Great Stationery Stores

Great Stationery Stores

Before you think that stationeries are too girly or only for those of us gifted with creativity, stationeries are technically just school or office supplies; the most common stationeries are cut paper, envelops, writing materials and even computer printers. So as you can see, stationery is quite a broad term. The problem is, we usually associate the word with the fancy kind of writing paper alongside pens with glittery inks and even overly designed envelops to store them in. Those are also categorized as stationeries but the term is not exclusive to them, we can purchase them at a lot of big stores.stationery store


Unsurprisingly, Wal-Mart is on our list; Wal-Mart, Inc. is a multinational corporation that offers amazing discount department stores as well as numerous warehouse stores. Operating in various locations all around the world, Wal-Mar is an American company. If you look at the retail industry, you’d immediately notice that Wal-Mart is one of the biggest players. Right now, it’s considered as the top store when it comes to any kind of stationery. Aside from stationeries of course, you can find just what you need at Wal-Mart; probably why it has become everyone’s go-to store regardless of what they need.stationery store


The second on our list is also the second biggest retail and discount department store in the world. Kmart owns a ton of storehouses, equipment and they also operate in numerous cities and countries all over the world. When we talk about the stationeries that Kmart offers, they have just what you were looking for.
Kmart is even considered as the favorite stationary store according to thousands of stationery purchasers. Due to the sheer size of their operations and cost advantage, it’s no wonder that they became this successful. You can even pick up other supplies while you’re at it since Kmart offers a lot more than stationeries.

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