Choosing The Best Chess Sets

Chess sets are made to be attractive. It is easy to swoon over what you see and forget the content part. The same market that provides us with genuine chess sets also has counterfeit sets. Sometimes you can tell that the set is counterfeit from the prices, but spineless retailers will sell counterfeits at the same price as genuine pieces.  It is your job to be alert and refuse to settle on a chess set simply by how it looks. The process of choosing a good wooden chess set entails making the following considerations.



Good wood is dense. If the wood you purchase feels like a paper in your hand, it won’t last long and you’ll be back to the drawing board sooner than later. Stick to dealers who have made an imprint of providing quality material.


Most people are afraid to spend too much or what they deem too much for particular items. If something is too cheap it is likely to fail on the quality and durability part. Warping is common on cheap wood. Don’t be too afraid to spend. It actually proves economical in the future.

Type of Wood

There are many types of good dense wood used for making chess. Some are high end and others are somewhere in the middle like walnut. Contrary to popular belief the idea with the type of chess wood isn’t about it being high end. You can settle for walnut and still have quality.



Chess pieces resemble sculptors to some extent. The attention accorded to sculpting every piece is enormous. Ensure the carving is just right because it messes with how the chess piece feels in your hand.


The internet is awash with chess material information. Visit for more insights.

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