete the treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatment Dangers

There is still a small controversy on keratin hair treatment dangers. Hair products for this treatment may contain formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen. It also gives off minimal amount of toxic fumes and may also contain sulfur. The chemical process may leave your hair dry, so make sure you moisturize in-between treatments.