Measuring The Weed In Ounces And Grams Easily For A Common Man

Measuring The Weed In Ounces And Grams Easily For A Common Man

The ounce is an ordinary measure that is used in any ordinary household. It is a common measure as almost anything in the kitchen is measured in ounces. Slang terms in the marijuana world uses such ordinary terms as 1 ounce of weed, eighth, quad, dub, dime, etc. as it is found to be safe from prying eyes and ears.

Ounces and Grams Conversion

While measuring marijuana, sellers usually sell them in grams. Buyers buy the weed in very small quantities too, such as one gram and an eighth of an ounce. The gram is a commonly used measure in marijuana. That is why 1 ounce of weed is divided into measures of eight, four and two to help understand the marijuana they get in such measures. Marijuana that is sold as eighth of an ounce contains about 3.54 grams. 1 ounce of weed contains 28 grams or 28.35 grams to be precise. This quantity is sold at $350. Hence 3.54 grams or an eighth is sold at $60 while a quad contains 7 grams and is sold at $120. With the cost of weed very high, the buyer should make sure that he gets the right quantity for the cost paid. He should also ensure that he get the right quality of weed as the seller may pass off poor quality on unknown buyers. It is best to buy weed from good and genuine sellers so that you do not get cheated easily.


Tips to Make Sure That You Do Not Get Cheated

The weed that you get at a dispensary is usually sold at the right quantity and at the right price. However if you are going to get weed from the street, you will have to pay a higher price for the quantity of weed purchased and you will also have to check if the quality is good. Poor quality of weed is also called as dank weed. When you buy weed of huge quantity you may also get a discount. Buy weed from well-known or recommended sellers so that you get good quality weed. If you keep changing your seller, you may not get good quality of weed. When you use weed or when you buy it on the street see that you are not caught red-handed by the cop, as having a weed is still not considered legal in many states.


Keep track of slang terms as they are generally used on the street when you purchase weed from your seller. 1 ounce of weed, quad and eighth is measure that is generally used as slang terms. You also get weed for 1 gram at $20 and half a gram at $10. These measures are known as dime and dub. The dime is just slang for half a gram while the dub is double the dime or 1 gram.

With such easy conversion, it will not be too difficult to get the hang of these measures. Once you are into the weed, learning these terms and its cost will be easy.

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