How My Husband and I Met Because of Video Games

How My Husband and I Met Because of Video Games

Since I was about five, I fell in love with gaming. My first memories are of playing Super Mario Brothers on the SNES console. Growing up I played versus my dad, my siblings, and dominated my cousins. I never would have guessed that the pass time I loved doing would lead me to the man I love.


Living in Alaska was the perfect excuse to be a gamer. Most of the year it is too cold to be doing something outside, so I would spend the majority of my free time indoors playing on my Xbox. Many nights I would get online on Xbox Live and play against thousands of other players across the world, but I would still feel lonely. The majority of my friends did not play and I was determined to find someone to join me in my “nerd time.” Desperate, I looked towards modern technology to help me in my quest, and posted an ad, “Looking for Fellow Nerds” on Craigslist under the platonic section of the community board for my local area.

It was amazing how quickly I went from one minute having only spam emails to having literally hundreds of replies. I wish I could say that all of the replies were wholesome, but sadly they weren’t. I found out quickly there were a lot of very lonely men in my town that apparently had a thing for “gamer chicks.” I was beginning to think that my search for someone to play Call of Duty with was a bust, until I came across a very simple email response.

The email was simply titled “What types of 먹튀플러스 games do you play?” I don’t know what about this particular email attracted my attention, but I was hooked. Once I opened it and read more, I realized this person was much like myself. We shared a lot of the same taste in games, opinions, and even the same sense of humor. We emailed back and forth many times over the day asking questions and giving our opinions.

What happened next is both the dumbest and the best thing I have ever done in my life. After checking out all of his information, I invited him over to my house that night to meet and play a game. Now I knew the dangers of having a stranger in my house, however please know I had other people in the house, and also remember, this is Alaska – my household alone has eight loaded guns throughout it. I felt sure that if something happened, we could handle it.

Thankfully nothing bad happened. Actually quite the opposite happened: as soon as he walked through the door we fell in love. I knew somehow right then and there I was going to marry this man. We have now been married since 2010 and have a wonderful son together and another child on the way. We play games together quite frequently, and it is something that keeps our bond strong. I know many marriages that have been torn apart by gaming, and I laugh because mine was started by it.


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