Different types of Cichlid fish one should know about

In the present time, many fishes had become famous throughout the world due to their characteristics and for many other things. Cichlid is one of them. They are the fish from the Cichlidae family who can live up to 10 to 20 years. If you are an enthusiast, you will be amazed knowing about the different types of cichlid fish.

What had made cichlid fish famous throughout the world?

In recent times, this fish has become very famous throughout the world. There are many things which had made it famous throughout the world. One of the biggest and most common things is its visual appearance and unique behaviour and fun personality. There are many more things which had made this fish famous throughout the world.

Some different types of Cichlid fish

  • Convict Cichlid-If you are thinking of putting a single species tank, then convict cichlid could be perfect for you in every way. However, they can be aggressive for you.
  • Cockatoo Cichlid- This cichlid fish can develop amazing yelloworange colour, flashing during their aggressive displays.
  • Oscar cichlids- These cichlid fish are one of the most popular species of the cichlid fish. Their personality, big size, and also stunning colour pattern makes them the best.
  • Why African cichlid?-Do you ever thought why African cichlid is so famous? The reason is that their fun personality, large size, and many other characteristics.
  • These fish live to their names, Jewel cichlid, featuring beautiful red colouration with blue spots and a yellow tailfin.
  • Fire mouth cichlid is one of the most straightforward cichlid varieties to keep, making it famous worldwide.

In the present time, if you want to have different species of cichlid fish in your tank, then you can choose among them. These cichlid species are very famous due to their characteristics and personality.

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