Pokémon Go Just Got More Realistic With The AR Mapping

The popularity of the game Pokémon Go is known worldwide even after years of its inception. Its likeness among the foreign players can be ascertained from the fact that it is downloaded in several languages by millions of users. From the basic spinoff motion to the fantastic Go modulation, this game has kept the admirers pleased. The brownie point was added in October 2020 to the game that thrilled the players like never before.

How does AR Mapping work?

Pokémon Go has been ruling the hearts of mobile gamers for its unique Augmented Reality (AR) technology. For enhancing the real-time experience, the developers have synced the game with Google maps. This helps to place Pokémon at different places to be found by the players via the tracking feature. After locating the virtual creature, players aim at them with their mobile phone’s camera and throw the Pokéball to capture them.

About the latest AR Mapping update

Niantic’s recent update has fetched a lot of attention to the game. The developers have fascinated the players with its AR mapping feature lately. The players will see a unique design at some PokéStops and have to spin them to receive AR Mapping tasks. Resultantly, the task doers would get added advantages and follow-ups.

Highlights of the AR Mapping update

The launch of this feature came with certain guidelines and statements. It is not available for all the players due to safety concerns. The short versions of the related announcements are pointed out as below:-

  • This feature cannot be accessed by the Niantic Kids.
  • The Mapping tasks will be for trainers of and beyond level 20.
  • Probably this feature would be available at Kids accounts shortly.
  • But the Kids Account update would be regulated by their parents.

The blend of innovation and safety makes this game the most-played one with whopping revenues. This latest feature of AR Mapping has mounted the craze of the game by manifolds. Find relevant information at https://www.pokemongoaccshop.com/.

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