Do You Want Sheets At Your Home To Feel Like Those At Hotels?

Do You Want Sheets At Your Home To Feel Like Those At Hotels?

Almost everyone would agree that hotel sheets feel so much better than those at our homes. But most of us do not know the reason behind this because, of course, it’s not that they use new sheets every month or so. Well, the major factors responsible for this are hidden in the maintenance of the sheets. Washing, drying, and ironing techniques of the hotel sheets keep them fresh and smooth for a long time.

Wash Your Sheets This Way To Ensure Longevity And Softness

First, you need to rinse the sheets twice, which is required to remove the extra detergent that does not go away during the first rinse. This extra detergent is the leading cause of yellowness and discoloring of your sheets. Also, it causes scale buildup that is harmful to the fabric yarns.

Please do not wash the clothes in too much hot water, neither should it be too cold. You can keep it between 40 to 60 degrees Celsius for an effective wash. If you have silk sheets, the washing procedure would be different. If you are thinking of buying silk sheets, here’s how to choose luxurious silk sheets for homes.

Drying Washed Bedsheets – Ways To Prevent Damage Of Sheet Fabric 

The worst you can do to a bedsheet is drying it in a hot dryer or ironing it at a high temperature. Make sure you don’t completely dry the bedsheets and take them out a bit early. Then drape the sheets in the open for a while but keep them away from dust and dirt. If you don’t want your bedsheet to fade, make sure to prevent overheating while it’s drying.

If you follow these simple rules for maintenance of sheets at home, your sheets would also feel super smooth and fresh after every wash and would last longer without fading or ghosting

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