The Shocking World Of Football

The Shocking World Of Football

Football is a very attractive and a very unpredictable game. It doesn’t matter what happen last season, a new season always promises new surprises, especially amongst the top leagues in Europe. No kind of football tips will help you in predicting the outcome of a game and only after sometime will you be able to predict some results but you will always get wrong once in a while. childfoot460


Last year there were two major surprises in the world of football, one was Chelsea and the other was Leicester. Leicester won the most competitive football league last year with a miracle run. With the likes of players like Vardy, Mahrez and Kante over performing themselves, Leicester won the league under Ranieri and shocked the world. Their win will go down in history as one of the greatest wonders in the history of football. Whereas Chelsea after winning the title the previous season slumped a great deal and were found battling it out at the bottom half of the table. Jose Mourinho was thus replaced by Guus Hiddink who managed to get them to the first half of the table by the end f the season. After Conte took over, things have looked at great and now they are on a 13 game winning streak after Conte finally managed to sort out the defense. They look in line to win the title this season and have completely turned their tables. Leicester is suffering in the league and is not very far away from the relegation spots.article-2218410-154757f1000005dc-296_634x487-1


This year there has been a new shocker and it is in the Bundesliga. The most hated club in the world, RB Leipzig has risen from the lowest tier of German football in 8 years and is just 3 points off the top spot in their first season. Everyone is hoping that will pull off a Leicester and dethrone Bayern Munich

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