Exterior House Painting Service

At Painters Orlando we specialize in exterior house painting services. Our services are offered to homeowners and residents in the city of Orlando and Central Florida and for those living outside the US, there’s this site for painter and decorator London that they can visit. Our team of Orlando house painters has over 40 years of experience and knowledge. We believe in doing the best possible job and making our customers 110% satisfied with their paint job. We look to educate our customers and we look out for the customer’s interests and not our pockets.

Customer Consultation

The consulting process is offered to customers who need services and an inspection. Our team of Orlando house painters work by appointment only; therefore a customer has to request our services by requesting a free inspection of their property. After an appointment is scheduled, a member of our team will be happy to visit your home. Upon arrival, we introduce ourselves and we discuss the cost and service processes. An inspection is performed to detect structural problems and damages to wood. The interior surface is checked for mildew, cracking, and rust. We take the time to fully inspect your property and we take pictures so we can share our feedback with you.

Our house painters team has portfolios of the type of services provided. Some of those services include building garages, decks, and porches. Painting is our specialty and has been a service for over 40 years. The outdoor services also include pressure washing, which our team will explain to you in more detail. Our team will also take the time to discuss paint matching alternatives to match the present colorations of your home.

The Purpose

The purpose is always to provide a high-quality service and build a business relationship. Informing customers of the latest painting techniques and technology is another important purpose. As techniques changes, we want to keep our customers knowledgeable. Painters Orlando and our entire staff of house painters want to gain their trust and provide trustworthy services at all times. This is why we always go that extra mile to ensure you are always 110% satisfied with our paint job and our service.

House Paint Process

There are four important stages of the painting process; preparation, hand or pressure washing, painting, and clean-up. Involved in the preparation process is protecting the homeowner’s property, such as the landscaping and windows. Pressure or hand washing is performed to remove dirt, rocks, and stains from the exterior surface. Loose and chipped paint have to be scraped to prepare for the painting process. The holes and cracks found on the surface is filled and then a primer is applied.

Our painters are very careful about making mistakes to cause damages to a homeowner’s property. If there are paint drippings on the floors it is removed immediately to avoid staining. The final stage of the house paint process is cleaning up. A house is never left in unsatisfactory conditions; but rather in immaculate conditions.

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