The Start Of a Maddening Addiction

My pop was always a die-hard Packer fan. From birth, I was pushed into a culture of cheese heads, forced to wear a plethora of green and gold. Not that I cared, I was four. My dad wanted to expose me to football as soon as possible, despite my short attention span. So, one day, he brought me down to the rec room, put a copy of Madden into the PlayStation, and handed me the second controller. That was something I could pay attention to.


I was hooked the moment I started. The Pack needed my help, and I was going to provide it. Understandably, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I’d mash at the buttons like I was playing a fighting game without knowing the controls. But I learned. We would play together, and as time passed, I’d master each position. A few years and a console change or two later, it changed from an alliance to a competition. Every week we would play against each other; my dad would be the Packers, with me playing as their opponent for that week. I would always lose, and he would always it was for the best, because if the Packers won in Madden, they would win in real life for sure.

As I improved my game, I focused on one simple goal; I needed to beat my dad, just once. And every week, the same process repeated itself; I would lose, tears were shed (I was only eight or so), and I would look forward to the next game with eager anticipation. One of my best memories of my father is winning that first game, on a picture-perfect last second field goal. About half a decade after I first picked up a controller, the Bears had finally won. It was just a game, in the end, but it signified something more. I’d felt like I’d accomplished something drastic. I’d beaten my dad at his own game and in doing so, felt like I’d fully developed a relationship I had with nobody else, one where we were equals as football fans, gamers, and a family. Pokemon go accounts for sale will be provided at the smart mobile phone of the person. The friends and family can play the game along with the gamers. It will improve the interaction among the family members.


Now, years later, I have no problem beating my dad, and each year he finds Madden harder and harder to play, as they add more to what use to be such a simple game. But like the love of my family and video games, the Madden franchise continues to hold a very special place in my heart that no other game can replace. Madden helped me develop a love of video games in a way nothing else could, and in doing so, made me a better person.

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